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Buckingham Palace denied that there was any impropriety involved in the sale. At least three of the girls were questioned under oath about whether Andrew had had sexual contact with any of the masseuses. One of them, Sarah Kellen, refused to answer, citing her Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. The plight of Prince Andrew, a once strikingly handsome man who has let himself go a bit to seed, made far less of an impression on audiences around the world than the royal wedding of the picture-perfect William and Kate, the future King and Queen of the United Kingdom.

The story goes back to , which Queen Elizabeth II called the annus horribilis, the year the marriages of Charles and Andrew broke down, Windsor Castle caught fire, and Fergie was photographed having her toes sucked. Ever since, the Queen has been at pains to ensure the survival of the monarchy in its current form.

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With that in mind, the then lord chamberlain, Lord Airlie, established a secretive discussion procedure called the Way Ahead Group, which is chaired by the Queen and consists of senior courtiers and senior working royals. After its initial meeting in , the group made several precedent-shattering decisions. The Queen and Prince Charles volunteered to pay taxes on the private income from their vast estates. And the royal yacht Britannia, with its 19 officers and crew of , was later decommissioned and turned into a tourist attraction.

The royal family was mortified when Major James Hewitt, a prominent polo player, spilled the beans about his long-running affair with Princess Diana. Only recently, one of his former girlfriends reportedly claimed that when she was alone with Andrew in the bedroom he liked to model her underwear as a joke. He chose her. Just remember, we had such a good day. Our wedding was so perfect. He also receives hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for travel expenses related to his job. Andrew has made a tremendous effort to keep Beatrice and Eugenie close to the Queen in order to assure their future as fully paid-up members of the Firm, as the royal family is called.

In addition to their status as royal highnesses, Andrew has always wanted them to have around-the-clock security and the rank of working royals. But if Charles has his way, the girls will be thrown off the royal payroll and have to fend for themselves. According to several well-informed individuals, the Queen was not amused. She recognized that the Virginia Roberts story had the potential to overshadow the positive media lavished on the forthcoming wedding of William and Kate. More to the point, the Queen demanded to know if her son had any more surprises up his sleeve.

At first, the prime minister appeared reluctant to throw Andrew a lifeline. A Palace spokesman denies this. But after Buckingham Palace weighed in, the government rallied around Andrew. But the damage was done. As a result of a controversial plea bargain that Epstein struck with prosecutors in the U.

Instead, he served only 13 months in prison—most of that time on work furlough. If the F. With the prospect of even further humiliation to her and her son, the Queen decided to intervene by employing the most potent instrument at her command: royal symbolism. From now on, Prince Andrew will be entitled to use the letters G. Her subjects have a deep reverence for the Queen, who recently turned 85 and in will celebrate her 60th year on the throne, making her the second-longest-serving British monarch, after Queen Victoria.

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As for Buckingham Palace, which had been thrown into a state of frenzy by the Virginia Roberts story, it appeared to have regained the customary stiffness in its upper lip. His close relationship with the Duchess of York is problematic, and there have been many problems over the last 5 to 10 years, all of which stem from the duchess. Some of the behavior of the duchess is inconsistent with being married to, or an ex-wife of, the duke.

He now recognizes that the meeting in December was unwise. That seemed to leave open the possibility that Andrew intended to carry on his friendship with Epstein, but out of public view. He had him wear blue jeans for the first time. It was Jeffrey who taught Andrew how to relax. She walked away from their divorce with nothing, unlike Princess Diana, who got millions from Prince Charles.

Being loyal to your friends is a virtue. He does stupid things out of hubris, to show that he can do them. And that goes both for Jeffrey and Sarah. He thinks that he can power his way through everything. His mother, the Queen, dotes on him, favors him above all her other children, and excuses his every foible. Her undisguised affection for her second son stands in sharp contrast to her cool relationship with Prince Charles, with whom she never properly bonded when he was a child. Charles was born just after World War II, when Elizabeth was overwhelmed by her awesome new public responsibilities.

