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In addition to predicting or guessing the serial number, you can destroy, recompose or teleport the bill. In addition, Have you wanted to perform The Magic Square but have been afraid to do so?

Marc Oberon Magic Tricks

Problem solved! The Magic Square - an extraordinary piece of magic and mentalism that layers the improbable over the impossible. Crossfire: A Book Test with a twist!

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Crossfire is mind reading with an incredible kicker that your audience won't see coming -- but will never forget! Crossfire gives you a great surprise reveal Juxtapad is more than just a magic trick. It allows you to perform numerous effects. Juxtapad comes with several routines and ideas With this unique gimmick you will be able to expand your mentalism performances. Plus you will be able to showcase your mental powers by destroying glass objects of any kind, such as wineglasses, soda bottles, etc.

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Easy to reset and simply to use, comes with a instructional dvd, and the gimmick which is made of a clear acrylic Brilliantly designed to deliver a clear, full-view peek yet remain completely innocent in appearance. I've gotten nothing but great reactions thus far. I will add it to another Vernet Magic has the most complete line of writers. But there was one missing, until now -- a writer undetectable under conditions of high scrutiny.

Mentalism brought to a whole new level! Two specially designed and manufactured high quality decks of symbols.

Bang On 2.0, Gimmicks and Online Instructions by Marc Oberon

Divinations, predictions, Harvey has over fifty original routines and ideas in his notebooks, and over forty-five years of experience as a performer. Up until now his work has been shared with a small number of professional The Magician shows 8 cards to the spectator. Each card displays a different ESP symbol.

The Magician lays down the cards, one at a time, on the table and asks the spectator to think of a symbol from one of the cards.

After that the Magician shows 2 more cards, each displaying 4 of the symbols. If you perform in a pub or restaurant, let him hide it under beer coasters, A LOT This is magic that a real magician would do, and something that your spectators can really relate to Pure Mind Manipulation - force colors, places, names, landmarks This brand new item features a technique for a cast-iron out for psychological forces.

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The supplied props and ideas are incredibly versatile and could be worked into many mentalist routines using psychological forces Marc Oberon latest gimmick has been a year in the making. Called Incarnation, it provides the ability to manifest thought and offers countless presentational possibilities for magicians and mentalists alike. Effect One Imagine a single folded card is on display. The spectator Effect A prediction is shown written on a slip of paper which is placed in an empty envelope and left in full view.

A spectator names a two-digit number, the prediction is removed and the number written matches the named number Includes: Envelope, slips of paper and Effect: You show two cards with their centers ripped out. Then very visibly you link the two together. The cards are then unlinked just as visibly and handed out for inspection, leaving nothing to find.

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This can also be performed as an impromptu effect, tearing the cards in front of You remove a key and ring from your pocket and explain that your audience will create a three-digit number. You ask several people to name a single-digit number and these are put together to create a random three-digit number.

Amazingly, the number named exactly matches the number The Mystery Book is a specially made book that really creates intrigue from the second it comes out of your jacket pocket. Lay it on the table and continue with your routines and it won't be long before you HAVE to do a routine with the prop! The prop is very nice quality. It's a Experienced mentalist will Marc Oberon's hat System for the production of magic. Each hat represents a role that you play in the production process. That is not a real hat, of course; just one that you Magic shop.

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But, every single member of the team is a skilled magician. Vanishing Inc. UK Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number All prices include VAT number: We accept:. Prices in GBP. Switch to USD. Privacy policy.