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Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. Join our growing community of mindful writers, and contributors. Follow your favorite authors and more! Select a topic. Join the Community or Sign in. Make Your Meditation Powerful Meditation is something that is often elusive to many western practitioners of yoga. Yet, for many, those concepts remain remote and detached from our everyday lives.

The difference is so simple, it may shock you. But Meditation is concentration used to further our path on the road of spiritual awareness. So how you do you deepen that connection?

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Setting Intention When I first started meditating, I was annoyed that it seemed I was hitting a wall. Matt Caron Followers 2 Following. Get Daily Wellness Sign up. You might also like… Astrology.

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Join Here or. Sign Into Your Account. Sign in using Facebook or. No account yet? Read ye the sacred verses in such measure that ye be not overcome by languor and despondency. The most acceptable prayer is the one offered with the utmost spirituality and radiance; its prolongation hath not been and is not beloved by God. When you build and faithfully continue a daily spiritual practice, it will become a powerful part of your psyche.

It will inevitably influence your soul, opening it to wonder and beauty. It will give you deeper insight into your own life.

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Mayst thou ever be in a prayerful attitude. In all the worlds of existence there is nothing more important than prayer. Prayer confers spirituality upon the heart. The views expressed in our content reflect individual perspectives and do not represent the official views of the Baha'i Faith.

The official website of the Baha'i Faith is: Bahai. The official website of the Baha'is of the United States can be found here: Bahai. Already a member?

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Forgot your password? To put you in touch with a Baha'i in your area who can answer your questions, we would like to kindly ask for a few details about yourself:. Please click to login to your google account. In the same way, a regular commitment to a spiritual practice of mindful meditation and prayer can keep our souls in contact with the eternal, mystical reality, and can develop the true strength of our spirit: I pray in your behalf that your hearts may be enlightened with the light of the love of God; that your minds may develop daily; that your spirits may become aglow with the fire and illumination of His glad tidings, until these divine foundations may become established throughout the human world.

Mystical Secrets on Prayer and Meditation

David Langness writes and edits for BahaiTeachings. He and his wife Teresa live in the Sierra foothills in Northern California. Read more. Lili Hamedi.

I wish I could find this in Farsi. Could you help me please. Caleb Alexander Rice. Dennis Emery. Reed Curry. They are "pilgrim's notes", in this case the notes of a man who had strong opinions regarding the the administration of the Baha'i Faith. Sohrab established an alternative, "reform", movement that did not accept the authority of the Guardian.

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Ultimately, his expulsion from the Baha'i Faith was necessary. To attribute the content of pilgrim's notes to Abdu'l-Baha, as you have, is unfair to the Master, and, frankly, libelous. Any narrative that is not