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I repeat: tithers are the tithe , the firstfruits of the Lord. Toggle navigation. They are the first ten percent. The people of Israel were consecrated to the Lord. Whoever touched Israel was guilty before the Lord. New firstfruits of God. All faithful tithers are the firstfruits of God.

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Beloved, remember then, that Christ was the first that rose from the dead in order of time. You will mention to me Enoch and Elijah. We answer that they never died, but were translated that they should not see death. They were raised, but they died again. All the instances in the Old Testament are only temporary restorations, and so also those in the New. In no instance, save in that of Lazarus, were any of them buried at all, so that none of them came out of their graves; and even in the case of Lazarus, he lived but to die; he had a furlough from the tomb; but at the expiration of the due time, his body was yielded to the appointed keeper.

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Christ was the first who really rose no more to die. He leads the vanguard through the dark defile, and his brow first salutes the light of the plains of heaven beyond the gloom. Men admire the man who is first to discover a new country; the name of Columbus shall ring in the ears of ages, because he first crossed the stormy sea to win another world; the name of the man who climbed the mountains, and first saw the broad Pacific with exceeding great joy, is well remembered. Oh, then, sing it in songs, sound it with voice of trumpet to the ends of the earth, — Christ is the first who returned from the jaws of death to tell of immortality and light.

He is also first in point of cause; for as he comes back from the grave he brings all his followers behind him in one glorious train. We read of Hercules in the old mythology descending into Hades and bringing up his friend. Verily, went Christ thither, and he gave no sop to Cerberus, but cut off his head. Like a sun he suddenly flashed upon the night of death and scattered its darkness. Like Samson in Gaza, he tore up the gates of death and carried away the bars of the grave.

Like David, he delivered his flock out of the jaw of the lion, and took the monster by the beard and slew him. Like Abraham, he returned triumphantly from the slaughter of the kings.

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Like Moses, he led his Israel out of the house of bondage. With ten thousand times ten thousand he came forth with a high hand and an outstretched arm. Who is this that cometh up from the land of darkness— from the gates of the grave? Who is this that draggeth behind him captive the grim prince of the realms of death-shade? Who is this, so strong, so mighty, that adamantine walls give way before him, and gates of brass are broken in twain?

The victory on the cross is succeeded by a victory in the tomb. He who won heaven for earth when he died, wins heaven for the dead when he descends into the grave. But then again, he is first in point of pledge. The firstfruits were a pledge of the harvest. Whence didst thou bring it, O Spirit of the Lord? Is there a harvest of many shocks of corn such as this? He was, again, the firstfruits, not only as a pledge, but as the representative of the whole. When the firstfruit sheaf had been waved before God, it was considered that all the harvest had been brought into the sanctuary; it was all dedicated, all consecrated, from that very hour.

So when Christ rose as a heave-offering from the sepulchre, and when he went about among the people as a wave-offering, moving among his disciples, he consecrated the whole harvest. Triumph, ye children of God, triumph in this. You are risen in Christ to-day. Never doubt, believer, of your resurrection, since the second Adam was loosed from the bands of the tomb. First, let us look well to the holiness of our bodies.

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If any man defile the temple of God, him will God destroy. Let us see to it that our feet carry us nowhere but where our Master can go with us, lest the pillars of our house become our destruction, like the pillars of the Philistine temple of old. They who pamper the body, they who look to its adornment, they who regard its physical health more than its moral purity, forget the higher end of their being; for what is beauty after all?

See you that skull?

But there is another way of minding your complexion, by seeing that your cheek never need be reddened with shame, and that your hands are never black with evil deeds, and that your flesh is not soiled by laciviousness, or contact with that which is evil. Mind ye, O mind ye, that the slime, of the serpent come not here, and that ye defile not the members of your body, lest the Lord abhor you, and cast you out from his presence, as things he careth not for, being none of his.

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Let us look at things in this light, and so by the Holy Spirit escape from sin. But, secondly, another thought arises here. Are we among those for whom Christ thus stood as firstfruits?

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What then shall become of the wicked? When the splendours of the millennial age are over, then cometh the end. There are two ingatherings mentioned, you remember, in the Revelation. Why, thus: If Christ rose for me, and if I rose in him, then I died in him. Hast thou a part in his passion? Dost thou hope in his agonies? Did you know that God setup a system for us where our money is actually spiritually blessed and protected?

When we look at the names of God we see that God is El Shaddai , The Lord God Almighty, our all-sufficient and all-powerful sustainer who triumphs over every obstacle and all opposition.

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  4. Not only is God the source of our provision and able to satisfy our every need, but he also can bless that provision too. Previously we talked about several ways finances improve in the Kingdom of God. The question is how do we do that? One thing we need to acknowledge is that money itself does not come from heaven. If you look at the currency in your wallet right now you will see that it was probably minted by the central bank of your country or some other earthly organization.

    The Federal Reserve is the bank authorized by the United States government to print money. That happens here on earth and not in heaven. So God does not print money and give it to believers because that would be counterfeit. God is not in the counterfeiting business. Some Christians have the mistaken understanding that God is going to just drop money in their lap as they sit on the couch.

    They think there will be a pile of cash sitting by their coffee pot or tea kettle when they get up in the morning.

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    God has to use natural means to get his provision to us. That means the money we are believing for will generally come through someone or something that has a connection to us somehow.


    God does supernatural things in the spiritual realm to move things in the natural realm on our behalf. As an aside, one thing I should point out is that firstfruits is technically one word where the Bible is concerned. Most Bible translations use firstfruits as one word. But us normal folks use two words: first fruits. You might be thinking that first fruits is an Old Testament thing.

    However first fruits are mentioned 31 times throughout the Bible. Firstfruits appear in both the Old and New Testaments and are talked about in relation to both spiritual and physical offerings. Firstfruits are an offering to God of the increase in income that we receive. Specifically first fruits is the first portion of that increase.