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Even Henry Murray, a director of the Harvard Psychological Clinic and co-inventor of the Thematic Apperception Test, attributed his understanding of narcissism to Herman Melville, "the greatest depth psychologist America ever produced. Personality tests often purport to ask questions that are neutral or unthreatening.

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The MBTI's questions, for instance, provide a "positive and neutral ground" from which to address work or relationship problems, promises Naomi Quenk, the author of Essentials of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment. At first glance, this seems true.

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The MBTI's publishers say the questions are appropriate for anyone who can read at a seventh-grade level, but that leaves out a huge segment of the world's population. Its questions are exclusionary in their content and framing. They involve making decisions about what to do at parties talk to everyone or just one person , how to plan a vacation ahead of time or at the last minute , or how to succeed at an office job or at school.

The scenarios they depict are impenetrably bourgeois; many people have never had the money, the leisure time or the opportunity to make these kinds of decisions. Personality tests are sold on the promise that they are valid they measure what they say they will measure and reliable they produce consistent results. Yet every major personality test has faced challenges to its reliability and validity.

Tests like the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and Rorschach are prone to over-pathologizing subjects, misidentifying them as addicts or abusers.

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Studies outside of literate urban populations have failed to find support for the Big Five. A study commissioned by the National Research Council on the MBTI found that the indicator's test-retest reliability--whether you got the same results when you took it more than once--fell woefully short of the APA's reliability benchmarks: Only 24 to 61 percent of subjects received the same result when they took it multiple times.

But personality tests shouldn't always be considered a fun and unserious exercise, a distraction. Unlike astrology, personality tests are used by powerful institutions to make decisions with far-reaching consequences. One in five Fortune companies uses some means of personality testing to screen job candidates, both to hire the right type of person and to eliminate unfavorable types. Because of their widespread use by employers and HR departments, personality tests have colonized and commodified the individual psyche.

They have been used to prop up the idea that, if only we could find the jobs best suited to our personalities--if only we could love what we do--then we could bind ourselves to our work freely and gladly. This is tremendously beneficial to employers. It helps launch a "double-barreled attack upon turnover," as Myers once said, by persuading people to do their jobs without complaining, without agitating, without dreaming of a better, more equitable or more just workplace--or a world where the workplace is no longer integral to social organization. Personality is innate.

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  6. Do we assess these through multiple-choice questionnaires, checklists of self-descriptive adjectives, ink blots, life records or one-on-one interviews? The questions on personality tests are free of prejudice. Consider the following two questions: In your daily work, do you: a. And: In planning a trip, would you prefer to: a.

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    Personality assessments are valid and reliable. Personality tests are harmless fun, like astrology. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette personality illlustration.

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    You must be signed in to post comments Sign in Subscribe. But I also believe that each of us has a primary motivation, and a primary worldview, which leads to certain patterns in our behavior. In other words, we each have a personality style. My fascination with human behavior has led me to explore many concepts and models of human personality.

    The Myers Briggs inventory measures our psychological preferences ; how we perceive the world and make decisions.

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    Two popular books that explain the Myers Briggs model and offer practical suggestions on how to use knowledge of our type to enhance our lives are " Type Talk " and " Type Talk at Work. One of the more subtle and multi-layered personality models is the Enneagram.

    #8 in 1959

    While not as widely known as the MBTI, the Enneagram is a much older theoretical model, with some suggesting origins as early as the fourth century. Because it is more complex than the MBTI it does not lend itself as easily to use in the business world, but the subtlety and depth make it ideal for those interested in a deeper psychological or spiritual exploration of themselves and the human condition. Check out Helen Palmer's classic work, " The Enneagram: Understanding Yourself and the Others in Your Life " for a great introduction to this rich theory of personality.

    While Myers Briggs and Enneagram are two of my personal favorites, there are many theories that attempt to make sense of the complexity of human motivation, behavior and personality. I've put together a list in our Bibliocommons catalog that brings together a number of our library resources as well as some useful websites.

    If you're also fascinated by human behavior, check out my list here: You've Got Personality. If you want to make and share your own list, click here for helpful instructions.