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Details on emissions trading

Jun 25, Martin Feldstein. LinkedIn Bookmark Email Print. Show More Contact Us. Our approach during this unique event is to take you by hand and train you to detect irregularities and fraud during the real-life on-the-spot controls. For this, we will get on the bus and visit 3 real projects, make our observations, With European funding involved, all ESI Funds managing bodies have to monitor and audit the procurement procedures for EU funded projects and ensure their compliance with national and European regulation.

The knowledge of public procurement rules, acquaintance with relevant procedures as well as awareness of the potential violation risks and Public support for transport must comply with State aid rules. On all level of public administration concerned with the transport investment and subsidising of public tranportation services these questions arise: Is State aid involved? Is the compatibility of the public measures with European law ensured?

Avoid unlawful State aid is As such, public officials from Managing, Certifying, Audit Authorities and Intermediate Bodies, but also beneficiaries, need to be aware of how to correctly Receive guidance on innovative methods and approaches for your controlling activities of ESI Funds, such as use of internet and social media, use of sophisticated audit software, use of risk analysis, use of EU databases, and many other tools, which will make your audits and verifications even more effective.

The State aid legal framework has considerably changed in the last years offering additional possibilities to ensure compatibility of State aid. As a result, one of the main challenges of ESIF managers is to ensure that expenditures are spent in compliance with EU and national State aid rules. Our interactive This workshop will help you to get best prepared for the successful preparation and accurate submission of the Assurance Package to the European Commission.

Certifying Authorities will learn how to conduct and submit annual accounts. Managing Authorities will get expertise on how to prepare the management declaration and annual The internet is changing the society in a way to a global information and knowledge based society. In the future citizens as well as the economy would like to be served with online services. But also the public authorities use more often the internet technology for their internal and entire This Annual Forum will give you a comprehensive overview on the most challenging issues in Public Procurement nowadays.

During the interactive Autumn Course you will learn in practice which indicators exist, how to use them, what are the monitoring requirements and systems, which evaluation approaches are available and how to implement them. You will also learn how to procure evaluation services and how to check the results.

Significant progress has been achieved in reducing the impacts of waste generation on the environment and human health.

This means reducing levels of waste generation and align waste management objectives with those State aid in the form of tax measures and exemptions differs from classical subsidies-based aid. In the absence of explicit State aid regulation for fiscal measures, general State Two-days workshop on financial instruments focusing on equity, quasi equity, convertible loans and guarantees. This workshop will be performed on advanced level and includes several practical case studies and practical examples.

European Public Procurement law aims to ensure that the activities of the State, when entering into contracts relating to the purchase of goods and services, adhere to economic principles and do not distort competition. This two day workshop is designed to provide you with the essentials of public procurement law, The upcoming advanced workshop for public officials from Managing, Certifying, Audit Authorities and Intermediate Bodies will provide you with in-depth knowledge and practical examples on all your individual questions and challenges in regard to the working area of Technical Assistance for ESI Funds.

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Which costs are eligible in TA and Managing, Certifying, Intermediate and Audit Authorities still face a number of challenges, when implementing audit and control requirements of the current programming period The first proposal for the Regulatory Framework for Structural Funds , aiming among others, to simplify financial management and control system of ESI Funds, will bring Receive guidance on how to improve your strategies for administrative and on-the-spot verifications and how to verify the eligibility of expenditure, Simplified Cost Options, State aid and public procurement.

Become familiar with the new requirements of the assurance package and how to handle irregularities and financial corrections. Deepen your knowledge Effective e-Procurement can provide a wide variety of benefits including more efficiency and savings for governments and businesses.

Bundesverband Erneuerbare Energie e.V.: Detailansicht

The potential cost savings are massive, as stated by the European Commission. During this interactive workshop the leading experts are introducing The Autumn Conference offers a platform to discuss and exchange on current developments in EU State aid law. Expert panels and fictitious case studies with leading practitioners invite participants to get actively involved in the debates, exchange experiences and receive guidance on particular questions and cases.

A great networking opportunity! This Master Class is especially designed for Public Procurement experts, who would like to deepen their knowledge on the latest developments and judgements and discuss their own Public Procurement cases.