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Women are so afraid to do anything and someone is threatening women in the community. But as more women hear about these stories told at class, more want to join. They begin to step out from behind their fear, and now their husbands it's not all widows in the end , and do things for themselves.

They stand-up for themselves. Oh I enjoyed this one. It is funny, a bit tense, there is murder, jealousy, scandal One passage I so enjoyed was the telling of the phrase 'book regret' And since then she has suffered from book regret as she can no longer find the book in print. I learned so much about the Sikh culture also.

It's not heavy on the erotic stories that's not my thing but a few are weaved into the story, it's more about the culture of these women and how they bond together and grow from the strength to actually tell these stories, their fantasies. The audio was wonderful and I loved every minute of it. I do highly suggest this one if you want a fun story, to learn about Indian culture, and want to listen to a fabulous audio. I just suggest View all 55 comments. You will never look at ghee the same way again!

What is advertised as a literacy class for women becomes an exploration of sexual experiences and desires and the author does a wonderful job of weaving their erotic stories into the narrative. Lest you think this is all one big bodice-ripping read, however, there is more than just eroticism here as the author explores identity, patriarchy, indoctrination and societal mores.

There are also numerous subplots as she explores the tension between generations, weaves in the mysterious and unsolved deaths of two young women and all of the action takes place under the watchful eye of a self-appointed militant group, the Brothers. I found the characters enchanting, the writing entertaining and while it was slow to start, once the erotic stories are introduced the plot moves at a rapid pace. All in all, I would recommend this as a light read with some complex subjects that are handled with humor and heart.

View all 37 comments. Feb 08, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it really liked it Shelves: it-s-all-in-the-name , cluck-cluck-mothafucka , liburrrrrry-book , read-in , book-clubby. In case you were wondering even more, that book and movie made me cry the ugliest of all the cries and I highly recommend it. It is then the women decide they would prefer a storytelling class — they will each make up stories and the one widow who knows how to write will transcribe them.

And then???? I was not expecting that. I thought these were going to be granny romance stories. These are all-out naughty. Most surprising of all, this could have been considered a selection for the Winter Reading Challenge. And been a better fit than a couple of the books I read. View all 27 comments. Jun 25, Carol Bookaria rated it really liked it Shelves: , fiction. The story revolves mainly around Nikki , a first-generation Punjabi, born and raised in England. She's a law-school dropout trying to earn some extra money by signing up to teach creative-writing classes at the Sikh temple.

What she doesn't know is that the students she gets are mostly illiterate Punjabi widows looking to kill the boredom and routine by engaging in lively, oral, sexy storytelling And this is where the fun begins. Of course, that's not all that there is to the story, it also de The story revolves mainly around Nikki , a first-generation Punjabi, born and raised in England. Of course, that's not all that there is to the story, it also deals with the challenges that multi-cultural people face when it comes to tradition, pressures of close-knit communities, family relationships, and so much more.

This book reminded me of Reading Lolita in Tehran but much more lighthearted and charming. As soon as you start the book you are immersed in the story, and oh, the story is just wonderful. Overall I enjoyed this book and recommend it to all! About the author: Website Review also posted on blog View all 10 comments. Jul 04, Elyse Walters rated it really liked it.

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Love, sex, intimacy, and community. How about oppression- or violence against women? Could you blame them? Love and forgiveness The specialness of this book are the lovely women characters exploring their culture —wearing their vulnerability on their sleeves Erotically thought provoking!!! View all 14 comments. This is the second book from "Reese's Book Club" that I've picked up, and the second that I was expecting to be blown away by.

Unfortunately, this one fell a bit short to me. The premise sounded amazing and liberating and everything you want when reading a take on a culture that's less familiar to you. Instead, this felt forced and cliche and so predictable that I caught myself wondering if I should even bother finishing it. That being said, it was an enjoyable enough read.

It was different from This is the second book from "Reese's Book Club" that I've picked up, and the second that I was expecting to be blown away by. It was different from everything else I've picked up recently which was welcomed and refreshing. I just wished there had been less things going on, less excerpts from the stories, less love stories I'm not even sure, it just felt very bogged down in everything going on.

I did love the dynamics of the various personalities and how they interacted with one another, so that's worth mentioning as a high point. Should you buy it? It's one of those that's maybe not the best book you've ever read but will stay with you for a while regardless. If it looks interesting enough to you, I encourage you to pick it up. View all 4 comments.

Aug 07, Taryn Pierson rated it it was amazing Shelves: release , poc-author , audio. There are generational clashes, sisterly complications, challenges to gender roles, and even an unsolved crime. This is one of those books that is hard to categorize because it does so many things and does them all really well. When she sees a flyer advertising a creative writing teacher position at a Sikh community center, she jumps at the chance to secure a more legitimate gig.

Nikki assumes she will have to go back to basics and teach the women how to form letters and sound out words, but it turns out the ladies have some inspiration of their own. Instead of learning their ABCs, the widows discuss which vegetables are best used to describe male anatomy. Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows is a shot of female empowerment straight to the bloodstream.

More book recommendations by me at www. Shelves: group-challenge , reesesbookclubxhellosunshine. All this with healthy servings of vegetables which health organizations tell us should be a minimum of 3 per day. I did not know that aubergine is another word for eggplant and courgettes another term for zucchini so we can include educational as well. Entertaining, enlightening, and yes, erotic—listen with caution on audio versions.

View all 18 comments. This was a great story with many themes. It is set around the Sikh community of Southall, London. It addresses the difficulties for young British Sikhs, born and raised here and developing different values to their Indian born parents. It covers levels of illiteracy within the Sikh community, the gossip,lack of privacy and repressive quality within, but also the incredible support network that it can be.