She was frequently away on extended foreign trips, and when she was at home she deferred on family matters to her husband, Prince Philip, who was known to belittle their shy, sensitive son cruelly in public. By the time Andrew was born, 12 years later, things were different. The Queen had gained a great deal of self-confidence, and she wanted to make up for the shortcomings in her parenting of Charles. The spoiling never stopped. Believe me, he can do no wrong. His behavior toward women runs the gamut from boorish to oafish. A woman who attended a weekend party with him at a country house in Dorset recalled his clumsy manners.

There is nothing sophisticated about it. The extra bounce helps in changing positions effortlessly while at the same time providing support. Too soft of a mattress can be really bad for the back as well both during sex and after. A hard or a very firm mattress, on the other hand, will almost cause a blunted effect because it will absorb the impact of your rhythm making it very unpleasant and out of sync for both partners. I think the answer is memory foam because it contours and adapts to your body instead of the other way around.

Adjustable vs fixed — You can have a lot of fun with an adjustable mattress. Having an adjustable back can be a great way to enhance the woman on top or reverse cowgirl position. You can go hard without worrying about heat exhaustion. When mattress shopping, there several things to consider in picking the right one. But, does aiding in your sex life come up on that list of considerations? When I think about the best mattresses for sex, here are some things I take into account:. There is no bounce and no edge support.

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You make sink in it to sleep, but how many sex positions are feasible while sinking? Foam mattresses do little for me. If you like the feel of the foam for sleep, consider purchasing a foam topper instead. I prefer a traditional spring mattress or an air chamber think Sleep Number bed. Spring mattresses will offer both the bounce and the support. Bounce will help with the most motion for the more active parts of sex, like intercourse. Edge support is great for when you want to only be part way on the bed, whether it is someone sitting on the edge, or balancing off the edge.

An air chamber bed can offer the adjustable support throughout and around the edges. It can also potentially provide some of the bounce of a spring mattress. As for size, I go for nothing smaller than a queen. Occasionally, when space allows, I go all the way to the California King. Granted, you are going to be sleeping in this bed more often than you do anything else in it. Thus, the bed needs to meet your sleep needs above all, especially when considering a softer or firmer mattress.

The size of the mattress is ultimately determined by the size of your bedroom; if that is not an issue, then get a nice big bed. Beyond more room for sex, there is also more room to sleep and move around. As with any purchase, do your research. If needed, make sure to take into account any health issues or allergies; there are plenty of options available to accommodate you and your partner while still providing space to have great sex.

Here are some key factors to consider:. Edge Support: Good edge support will increase your play surface and keep you from sliding off. Quiet or preferably silent most folks care about noise privacy and ensuring the neighbors are out of earshot! Comfort: Spring-coil, Latex or Foam? Definitely Spring coil 1, Latex 2 and unless you cannot live without it 3 Foam. A good mattress can be a game-changer for your sex life. Here are a few things to consider to get the best bang for your buck:.

Being able to feel comfortable and relaxed is essential both for your amorous activities and recharging afterward. Ideally, the entire surface of the mattress can remain flat, level, supportive and easy to move on. Mattress sagging, hard sides, or lack of edge support can limit the area that is suitable for sex. To make sure your body is supported at every angle regardless of your position pick a mattress that is responsive and will quickly adjust to your change in movement.

Many women are easily distracted during sex, not to mention the impact if you live in a shared apartment or house. Thrusting and grinding can be a lot of work! A mattress with good bounce can help you get into a consistent rhythm that works for you and not against. Make sure it is high-quality and can survive repeated naughty abuse without breaking or coming apart. Most sex happens in the bed, and here are some determining factors that can help a couple find the perfect fit. Having one partner stand near the bed with the other partner on all fours on the edge can be a great and easy position that is easy on tired bodies.

When getting on the bed to try it out, make sure to intentionally move around a lot to see if you hear anything that would distract you from your moment together.

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And firmer mattresses are a little easier to move on when lovemaking. So, if you are a fan of a soft mattress, just notice how deeply your hand, pelvis, or knees sink to the bed and if it is too much, try one step firmer. While getting bogged-down in the finances and details, make sure to also remember all the fun you both can have in the new bed.

