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Getting a handle on some usage advice. Some parents can act like animals or machines. Are you watching or missing something? You all would not have guessed some of these.

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Some imitative words are more surprising than others. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Test your knowledge of words related to the season of longer days and vacations. Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. Build a city of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time. The American Academy of Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery states that tongue-tie is often missed and can lead to mothers abandoning breastfeeding completely.

The reason is that babies with a tongue-tie cannot stretch their tongues out and over their gums to draw more of the areola into the mouth. This ensures the baby will suck more milk. Instead, they end up rooting on the nipple, causing pain for the mother and not receiving enough milk. Here are few tips that can help you and your baby get through tongue-tie and quite possibly succeed. I had a terrible time breastfeeding with my son and wanted to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Breastfeeding with my daughter seemed to be going fine.

Still, I was shell-shocked from my first experience and mistrusted everyone. Checking for tongue-tie is a simple procedure but needs to be done properly. Request that your pediatrician or lactation consultant checks during the first routine examination.

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Now, this advice is controversial. For some, clipping a tongue-tie is unnecessary, like having your son circumcised. Also, some small risks are associated with a frenotomy. If you and your doctor decide clipping is best for you, then have it done as soon as possible. If left untreated the tongue-tie could cause extreme frustration for the baby and failure for the mom. Another important factor to consider is that the earlier the tongue-tie is discovered and clipped, the easier breastfeeding will be for you and your baby.

Best-selling author and pediatrician Dr. Sears gives some great reasons for clipping it immediately. Remember, clipping the tongue-tie should be a decision you make with your doctor. Most doctors will ask if you want to be in the room during the procedure. Seeing your baby in pain and blood coming out of their mouth will be one of your first low points as a mother. A nurse holds the baby while the doctor makes the small cut.

Once the procedure is finished your baby is brought to you for breastfeeding. This is when you can really comfort your baby. Once Leah was back in my arms and firmly attached to my breast, I felt a shuddering sigh as she snuggled in. I then sighed with her. It was over; at least for now. The mother and baby now learn together. How long this takes is individual. Relearning how to suck might take a week or it might take a few months.

It took my baby 10 weeks to relearn how to breastfeed. I scoured every website and forum I could find to determine an average time, but the answers varied from immediately all the way up to six months. In the interim, the mother might need to supplement with a bottle to ensure healthy weight gain and to pump to keep up her milk supply.

Fortunately, informative videos can help you with this. My doctor also recommended that I rub the clipped area a few times a day with a clean finger. Honestly, I was guilty of skipping this because, with everything else I had going on, I would forget. When you rub the sensitive area, you have to do it hard, and I found it difficult to do this repeatedly.

A lactation consultant showed me once, and she made my baby bleed accidentally. Afterward, she told me that I needed to do it hard; otherwise it was pointless. Most hospitals have a weekly group that you can join for free. If you live in a larger city, there will be a breastfeeding support group almost any day of the week. One place to start is your local La Leche League. At the meetings is a board-certified lactation consultant, who will be able to help you latch properly and answer all of your questions.

At first, I hated the lactation consultant who told me my nipples were too big. The consultant is usually a fit woman in her 50s. If an in-person group is not your thing, consider joining a Facebook support group for tongue-tie. I found that very helpful. The best advice I received and followed is: nurse when you can, supplement when needed, and pump when convenient.

Research has shown that the ideal of breastfeeding and what actually occurs are quite different. Decide what you can do, based on your situation, and know that it is good enough. In the first few weeks after a baby is born, time seems to stretch and speed up making your sense of reality alter.

8 Things to Know About Breastfeeding a Tongue-tied Baby

One week with a newborn seems like a blink yet a year. I found my first gray hair after struggling to breastfeed for a week. Every day you and your baby are changing. As soon as I gave myself permission to do only what I could and acknowledged that this moment would not last forever, my daughter grew into my nipple. I began to hear what sounded like slurps and gulps. My little angel became like a beer-bong guzzler.

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  4. Intuitively, I knew she was getting more milk. It did take 10 weeks, but to get there, I allowed myself to understand that the struggle would end. It's 5 pm. You just got home from a busy day at work, dinner is nowhere close to being started, and the afternoon shenanigans have taken ahold of your little ones.

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    They need some time to decompress from their busy day and, let's be honest, you need a few moments to transition into the last part of yours, too. You want to say yes, but you also have fears about technology. How much is too much? Is it bad for my children? Will it isolate my children from me?

    We desperately want to be connected to our children , and for our children to be connected to the world. Unfortunately, she says, the "fear and skepticism about these devices hold us back from their potential. Even more exciting, did you know that the right screen time can help your child develop empathy?

    Empathy is a skill, but as a society, we are losing it.

    In a world fraught with inequities, divisiveness and conflict, rebuilding empathy is paramount. The most common cable tie consists of a flexible nylon tape with an integrated gear rack , and on one end a ratchet within a small open case. Once the pointed tip of the cable tie has been pulled through the case and past the ratchet, it is prevented from being pulled back; the resulting loop may only be pulled tighter.

    A cable tie tensioning device or tool may be used to apply a cable tie with a specific degree of tension. The tool may cut off the extra tail flush with the head in order to avoid a sharp edge which might otherwise cause injury. Stainless steel cable ties are also available for flameproof applications—coated stainless ties are available to prevent galvanic attack from dissimilar metals e.

    PlastiCuffs are handcuffs based on the cable tie design and are used by law enforcement to restrain prisoners. Initially they were designed for airplane wire harnesses. The original design used a metal tooth, and these can still be obtained. The design has over the years been extended and developed into numerous spin-off products. One example was a self-locking loop developed as an alternative to purse-string suture in colon anastomosis.

    Ty-Rap cable tie inventor, Maurus C.

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    Logan died on 12 November , at the age of The idea of the cable tie came to Logan while touring a Boeing aircraft manufacturing facility in Aircraft wiring was a cumbersome and detailed undertaking, involving thousands of feet of wire organized on sheets of foot long plywood and held in place with knotted, waxcoated, braided nylon cord. Each knot had to be pulled tight by wrapping the cord around one's finger which sometimes cut the operator's fingers until they developed thick calluses or "hamburger hands. For the next couple of years, Logan experimented with various tools and materials.