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A total of 43 soldiers were killed and wounded when the insurgents attacked Camp Chinaya in Faryab province, Mohammad Tahir Rahman, a local council chief, told The Associated Press. The report cited Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid as saying that 74 Afghan soldiers surrendered or been captured during the assault.

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He also said the insurgents had captured eight military Humvees — armored vehicles provided to the Afghan forces as part of U. Many details of the fighting in Ghazni remained unclear on Tuesday, largely because of severed communication lines. Reports by journalists in the city suggested that the Taliban had gained much more control than officials were admitting.

Enemy’s strategic site captured in North of Afghanistan: 209th Shaheen Corps

The United Nations cited reports that there may have been up to civilian casualties. Meanwhile, more than Taliban guerrillas were killed by U. A photo circulating on social media on Tuesday claimed to show a U.

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The battle in Ghazni followed an unprecedented three-day cease-fire by the Taliban and Afghan government in June. It also came after a senior U. The government was widely expected to announce another cease-fire in the coming weeks to mark the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha. Inhabitants have been warning that the insurgents have been encroaching on Ghazni for months. The Taliban followed the same pattern when they briefly overran the northern city of Kunduz in , and intelligence officials should have realized this, said Ali Mohammad Ali, a senior researcher at the Washington D.

U.S. warplanes blow up 40 Humvees captured by Taliban

Officials working to advance the peace process should also be concerned, he added. The rough edges left by partition have been tempered by the disputed, but effective, Indus Waters Treaty, which has provided a legal framework for water sharing between India and Pakistan since it was signed in The treaty has avoided major conflict over water-sharing issues to date. Yet this uneasy regional peace is being strained by the awakening of the Afghan economy, which requires electricity and surface water captured from dams.

Afghanistan wants the opportunity to develop as its neighbors have for decades—and it needs the energy to do so. Because India is providing the funding and assistance for Kabul, a regional water war remains a real concern. As India and Pakistan both have formidable armies and nuclear capabilities, an all-out war is unlikely. It would be devastating to all involved.

However, a gradual strategic water war could occur, and it would be lethal.

Afghan Army Base Is Wiped Out by U.S. Airstrikes, Officials Say

In order to avoid a major regional conflict, Afghanistan and Pakistan must urgently start paying attention to regional hydro-diplomacy. Scientists need to be involved with international diplomatic and scientific support. With effective hydro-diplomacy, tensions over the Shahtoot Dam could be addressed peacefully. An Afghanistan-Pakistan Water Treaty could be modeled on the Indus Waters Treaty, which has survived two wars , dozens of skirmishes, and continued bitterness.

If perennial rivals India and Pakistan could maintain an open dialogue in such a strained diplomatic environment, Pakistan and Afghanistan can commit to yearly meetings to discuss specific aspects of a possible treaty. The imperative to prevent current tensions over the Shahtoot Dam from escalating should outweigh any current animosity between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

These two countries must ensure that their shared water resources save lives in the region, rather than becoming the flashpoint for a conflict that could end them.

22 IS militants killed, 2 captured in Afghanistan

Elizabeth B. Hessami is a visiting attorney for the Environmental Law Institute, researching post-conflict natural resources management with a focus on Afghanistan. Trending Now Sponsored Links by Taboola. As New Delhi and Islamabad trade nuclear threats and deadly attacks, a brewing war over shared water resources threatens to turn up the violence.

Forget the Islamic State. The new conflicts of the future could be sparked by climate change. Insurgents may threaten Iraq's dams as much as its oil -- with potentially dire consequences. Sign up for free access to 1 article per month and weekly email updates from expert policy analysts. Create a Foreign Policy account to access 1 article per month and free newsletters developed by policy experts. Thank you for being an FP Basic subscriber.

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WION in Kabul: IS captures territories around Tora Bora

Afghanistan National Army soldiers are reflected in the water as they stand near a dam during a ceremony on March 25, View Comments. More from Foreign Policy. Argument Michael Kugelman.

Water Wars Forget the Islamic State. Report Shane Harris. Water Wars in the Land of Two Rivers Insurgents may threaten Iraq's dams as much as its oil -- with potentially dire consequences.