Keep it fun. Take your time and have fun shopping. Your mattress is typically the center of your bedroom and as we all know, bedrooms should be reserved for sleep and sex. My first reaction is that the most important aspect of any mattress is how comfortable it is for sleep. Size does matter… when it comes to mattresses. I prefer a king size bed so we can roll around in various positions without one of us falling off the side.

I remember having sex on a waterbed and finding it to be difficult to stay on my knees while on top. Some positions were virtually impossible for my partner to stay balanced due to the water swirling back and forth. One of the biggest problems with water beds is leakage, which could end sex really quickly.

A combination soft-sided waterbed with tubes of water was a little easier to have sex in but nothing beats a regular mattress. The foam mattresses that adjust to your body can be a bit annoying if you sink in too deep during missionary position or doggie style. I currently use a mattress that came in a box and is ultra firm. I certainly would hate to have sex on a sofa sleeper with a springy thin mattress since my knees would probably never be the same. The same applies to mattresses that resemble floor mats at a gymnasium.

A nice luxurious mattress with a pillow top would be ideal for some good comfortable quality sex. If you read a typical review about choosing the right bed, it normally describes pros and cons in terms of getting a good sleep. Rarely you come across reviews that tell you whether a particular bed is holding a frame for having great sex! First of all, if you are really turned on by each other, you can have great sex anywhere — including all kinds of beds no matter what material, size, shape etc.

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But in my opinion, you shape up your enjoyment if you look into some basics before you buy your next bed. If you for some reason want a more durable choice and compromise a bit on the price, then go for a blended latex mattress. Size matters! It makes it easy to move around and have sex in many different ways and positions. So go for a spacious bed. And my final consideration goes the firmness of the mattress.

A soft mattress demands that you find the flow of the mattress.

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You need to move in the same rhythm. And that can for many people be more challenging than going for a firm mattress. Personally, I prefer a firm mattress with a soft feel. Let me start by saying this; I never gave any thought to how my sexual activities and preferences might be affected by the mattress I purchase before being approached to participate in this roundup. Moreover, I actually did a very brief survey via social media to determine if this was something many of us do.

My very small sample size 48 responses came up split right down the middle. As a faith-based marriage counselor who, coincidentally, happens to be in the market for a new mattress I believe you should consider the following:. In spite of the fact that my wife and I have purchased several mattresses together, I have no idea if she was prompted to think about our sex life when doing so. One or both of us may be unsatisfied or simply complacent with the status quo. Why not take inventory and talk about how the bedroom activities can be improved in general, as well as how a new mattress may play a role in that.

Who knows? You may even have a little extra fun with an otherwise mundane decision-making process as a result. Be mindful of the fact that sex is a gift from our creator and an important spoke in the wheel that is holy matrimony. If this is the place where you will likely be having most of your sexual interactions another assumption that I may need to have corrected via an impromptu social media survey — LOL , then why not talk about how things such as size and firmness come into play.

My approach to mattress shopping has effectively been changed because of my participation. Thank you, Mattress Insider! To enjoy good sex your first primary need is a good sleep. An old mattress that gives you lack of sleep, disturbed sleep or uncomfortable sleep will all contribute to you feeling grumpy and irritable.

So a good mattress for sleep- but what is a good mattress for sex?

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Well, the bigger the better of course, but that will depend on you and how much space you have. The coolness of springs with maybe or maybe not a foam topper can be preferable to the resulting sweaty heat of dense foam. Only yourselves should be hotting things up. By raising or lowering, head or foot or both together, so many enjoyable adventures can be had.

You want to be able to avail yourselves of all areas. When deciding on the best mattress for sex, couples need to focus on eliminating distractions. So, I ended up asking a bunch of my clients this question in a playful way, and I was startled to see how serious people were in their responses! First off, let me tell you that everyone has a preference for a bed, so as a couple going shopping for a mattress especially if it is their first mattress I would recommend communicating a bit before you even go into your local mattress retailer!

