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It gets easier and the lessons stay gold longer the more you work on them. So, you are not far from that point. I would love to one day have the opportunity that you did to spend some extended time in Italy immersed in the language. I am sure that that experience more than anything else has gotten you to the point where you are today That is a great post, really positive and encouraging. I am just working my way through Italian and enjoying it. Thank you.

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Ho anche pensato questo dopo l'ho scritto. I was trying to say "maybe some day". Complimenti a te. I will try to do that also once I finish my first tree. I've been doing Duolingo for about 14 months.

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At times, it gets frustrating but I continue as I will be in Italy in a few days for one month. I also do the reverse tree Italian to English which I find helpful. That's interesting, ssebast One is for those who speak English and want to learn italian and the other is those who speak italian and want to speak English.

I only do it maybe once or twice a month. How long did it take you to complete your first tree? I'm not sure. Then, I started over again, painstakingly making sure that every previous lesson was gold before I did a more advanced one. So the 2nd tree took a bit longer because I was being very thorough.

It's still all gold, as I come to it every day. I need to do more work with translation, though. As you can see from my statue, I tried out the reverse tree. I am not sure I want to do it very often, as there are so many questions just asking you to write the English of what you hear in English. I want to hear spoken Italian every day,.

Wow, great post! Your story is very inspirational. I love Italian and I really hope to be able to speak it fluently one day. I don't know if I'll ever get there, but I think that your accomplishments are amazing and definitely something to be very proud of. Thanks for sharing your experiences and keep up the great work! I learn english and i read many books of the series Penguin. In italiano diciamo 'tu hai giusto' ma in inglese diciamo 'you ARE right', non 'You have right'. Yes, i made a mistake but the right translation is not "Tu hai giusto" but " Tu hai ragione".

Ciao e da oggi sono anch'io al diciannovesimo livello. Now even i'm to the level As we say in English, "DUH! I should have remembered that! I frequently forget "Tu hai ragione". Grazie per la correzione. Complimenti per arrivare al diciannovesimo livello. Your italian is very good. I understand that my language is very difficult for english people but your language is no less.

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You have many exceptions in your grammatical language. About your last post i have a little correction for you: Complimenti per essere arrivato al diciannovesimo livello Comunque sei molto brava. What a great experience.

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Thanks for posting. I'm only level 8 in Italian and 10 in Spanish but I'm hoping for a similar result. Wow, I hope to improve my skills to the same point! I think it would be really amazing if you would contribute to the Italian lessons for english speakers too. It sounds like you are more then capable and a history lesson would be molto bene!!

Congratulazioni Lynn. Vuoi avere il coraggio di passare attraverso l'albero di nuovo per la terza volta? Qualche consiglio? Non ho mai sentito come smettere di nulla fino a quando ho avuto modo di le ultime lezioni di Duolingo italiano per gli anglofoni. Ho bisogno di aiuto. Sono le ultime elezioni e ho bisogno di un grafico o un codice per la costruzione le condanne per il congiuntivo imperfetto Qualcuno ha un indizio di come farlo?. Io sono un livello 14, ma penso di essere in sopra la mia testa su questo. Devo gettare la spugna? Mi appeso da un albero? Ma ho bisogno di capire questo Qualsiasi cosa per questo?

Grazie amici Salve, Jorge Toba! Grazie per le tue parole gentile. Permesso, sto capendo correttamente che si desidera capire il congiuntivo imperfetto Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I hope your journeys and experiences grow more meaningful. Lynn, I loved your post very much. I am new here and very excited to learn more and more. We speak Spanish but 'Rioplatense' which is a bit different from the language spoken in Spain. I signed in here as English speaker though I am not because in this way I can practise both English and Italian.

L'anno scorso sono andata in Italia con mio marito e mio figlio. Spero di parlare meglio la prossima volta anche se , come un oratore spagnolo ho trovato la lingua italiana molto difficile per me. My grandmother was born in Bari , she moved from Italy to Argentina as a youg girl and she never spoke italian to us , she died a long time ago and now I realize that part of my roots are there. I wish you the best in your research work and hope to go on hearing from you. Cara Lillian, Capisco esattamente come stai sentendo.

