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Creating this process is like building a B2B lead generation machine. If you give it sufficient resources and manage it correctly, you can affordably produce quality, consistent lead results. But just like any other process, you need to have a clear understanding of what you want to produce before you begin.

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This starts with understanding what a lead is and at what point it makes the conversion from lead to sales opportunity. Once you know what you want to build, you can focus on understanding the inner workings of the B2B lead generation process. Much like a machine, your marketing processes consists of many parts that are designed to work in concert to achieve a particular goal. Substituting one part for another can produce significantly different results.

For example, advertising, direct mail, trade shows, email marketing and telemarketing are all part of the B2B lead generation machine, but each produces its own, unique level of understanding of a potential sales opportunity.

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Individually, they may not be able to achieve success, but working together, they can produce exceptional results. Similarly, all machines need raw materials to work. What happens first?

Your website loads. So, you better make sure it loads fast. Less than 3 seconds is ideal. And the situation only gets worse by the second:. Image Credit: Kissmetrics. Finally, your website needs to be useful and look good on all device types. Rarely should you have an entire blog post dedicated to advertising the benefits of your product or service. Do it more frequently than that, and you risk losing trust, credibility, and prospects. With calls-to-action, you need to use the appropriate one for the stage of the buy cycle your blog post targets.

That means your readers will just be getting to know you.

B2B Sales Funnel - How To Generate Leads For Your Consulting Business

Telling your readers to call your sales team would never be a good idea. For example, they read your case study. Case studies work in the mid-to-late sales funnel and get prospects real hot.

How to Effortlessly Transform Your B2B Blog into a Lead Gen Machine - Dan Stelter

So here, you use a CTA that discusses your benefits and encourages them to chat with sales. White papers come right before case studies in the sales funnel. So they like you. Most B2Bs leave lots of leads on the table because they overlook the power of email lists. And they only stay on as they like what you say over time. Even just a 1-page checklist or page special report will do.

Just sentences will do. As a starting point, showing prospects how they can avoid pain offers the most motivation to act.

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Place your opt-in boxes in the right places on your website. However, Derek runs a personality-based businesses that essentially sells like B2C. He also admits those 7 areas may not work for every type of business. So, start making them today so you can close more leads with less effort and boost your ROI.

Website visitors abandon your site rapidly the longer it takes to load. Like This Post? And what about a last name?

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