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In most major land habitats, from the savannas of Africa to the rain forests of South America, the average abundance of native plant and animal life has fallen by 20 percent or more, mainly over the past century. At the same time, a new threat has emerged: Global warming has become a major driver of wildlife decline, the assessment found, by shifting or shrinking the local climates that many mammals, birds, insects, fish and plants evolved to survive in. When combined with the other ways humans are damaging the environment, climate change is now pushing a growing number of species, such as the Bengal tiger , closer to extinction.

As a result, biodiversity loss is projected to accelerate through , particularly in the tropics, unless countries drastically step up their conservation efforts. But it goes further by detailing how closely human well-being is intertwined with the fate of other species. The Amazon rain forest absorbs immense quantities of carbon dioxide and helps slow the pace of global warming.

5 Future Predictions For The Human Race

Wetlands purify drinking water. Coral reefs sustain tourism and fisheries in the Caribbean.

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  • Пентагон (Pentagon).
  • Human extinction.
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Exotic tropical plants form the basis of a variety of medicines. But as these natural landscapes wither and become less biologically rich, the services they can provide to humans have been dwindling. The loss of mangrove forests and coral reefs along coasts could expose up to million people to increased risk of flooding.

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The authors note that the devastation of nature has become so severe that piecemeal efforts to protect individual species or to set up wildlife refuges will no longer be sufficient. Scientists have cataloged only a fraction of living creatures, some 1. Though outside experts cautioned it could be difficult to make precise forecasts, the report warns of a looming extinction crisis, with extinction rates currently tens to hundreds of times higher than they have been in the past 10 million years.

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Unless nations step up their efforts to protect what natural habitats are left, they could witness the disappearance of 40 percent of amphibian species, one-third of marine mammals and one-third of reef-forming corals. He sat there listening to his gut. Unfathomable responsibility for any of us to comprehend. Petrov's gut told him the information he was seeing couldn't be accurate, the infallible array of sensors, satellites, radar, and computers had to be mistaken.

He defied protocol and contacted the USSR satellite tracking stations to see if they had picked up anything.

Man-Children Vs the Fate of Humanity

Seven minutes had passed since the launch alarm. The weight of the world was quite literally on Petrov's shoulders. A cacophony of alarms and those under his command screaming at him to decide.

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Twenty-three minutes later, Petrov knew his intuition had been right and the computers had been wrong. It would later be determined that satellites had interpreted sunlight hitting a layer of clouds as the five incoming ICBMs.

The Future of Humanity

Could AI have done a better job of correlating the necessary sensory data from the satellites? Would it have had the intuitive human reaction to freeze and consider the real human implications of following its stated objectives? Would an intelligent machine have had the ability to think to itself, as Petrov later said,. The strikes have been supported by Christiana Figueres, the U.

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The Paris Agreement was a step in the right direction, but its timely implementation is key. In the U. Young people are cooperating now, but governments are not cooperating anywhere near as much as they should. I could be doing so many other things. My dream is to have a life in peace. Thousands of youth climate strikers gathered in central London on February