Alcuni della mia famiglia anche sono andati al Argentina. Ma non so i loro nomi o dove hanno vissuto. Very encouraging post. I'm in a similar position at level 19, and done with my Italian tree for the second time. I can't figure out why! I'm still highly motivated to keeping the tree golden. I was looking forward to starting the reverse tree but keeping the original golden seems to take priority. Does everyone else have to do 12 lessons a day to keep it golden? Should I just let it go?

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Until a month ago I was only doing 3 lessons a day and the amount of revision required was increasing every day. I increased the lessons to 10 per day and was able to keep on top of it. This last week I increased again to 11 per day and finished it, all sections gold. Now it's a case of where next. Thanks for sharing this. I'll try not to get too discouraged.

However, I had to do 15 lessons today to keep my tree golden! Whenever I'm travelling on trains or waiting in an office, I'm workingon Duo with the sound turned off. On weekends, I often work a bit more. The reason why gold lessons can lose their 'goldness' is due to the percentage of wrong answers you had when you did the lesson the last time. The next day, come back to Duo, and AGAIN scroll all the way back to the beginning, and see which lessons are not gold, and work on them to get the highest score possible in them.

Don't be tempted to leap ahead just before the lessons are simple. Then, when you log in, you'll see only maybe 2 or 3 lessons that need 'topping up' each day. If you stay on top of it, you won't need to spend hours and hours on it, and you can do other language skills like translations.


It's NOT a beginner's Italian book, and was intended as a review for more advanced learners who are preparing for exams. It's a really good book to help iron out the most common mistakes for English speakers. Obviously, I haven't learned the whole book yet, but so far I think it's excellent. I also have a couple of verb tense books, including a book called 'Verbi' by Garzanti, which is JUST a book of conjugations.

I hope that helps. Grazie mille per il tuo consiglio. Tipicamente, vado veloce fra le mie lezione e faccio molti errori. Sono fortunata avere una amica che parla italiana perfetta e ci incontriamo ogni settimana per leggere ad alta voce. Io leggo e lei aiuta a tradurre. Ciao, Andi! Grazie per la bella lista di libri. Ieri ho comprato il classico 'I Promessi Sposi' -- ma una versione facile! Che buona fortuna che hai un'amica chi parla la bella lingua con te ogni settimana.

Davvero, parli molto bene. That is a good question I had switched to the English reverse tree last Thursday, so my Italian tree has been untouched for five days. I just switched back to Italian and I only have five lessons that need polishing. So, it would seem that the more you do keep them golden, the longer they stay that way. I wonder if the lessons lighten up each day as you level up. You're almost at the end level Have you seen your fluency increase?

Some days I don't have any lessons to review at all. I am at level 24 but it takes another points to get to I should make it there in a couple of months. One thing that I want to do is to do as this thread suggests and run through the entire tree and do all the lessons again. I wouldn't say fluent.. What I do find now is that I am much more able to infer words that I don't know based on the context of a sentence. So, if I am reading a news article, I don't need to know all the words to be able to figure out what they are trying to say.

If that makes any sense.

I think at-rq is referring to the fluency percentage DuoLingo puts on your profile in the online version for some reason it's not included in the phone app. OH that.. I have never seen it go above 60 percent. It will drop down a few points if I don't practice for a couple of days. Then it will go back to Sono brasiliano e ho finito il mio albero due mesi fa.

Besides Duolingo, I used and still use material from this site I found some months ago. We are always learning but I feel more confident now and I'm getting better every day by listening to his nice podcast. Hope you like it. Ci sono molte persone con origine italiane. Con parenti, genitori o nonni italiani. Spero di poter farlo subito. Ti auguro il meglio con il tuo apprendimento. Now, my goal is to keep the tree "gold" every day. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews.

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