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The same rapid flow and easy access to information spawned a new breed of consumer. In many cases — and largely through social media — they have become active influencers in how products and services evolve. So you have fiercer competition and smarter consumers in a playing field where the rules change constantly as technology advances. At first glance, that might seem like a forbidding terrain for the faint of heart. Fortunately, technology enables as much as it disrupts. For sales professionals, technologies such as CRMs , cloud computing, real-time collaboration, data visualizations and business analytics help drive higher performance and better customer engagement.

Technology also empowers sales leaders to design the ideal sales process that not only complements and enhances the selling skills of their teams but also helps their people develop habits that ultimately lead to consistent success. The question is: Have you tapped these technologies to create the ideal sales process for your business? Not all sales processes lead to success, though.

How the 5-Step Sales Process Simplifies Sales | Lucidchart Blog

A bloated one with random elements will likely just lead to a mediocre performance by your team. Your pipeline or funnel is the mirror image of the sales process you have defined. While pipelines vary across businesses, a typical one might have the following stages:. For a winning pipeline , Pipedrive co-founder Urmas Purde gives this advice:.

What is leadership’s role in sales?

This is why the needs assessment is so important and why it will ideally flow in and out of this step. A good needs assessment allows you to tailor your presentation to your audience, and keep it interactive. The Close Eighty percent of sales are lost because a salesperson fails to close. Closing is about advancing the sales process to ultimately get an order. What you are trying to sell at each stage may be different. In a later stage you might need to meet with a committee, in that case what you are selling is a meeting.

Seeing the sale process in this light takes a little pressure off of each encounter and makes things a bit more manageable. What could you say in response to such a remark in order to advance the sale? In large part, closing is about discovering obstacles. There are lots of ways to close, indeed closing a sale has become a science unto itself.

Books have been written on this topic alone. Just for fun, following is a sampling of a few closing techniques from among the many:. What could you say to defer that question politely? Follow-up Good follow up will double your closing ratio. When a sales person makes contact with a prospect a relationship has been built, and follow up is how it is nurtured.

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Follow up therefore should never end. The pace may slow but it will never end. When a sale is made, then a new type of follow up begins. Follow up conversations are best handled by the salesperson who started the relationship.

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  8. It is unwise and ineffective to keep track of this information anywhere other than a centralized database. Overwhelming your prospects with every piece of information you possess on their first request hampers your ability to stay in touch. Having a stable of collateral materials gives you reason to follow up. Save Save. Could they make a strong enough case for why she should buy their solution?

    While buyers were limited in the information they had access to, sales reps also had limited information on the prospects they were cold calling.

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    Today, however, B2B buyers are taking the lead in the sales process. In fact, much of the buying decision has been made before the salesperson ever talks to the business. Modern B2B buyers are much more actively involved in the sales process. Product details, competitor information, pricing — there is so much information available online today, and prospective customers are spending their time looking through it and using it for planning before even considering talking to a sales rep.

    Instead of being a source of information, salespeople are now asked to confirm what the customer has already uncovered about the solution.

    Understanding the Modern B2B Sales Process

    Instead of giving a sales pitch, salespeople are now required to be expert authorities available to answer questions and guide the buyer through the purchase process. Information about customers. Information for customers. Yet sales and marketing teams are often still siloed, with different goals, and sometimes even competing roles.

    Used well, technology makes it easier for customers to connect with sales reps, and vice versa. For example, a company uses chatbots instead of providing a phone number for customers to call to talk to a sales rep. According to a recent report from Forrester , the successful salesperson today has these 6 skills:.

    Subject areas covered:

    Think through the customer buying process and identify the main decision points.