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Craven was sitting broke, and she died from her injury. As they are talking about the accident, Mary hears a sound of a child crying somewhere.

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Martha tells her it is just the wind on the moor or the scullery maid with a toothache. Other than Martha waiting on her and Mrs. Medlock occasionally checking on her, Mary is left to herself. One rainy day, having nothing to do, Mary decides to explore the house even though she had been told to stay in her rooms. She goes down long corridors and begins to try some doors. Some of the doors open, and she explores the rooms.

After a while, having grown tired, Mary decides to turn back. Unfortunately, she becomes lost among the many corridors. As she wanders, she hears the sound of crying again. Her hand touches the tapestry nearby, and she is startled to find a door opening behind it leading to a hidden corridor. Medlock comes down the corridor and sees Mary. She scolds Mary for poking around and drags her back to her room.

A couple of days later, with Martha away visiting her family on her day off, Mary feels lonely and goes outside right after breakfast. It is a beautiful day, and she finds Ben in a good mood talking about the coming of spring. Mary wonders if the trees and flowers in the locked garden are all dead.

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  • She walks to the wall and hears the robin singing for her. The bird lets her come very close, then hops around on the ground looking for a worm in a hole dug up by a dog. Looking down, Mary sees an old key in the soil. She picks it up and puts it in her pocket. The following morning, Martha returns with a gift for Mary from her mother; a skipping rope. Martha says her mother bought the rope with some of Martha's wages. Mary has never seen a skipping rope before.

    The Secret Garden's hidden depths

    Martha shows her how to use it. Mary is excited and begins to practice right away. Realizing that the rope was bought with Martha's money which is badly needed by her large family, Mary thanks Martha for the gift. It is something she had never done before in her spoiled life. Mary goes skipping all around the gardens. Ben is surprised to see her acting like a normal child.

    Mary goes to her wall and asks the robin to show her where the door is. At that moment, a gust of wind blows aside some loose ivy trails revealing a door knob underneath. Mary pulls aside the ivy and finds the lock. The key fits and the door opens. Mary goes inside and closes the door behind her.

    She is inside the Secret Garden.

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    High walls are covered with climbing roses which are leafless and matted. There are many rose bushes and trees covered with more climbing roses, but nothing looks alive. Walking around the paths and alcoves, however, Mary spots some green points coming out of the soil in some flower beds.

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    She begins to clear out weeds around the shoots and finds she enjoys it very much. She spends so much time that she is a little late in returning to the house for her meal. Martha is delighted to see Mary come back with red cheeks and a big appetite. Mary, who knows nothing about gardening or English plants, asks Martha about the bulbs.

    She is careful not to mention the Secret Garden, but she tells Martha she wishes she had a spade to try making a little garden. Martha tells her to write a letter to Dickon to ask him to buy a gardening tool set and some flower seeds in the village. They send the letter and some of Mary's spending money with the butcher's boy. Mary continues to work in the Secret Garden.

    The Secret Garden's hidden depths | Books | The Guardian

    She also begins to develop a friendship with Ben Weatherstaff and the robin. A week later, as she is skipping along the long walk that goes around the garden wall, she hears a low whistling sound from outside the gate that opens into the wood. She goes through the gate and finds a boy sitting under a tree playing a wooden pipe. A squirrel, a pheasant, and two rabbits are watching and listening.

    Dickon introduces himself to Mary and gives her the gardening tools and seeds he bought. Mary feels quite at ease with him right away. Dickon volunteers to help Mary plant the seeds. After a momentary panic, Mary decides to trust Dickon with her secret. Mary with Dickon and his creatures, illustration by Maria L.

    Kirk from the edition of The Secret Garden. Once inside the garden, Dickon shows Mary that some of the dead-looking roses are actually alive. He then shows her how to use the tools. Dickon is surprised to see the good work Mary had done on her own. He also notes that, although the garden had been locked up for ten years, it seems almost like some pruning was done not too long ago. He promises to come back and help her with the garden. Mary trusts Dickon, but she still will not tell Martha about the garden.

    Believing that Mary still needs a plot of land where she can plant the seeds, Martha advises Mary to ask Ben Weatherstaff for help. She says that Mr. Craven lets Ben do whatever he wants to because Mrs.

