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If we are all to survive in this business, we must continue to innovate and re-invent. It is half full. Our ideas are the ingredients that will contribute to topping the glass all the way up. What is hugely important in driving up these ideas is our attitude. We often underestimate the power of this positive posture. Allow me to briefly describe each in the hope that one or more of these could inspire your business development efforts in the areas you operate in.

Printnovation participants left with encouragement to innovate and bring creative ideas to the forefront of their business strategies. With printed newspapers perceived as a legacy medium, especially now with the flavour of the times being social and digital, there is every reason for traditional publishers to constantly innovate and bring new creative print options to the table.

Call it a makeover, call it a Botox job, call it whatever you want — but bring out the ideas, brand them, amplify them, and make them loud and noticeable to the trade. This is not the time to be subtle. He can be reached at tancs sph. Printnovation gave rise to four innovative ways to consider the current print newspaper climate.

Five-hundred industry professionals met at Printnovation to discuss challenges in the media industry. Participants at Printnovation were encouraged to think about how to use print innovation in their specific situations. AdBid , as the name suggests, is a newspaper advertisement bidding infrastructure that allows media agencies to bid for premium positions, with possible extensions to other platforms.

Some people will also tell you to make use of anchor text, which can also is an effective method. There are alternatives to this method that are just as effective, if not more so, but they require more space to explain. Part of doing well with article marketing is getting picked up by publishers with large audiences, or gaining the ability to leverage other brands due to the quality of your work. Submit to Directories There are a lot of free web directories on the net now and there are an equal number of sites that list free web directories. So your first step should be to visit every directory and submit your link to every free web directory you can find.

Link Exchanges If you are taking part in reciprocal link exchanges it is important that you 1 Exchange links only with related sites. If a site has nothing to do with your site a reciprocal backlink from it will serve little to no purpose and 2 Do not mass mail webmasters. You could also get other webmaster to ask for a link exchange by putting a contact form on your site and letting people know you are open for link exchanges.


Link Baiting Link baiting is when you post something controversial, a flame or something very interesting on your site with the intention of getting people to blog about it or post it on forums. Providing Quality Content This is my favorite way to get backlinks. Make a good site with good content.

If there is one thing people like, and like to link to, it is a good site. Posting on forums I am hesitant to include this suggestion, But i will, and i will explain exactly what i mean. It does not mean join a forum, spam your link 50 times and then leave. If you become a trusted regular poster it will also mean you get a lot of traffic from these backlinks. Spamming not only make you look like an amateur, But it will be deleted that same day by a moderator, Probably before a google bot even gets to see it.

This means other sites display your content on their pages via a feed which includes a backlink to the original article or page. Submit Articles If you know a lot about the area you work in as you should then writing articles could be very beneficial. Every time you write and submit an article that is one backlink, and the good thing about articles is they are often copied and used on other article sites, sent in news letters or posted on forums, Each time this happens you get another backlink.

Provide a link to me code Put a page on your site that contains link to me code. This will be HTML code that people just have to cut and paste into their site to link to you. Provide a few banners, some buttons, Be creative. Sometimes if people are trying to find filler for their site they will be more than happy to include your sexy looking banner or button on their page. The trick is to make it easy for people to link to you. Buy Text Links If you have money set aside for your advertising you can also Buy Text Links from companies such as LinkWorth, Also good if you want to make money and sell text links.

What makes one logo better than another? A good logo works in the simplest form. It is a memorable representation of your brand and inspires confidence in your customers. It should be fresh and original — without visual cliches or amateur effects. A logo is well-designed when it looks as good on a business card as it does on a web page or a billboard. The best logos are elegantly simple. Why do you need a logo? In a way, a logo is a visual shortcut to who you are. Your logo will establish your corporate identity and credibility. It builds loyalty among your clients and employees.

You invest in your brand image every time your logo is displayed on a Web page, on a sign, or in an advertisement. A professionally designed logo enables you to be immediately recognizable and must be unique, memorable and simple.

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Such a logo will become one of your most valuable corporate assets over time. QR Codes seem to be at the center of the questions that I received this week. I felt it was time to explore best practices and how to utilize this marketing tool so that it is efficient and effective in your marketing plan. They seem to be adopting QR codes to show their customers that they are on the high end of technology.

