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There was press there and everything. You get fans calling you Judas and all that. I think most of them have forgiven me now. How much of your success was down to the famous Arsenal back four? Lee Strouts, via email They have made some jokes along those lines, but they only played well because I organised them well!

As a back five, including me, we knew each other very well, and we knew where somebody was gonna be at a certain time.

Remembering England vs Brazil 2002 - an oral history

There was a great understanding. Plus we all spoke English! Ian Wright or Thierry Henry? Tony Johnson, via email Both would be a dream. Totally different players, but together — what a strike partnership that would be. So I had a, er, little word in the dressing-room at half-time. Matt Ling, via email More laid-back? Just a bit. But when Gazza is fishing he totally changes. It even surprises me how passionate he is about his fishing. It calms him down as well. At first, he tried to tamper with my equipment, but I know him now so he gets nowhere near it.

Gazza: Likes fishing, apparently. How much stick did Gazza give you about the free-kick he scored in the FA Cup semi-final? Hanging around waiting to catch something — is fishing the inevitable hobby for goalkeepers? Rob Cooper, Manchester If you look at it like that, I suppose it could be, yeah. I used to play a hell of a lot of golf. You can totally get away from it. Who have been your room-mates over the years and what were their strangest habits? Michael Noad, via email Nowadays you have your own room, which is a lot better.

David Seaman

When you were at your peaks, who was better: you or Peter Schmeichel? Mark Hanrahan, Swindon Ooh! We were both different and were successful at different clubs. Dean Boyle, via email That comes through having Bob as coach for 15 years.

The Cult: David Seaman

What do you put that down to? Dudley Murdock, London The prices clubs put on English goalkeepers are too high. Which young English goalkeeper impresses you most and why? And more and more, I think it will come down to whoever is in the best form at the time. Before, there was a queuing system. Once Shilts went, Woodsy — Chris Woods — went in. Then I went in and now David James has gone in.

The ponytail. Whose idea: yours or the missus'? Brendan Shaw, Leeds Erm, mine.

I like long hair. I wanted to have long hair but it always got to that stage where it was long but getting in my eyes, but too short for a ponytail. But I managed to time the growth so that it was too long at the end of the season, then I had a break and came back the following season with a ponytail. The not so divine ponytail. Do opposition players ever try to pull your ponytail during a game to put you off or rile you?

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  • Wenger would be a ‘great’ fit at Chelsea, says Seaman.

But I am 6ft 4in, so not everybody can reach it. Dan Watson, Newcastle Somebody was looking. I dress well. Anyway, Becks has about awards — I have one. What exactly did Arsene Wenger say to you about your position at Arsenal at the end of last season? Ben Poxon, via email He said he wanted me to be goalkeeping coach and No.

Why up sticks and move all the way to Manchester at this stage in your career? Do you agree? Matthew Thompson, via email I think Stuart needs to be tried. If he gets thrown in and makes a mess of a few games it could destroy him. Jens done good in north London. Was that save against Sheffield United last season your best ever? Can you remember a better one? It was my 1,th competitive game as well and a big game. Nayim, Ronaldinho, Sakiri: which was the biggest gaffe from a technical point of view? The Grinch, Reading I would say the corner from Sakiri. It was a hell of a ball in, but it was still a corner.

I know Paul Scholes ducked, but I think it surprised him, ha ha! The others were just flukes, one-offs. Sometimes you look up to the sky and think: 'Why me? I always have a little chuckle when they say that. There are plenty. I did a speech for a charity golf competition I run in Portugal every year and I reeled off a load of them. Denying Paul Peschisolido a shred of memorability. Are you generally an emotional person and is this any way for a 6ft 4in Yorkshireman to behave?

Arsenal legend Seaman admits he wants Spurs to win CL - Football

Arsenal legend David Seaman has sparked controversy by admitting that he would like to see Tottenham win the Champions League this season. Spurs eased into the quarter-finals of the Champions League with a win away at Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday night to secure a aggregate victory over the Germans. And Seaman says he would want Tottenham to win the competition if they came up against foreign opponents in the final.

If they were in a final against a foreign team I would want Tottenham to beat them, no doubt about that. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang actually makes sense. Bayern's latest offer for Hudson-Odoi does not David Ornstein has revealed the latest updates over Arsenal's attempts to sign Saliba and Tierney.