We get to think about the pros and cons of arranged marriages. There is a darker undertone t This was a great story with many themes. There is a darker undertone too in relation to honour killings. The story is about the empowerment of a community of women and is wittily done. The Punjabi widows of the title have felt unseen and unheard and creating these stories together gives them self value and meaning, as well as stirring up the indignation and disapproval of the Brothers.

There is a love story and a mystery as well as the main plot and there are some happy outcomes from the Erotic stories produced, for the community and main characters. A thought provoking book wrapped up with a light hearted touch. Jun 20, Pri Srinivasa added it. View 2 comments. This novel transports the reader from wherever they are reading to Southall and it's Punjabi population. One can smell the spices and look at the colourful saris and fabrics in stalls and bazaars. While at the same time, one can look at the dichotomous us vs them paradigm that plagued humanity since the beginning of time.

Where people who are similar are friends or feel safe, while the other who is different is a sort of an enemy or a nuisance at least.

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The narrator Nikki, a London born and bree This novel transports the reader from wherever they are reading to Southall and it's Punjabi population. The narrator Nikki, a London born and breed British Punjabi young lady, who works as a bartender and lives in the flat above, gets a chance to teach widows how to write. The widows each of them widowed at a different age, each had a different experience in marriage, some had better marriages than others, and each widow brings a new story and a new spice to those classes.

The stories those widows tell, as they are storytellers, reveal a fantasy of sort, a hope, an image they have deep inside and long to let it be out in the public. There is backlash and hostility from the traditional surrounding, but under it all there is a unity of women, there are tender moments, and a realistic tale of immigrants and women who want a better life or just more fun. The stories are erotic in their nature and they explore a prism of sexuality, so keep that in mind if you are not comfortable with erotic literature. Dec 05, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: adult-content , cultural , read , changed-my-perspective , listened-to-audiobook , stand-alone-novel , womens-fiction-chicklit.

The women were laughing loudly now and their voices had begun to echo down the corridor. It's full of oppressed and policed Punjabi widows who have finally found the ultimate outlet for memories, laughter, and imagination. What was supposed to be an adult literacy class turns into a group of erotic storytelling and it is hilarious.

It's also full of perspective, cultural awareness, respect for the women who have lived through traditions that may be questionable today, and an honorable appreciation for sexual intimacy. If you are a reader who does not enjoy reading adult content, the erotic stories are each woven separately throughout this book and are easy to identify and skip over if you so wish.

In addition to this main plotline, there is a parallel suspense element and mystery to follow that mirrors the overall theme of gender control within this culture. Overall, Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows is a thoroughly enjoyable novel that uses fun humor to bring awareness to important subjects.

Check it out! Strange, she thought. There were no other classes on at the same time.

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As she made her way to the room, the noise became louder and she could hear a voice clearly speaking. He tells her — why do we have to wait? She should punish him by driving him around the car park until his little balloon deflates. View all 8 comments. Nov 17, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-own.

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I loved this novel. Here on a snowy Saturday morning in Quebec, I felt myself instantly immersed into a universal story of strong female protagonists who no matter their age want to belong to their community and to be loved. Although Miss Modern aka Nikki took a bit of warming up before I really enjoyed her bits, it was enough to also meet all the tremendous people that Nikki encounters, especially, in her writing group.

I loved, loved, LOVED this book and am now furiously recommending it to everyone as the best summer read of Set in the Punjabi enclave of Southall in London, it takes a careful and entertaining look at the many issues faced by women living in that community. On a visit to the Gurudwara in Southall she sees a notice advertising for a tutor - someone to teach illiterate widows in the community how to read and write; what could possibly be more wholesome and fulfilling?

Nikki puts herself forward and, as the only candidate, is promptly given the role. However, the widows of Southall have a few surprises in store for Nikki; they have no interest in learning their ABCs, they just want to talk about S-E-X and in the most graphic terms imaginable.

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And this is one of the most interesting and oft overlooked issues that this book tackles. By bringing this phenomenon into the light and turning it on its head, Kaur Jaswal highlights an important feminist problem. That is the kind of erotic stories that the punjabi widows in this book create. I'll say, that I was in a rather busy staff room when I read that part, and I think it caused my coffee to go down the wrong pipe.

This story is about an adult literary class that rather quickly turns into an "His throbbing organ was the color and size of an aubergine and as she gripped it with her hands and guided it to her mouth he became so excited that his knees began to shake. This story is about an adult literary class that rather quickly turns into an erotic storytelling class, and to be honest, the stories are pretty hilarious, but at the same time, they are quite heated.

There is much cultural awareness, the notable appreciation for sexual intimacy, something that is so often hidden, and not talked about, and, it is also full of a huge amount of perspective from women who live through these kind of traditions. It truly shocked me to learn about female subjugation in Indian societies, too. While I thought this was an amusing and a rather light hearted read, the plot wasn't written in enough depth for me, and to be honest, the characters were totally flat, and I didn't actually warm to any of them.

I thought the back story was rushed, and it didn't combine well enough with the erotic stories. However, I'd just read it for the amusing erotic stories! Mar 31, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: books , books , audiobooks. Well, then! If provoked, they transform into grotesque monsters of ink and leather. She hopes to become a warden, charged with protecting the kingdom from their power. With no one to turn to but her sworn enemy, the sorcerer Nathaniel Thorn, and his mysterious demonic servant, she finds herself entangled in a centuries-old conspiracy.

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