As partners, you should know your limits and really speak up for what you need in regards to your comfort and rest. Remember, you are spending a big portion of your 24 hours in that bed, you want it to be pleasant and soothing! I strongly suggest that as a couple, you visit a place that sells mattresses. It not only allows you to actually physically come into contact with the bed, but you can ask a lot of questions in real time instead of reading reviews on an online retailer. You may be unsatisfied with the product because you did not actually experience it physically, beforehand.

Are you new in your relationship, still feeling buzzed from the honeymoon period and doing it like bunnies? Well, I suggest maybe looking for a firmer bed. Plenty of exploring and movement can happen with a firmer bed, such as long periods of time on your knees and lying on your back with your legs lifted. Firmer beds can help you stay sturdy in more rapid movements. If you plan to invite more than one or more people into the mix you may want to think of a California king. For couples that are quiet or maybe a little older, you may want a softer bed.

If your lovemaking is missionary style and you just want to stare at each other, a softer bed could do the trick, the person on the bottom can feel comfort and softness on their back! If you are into more positional sex acts oral sex, doggy style, etc , you may want to think about getting an adjustable mattress, these beds allow you to create positions that can assist in many playful ways without straining yourself!

Want to play with temperature? Maybe consider getting a sleep number bed, they can lower the temp on the mattress or heat it up. Maybe you want to get extra sweaty? Turn up the heat! Cool it down when you are just basking in the afterglow! The most important thing to remember is to go visit a mattress shop as a couple and gather information it is just like a first date!

Mattress salespeople have heard it all, it is completely fine to ask a salesperson what is a good bed for a roll in the sack! Ask yourself, do I want to take this mattress home? And when you do, have fun!! Sometimes, the right bed makes a big difference!! I once had a memory foam bed that made sex very challenging because it absorbed all the thrusting! Also, ladies can place a pillow under their bottom in the missionary position to get a great angle for maximum G-spot pleasure.

Hope that gives you some food for thought, happy mattress hunting! I often recommend that couples try a Queen size bed so that there is less space between them and a stronger likelihood of reaching out and holding each other to create the intimacy we need for sex. The softness or firmness of the bed is definitely an individual choice but you should consider what feels luxurious and comfortable and choose a mattress that you want to fall into.

A beautiful comforter and lots of pillows on the bed will also help make it more inviting. Pillows are one of your best tools for having better sex as they can support many different parts of your body making sex more fun and comfortable. Have you ever noticed that during a really intense sexual romp, you somehow end up with your feet pillow-side up and your head almost dangling off the bottom edge of the bed? The reason being that the spring can add some bounce, helping you to get more oomph out of each move. The gel creates a soft cushion that feels good against your body.

But for sex, the lack of springiness almost feels like a suction, keeping you in place. That being said, for those of you who prefer a slow grind, memory foam could be your best bet, keeping you down and deep and you press and squeeze in just the right spot! Two people who live and sleep together are going to spend FAR more time sleeping together than being sexual so finding a mattress that you will both find comfortable all night is of maximum importance.

Then if you find your bed too soft for sexual play there is always your couch or your living room floor or some other harder surface.

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If you have a guest bed in your living space think of buying that mattress to fit your sexual specifics and keep that bed not only for guests but also for your own special occasions. Sexy mattresses that is, those that are good for sex should work with you, not against you! Important things to think about are height, size, support firm or soft , and temperature. These factors may be dependent on the types of positions you use when having sex. For example, if you or your partner prefer positions where you stand and lean over the bed a variation of doggy-style , firm support along the edges of the mattress would be important and the total height of the mattress, box spring, and bed base should be compared to the height needed to support the person leaning over the bed.

If you prefer the missionary position, the partner laying down may want something that is softer and less bouncy. The woman-on-top position can be greatly helped by a very bouncy, springy mattress. You might think that the movement and swaying of the water would work well with the motions of sex, but in reality, it seems that the water is often moving against the rhythm of your sexual encounter, you may find your knees displacing the water and rubbing on the uncomfortable hard base below, and it is very challenging to move from one position to another…well, unless you want to look super awkward and require assistance from your partner and possibly some nearby furniture!

When couples are considering mattresses, they are usually after some very specific qualities.