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    • Craven used to like the gardener. Martha then tells Mary that Mr. Craven has returned, and that her mother stopped him in the village and spoke to him about Mary. Shortly, Mrs. Medlock comes to take Mary to Mr. Mary sees that Mr. Craven is not really a hunchback as she was lead to believe. He just has crooked shoulders. Although he looks to be unhappy, he is actually not bad-looking.

      Craven tells her that he had forgotten to get her a nurse or a governess. Mary begs him not to get her a governess until she gets stronger from playing outdoors. Craven tells her that he was advised by Mrs. Sowerby, Martha's mother, to let her play. He then asks Mary if she wants toys or books. Mary asks for "a bit of earth" to garden. Craven is somehow affected by her eager request. Remarking that she reminds him of someone, he tells Mary that she can take any bit of earth and make it come alive. He then informs her that he will be away all summer.

      Mary finds a boy crying in his bed, illustration by Maria L. The weather turns that night and Mary is awakened by the sound of heavy rain and wind. As she lies awake, she hears the sound of crying again. She decides to go explore. She manages to find the passageway behind the tapestry.

      She can hear the crying clearly. She walks up to the door and opens it. Inside, she sees a boy crying fretfully on his bed. The boy stares at Mary, frightened that she may be a ghost. Mary is also a little frightened, but she assures him that she is not a ghost. The boy introduces himself as Colin Craven, Mr. Craven's son. Mary introduces herself and tells him that Mr.

      Craven is her uncle. Mary had not known Mr. Craven had a son, and no one had told Colin about Mary.

      Colin tells Mary that the servants are not allowed to talk about him because he does not like people to see him and talk about him. He says he is ill and will not live long, but if he did, he may become a hunchback like his father. Colin says his father does not want to see him because his mother died when he was born.

      Although he is not locked up, Colin explains that he stays in his room because it tires him too much when they take him outside. Colin then asks Mary a lot of questions about her and about India. He is especially interested when Mary mentions the locked garden. He tells her that he will order the servants, who are obliged to please him, to open the garden. Mary does not want to tell Colin that she has already found the garden.

      Instead, she convinces him it will be better if they kept it a secret. Colin then decides he will also keep it a secret that he has met Mary. He will send his nurse out of the room and have Martha fetch Mary whenever he wants to see her. Mary stays and sings to Colin until he falls asleep. The following afternoon, Mary tells Martha about her encounter with Colin. Martha cannot believe what she is hearing. She says Colin is extremely difficult and prone to throwing tantrums, and she is afraid she will lose her job if she is suspected of telling Mary about him.

      I can see how a child could be completely captivated. Good reader with the exception of a few mispronunciations. October 17, good book,good narration. Quite perfectly read! Reviewer: bob - April 24, Subject: The Secret Garden good job i really like this book thanks to you i would never would of found this book. Reviewer: Ashlee - March 18, Subject: Love it! One of my favorite classics and now it's free as both audiobook and ebook. But the rest is perfect. Reviewer: Geoffrey Yuan - February 23, Subject: The secret garden This book is a very wonderful story and it tells you about how a girl starts out lonely but makes friends.

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      Reviewer: student from cres - February 22, Subject: awesome!! Especially the emotions shown in voice. Reviewer: Sibby Huber - January 19, I love this book. Reviewer: Asher lathrom - January 2, Subject: school asignment Amazing!!! I will read this book again and when I have children I will read it to them and they will love it like I do!

      I highly recommend you read this book and happy new year!! Reviewer: Asher lathrom - January 2, Subject: school asignment amazing!! I love this book and I will read it again!! I highly recommend you read it! Reviewer: Julie - May 6, Subject: Review secret garden Excellent job of narration and a wonderful book.

      I never want them to end. Thank you so much. Reviewer: Cupcake - April 15, Subject: Slow going i love this book, this book is a wonderful, amazing, and odd book in a way. I think this book is a very slow going book though. I like that though, because then you have to keep reading. If anyone would ask me i would really recommend this book. Reviewer: audrey - January 6, Subject: pretty good I wish I could be that robin in the book and it makes me feel hungry. Reviewer: John Augustine - December 28, Very fine narrative, lyrical text.

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