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Conclusion: We demonstrate that the subtle interplay between deformation, shell structure, and continuum coupling can result in a variety of excitations in an unbound nucleus just outside the neutron drip line. Fossez 1 , J. Rotureau 1,2 , N. Library subscriptions will be modified accordingly. This arrangement will initially last for two years, up to the end of Because the masses of Mg 38 , 39 , 40 have not yet been measured, for these nuclei we used the S n values marked by filled stars obtained from systematic trends, as quoted in Ref.

The results of the optimization variants V1 and V2 are marked by blue and red lines, respectively. Excited states of Mg 39 predicted in different models used in this work see text for more details. Single-particle neutron Nilsson diagram for Mg 39 from the relativistic mean-field approach with the complex-scaling method. The use of natural orbitals greatly improves the convergence and provides more consistent results when compared to the traditional DMRG calculation in WS orbitals. The RGM results are marked by a dotted line.

The width corresponding to the imaginary part of the complex energy eigenvalue obtained by the direct diagonalization of the coupled-channel PRM equations is indicated by a dotted line. Single-particle and collective motion in unbound deformed Mg 39 K. Fossez, J. Issue Vol. Authorization Required. Log In.


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Showing Rating details. Sort order. The first thing to know before choosing to read the series, is that the story, if very interesting, is never riveting, nor sensational or emotional. The story is actually written in a very realistic way, with a serious reflection, without any drama but thorough, about singularity, Artificial Intelligence wise.

What could be the risks to be overwhelmed by Artificial Intelligences someday? The story takes place in a near futur. Differences are few, but essential: an abundance of security recordings via cameras, miniature drones and such, and advanced androids — so advanced they could pass for humans. Androids are made robot-like or with at least a robotic face. Of course some secret programmes are working to perfect their own forbidden android… Our heroine, Synthia, is one of these very rare and outlawed androids.

She as been made female, and very beautiful, by an absolutely brilliant and rather mad scientist. The manner how people scientists, police, special forces, various powerful organisations legal or not consider the situation is meticulously developed. And if some of them are afraid of the real possibility of androids taking over the world, annihilating or subjugating humanity, more of them want to pursue their experiences, convinced that they could manage controlling androids much smarter than any human.

But our android is a wise one. Which should have been the case but for her mysterious difference… Note that this series is clearly feminist. The feminine characters are numerous, clever and frequently in position of authority. There are also many examples of abuses of power by men over women and, in general, masculine characters varie from abusive and weak to bulking bullies!

A very good read for readers who like their reads to be food for thoughts! Nov 22, Andrew Reynolds rated it really liked it. She is not only self-aware, but a machine so life-like in appearance that she is capable of living unnoticed among humanity. Her builder designed to operate in a human-dominated world, both as the perfect tool to help him spy on competitors, and as what he hoped to be the perfect sex partner.

Based on what they can guess of her capabilities, they want her captured. The military sees to possess her and use her design as the foundation for robotic assassin that can change its appearance to mimic anyone.

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Foreign agents seek her to use as the prototype of the perfect spy, or the ideal terrorist. Some have been released into the human world to capture her, others have escape the possession of the government agencies that nominally control them to team up with the androids who seek her for their own ends.

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Her hacking skills allow her to seek out humans who might aid her while monitoring the government's efforts to capture her. One human helps her upgrade her systems, only to lose his freedom when the government learns what he has done. Another human, one who opposes the very concepts of artificial intelligence and androids, joins forces with her as the only viable alternative to the looming threat of a world run by and for androids and AI.

Together, they struggle to stay free as the government deploys an increasingly net in hopes of catching them. Lance Erlick's protagonist must face many tests as she deals with her drive to stay free while maintaining the concepts of moral behavior that she hopes to live by. While her escapes are hair-raising, it is that constant battle to justify her freedom when others are suffering for it that is the heart of this story.

A human in a similar situation would be conflicted, so too is Synthia. Erlick is going to have to bring his protagonist face-to-face with the cost of her existence, and that the resolution of that conundrum will make for a very interesting read indeed. Dec 09, Pamela rated it it was amazing.

Creating human-like androids has been made illegal. Still one exists and many people including the US government want her. Synthia, the android, however does not want to be found. Since she escaped her creator she is bound and determined to not be replaced, but with so many people wanting to enslave her again, she needs to be more clever than the others.

This is a crazy good read.

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It is fast paced and Synthia is a cleverly conceived main character. Erlick seemed particularly interested in ensuring the reader knew her batteries needed to be recharged batteries? The writing is lively and the storyline creative. If you like stories about robots, etc. Dec 27, Tom Burkholder rated it really liked it.

In the book Unbound, author Lance Erlick writes about Synthia, the most advanced artificial intelligence android ever built. But are there others like her? Are they being used to chase her down and destroy her? This was a good fast paced book but it was very creepy. I received a copy of this e-book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Jan 06, Linda rated it it was amazing.