Besides, QR codes are interactive and fun. My guess is the majority of you come across at least one QR code daily. They are finding their home everywhere. The benefit of a QR code is that it gives business owners and marketers a way to get a prospect to take immediate action — easily! The problem with QR codes is when they do not give a customer value they can become frustrating. There is nothing worse than hyping a QR code, but the end result is something that could have been achieved without it.

Who are you trying to reach with your QR code? You must determine that before launching a campaign. Who is the ideal person that uses a QR code? A recent webinar done by Merkle and Webtrends created the following profile of those that use QR codes:. The overall QR users is affluent and younger, others may not resonate with the understanding of a QR code.

Make sure that your target audience fits that profile, otherwise it may not bring you the desired result that you want. When considering a QR code campaign, ensure that you are following best practices. Best practices include the following:. QR codes are catching on, as a matter fact we have gone from 1, daily scans to upwards of 25, daily scans. If your customer profile fits the above and you follow best practices there is no reason not to join the QR craze. For small businesses, having a well-established brand with a loyal customer base is critical to both immediate and long-term success.

While investing money in brand developing tools may be costly, building a suite of business cards, postcards, signs, banners, brochures and other products that give your business a professional look can be easily and inexpensively accomplished. When your brand acts as your identity, anything you can do to increase public awareness will only help your company.

First and foremost, it is important that your company map out exactly what it stands for, who your target customer is, how you would like to be represented, and how you want your message to be delivered. Once that has been decided, define your brand — how you are going to help a customer identify your business with a given product, promotion or piece of advertising. Will it be with a logo, color scheme or a slogan? To make this as effective as possible work with focus groups made up of current and potential clients, as well as peers within your industry so you can come to an educated decision on which vehicles will work best to accomplish your goals and objectives.


Also, remember to always keep your marketing tools up to date. Next, focus on which marketing tools your company is going to use to deliver your message. With a business card in hand, an ambassador of your brand is effectively able to provide your contact info and exposure to the corporate brand. This assists in building a recognizable brand that consumers will automatically associate with your company. If your company is located in a bustling community with a large amount of foot traffic, it may be a good idea to create a large banner to place on your store front which features a special offer or promotion.

Using this type of tool assists in generating awareness and not only helps to attract new customers but retains existing ones by providing additional incentives to keep them coming back for more. Additionally, they give your organization an extra level of credibility since consumers have come to expect printed material from companies with whom they are doing business. Also if you truly want to make your brochure buzz-worthy, try to integrate an offer or coupon into the copy of the brochure itself.

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However, having an assortment of customized marketing materials will attract your desired target customer and leave them with the information and incentive they need to revisit your company in the future. Smartphones are steadily becoming commonplace devices for everyone from professionals to busy moms. Users of these devices now instinctively turn to their phones for tasks that previously they would only have accomplished on a computer, over the phone or in person. These tasks include surfing the Web, obtaining driving directions, connecting via social media, and even shopping.

In the United States, And, in , smartphone sales are expected to top sales of personal computers. As smartphones allow people to connect with businesses in new and exciting ways, businesses in turn need to become savvier about going mobile.

Its employees previously struggled to keep up with all the paperwork and regulatory requirements, so the company decided to go completely mobile, equipping its entire staff with Microsoft Windows Phones. This allowed the staff to visit patients and instantly update their condition and treatments. For small businesses, embracing the smartphone age is becoming crucial for success.

Here are some easy ways small businesses can go mobile in Online Competition For Ecommerce Websites Because of the increasing numbers of online shoppers, there is a need for more ecommerce websites. By: TJ Philpott. Better search engine results are great. By: Tinu Abayomi-Paul.

By: Andrew Briggs. About Logos Posted: Monday, April 9th, How does your current logo stack up? Run down this logo quick test: Does the logo have immediate impact? Is it good to look at? Is it distinctive? Does it create or evoke a positive image? Does it accurately represent the organization or business? Is it straightforward? Is it comprehensible? Is it memorable? Is it flexible? Does it copy well? Will it hold up to both large and small scale use? Will it wear well over time? Will you be proud to use it? By: Vukan Karadzic. Best practices include the following: Inform your audience of what to expect when they scan the code.

Marketing Strategies (Plus Lots of Bonus Tips & Ideas)

Your QR code should be no smaller than 1 inch by 1 inch. Make sure the destination is mobile friendly. Think about how your QR code integrates with the campaign.