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Bienvenue aux Discussions France Alumni! Le changement climatique est en marche. Le festival Streetstar — Back to the Roots 2. Cette projection fait partie de La Nuit. Her works are important explorations of the structures of power, gender, race and class in the aftermath of colonialism. Tickets: kr available at www. What has led us to this point?

Could Metoo be seen as a breakthrough or is it a repetition. Could Metoo be seen as a breakthrough or is it a repetition of the past? How does it compare to other movements? France, Germany and Sweden are three countries with strong feminist traditions, but those traditions are very different from each other. How were these differences reflected in the Metoo movement and where do the countries stand today? The aim of the seminar is for refugees together with university representatives to reflect jointly on initiatives, recommendations and guidelines supporting refugees for inclusion in different European countries.

Additionally we will together evaluate the value for refugees in prioritizing recommendations to the higher education community. The seminar adresses representatives from refugee organizations, university leadership, academic and administrative staff as well as policy makers. The Rise of Populism in Europe is a fact. How can we address it? Is our current cultural diplomacy directly impacted by rising populist sentiment? If so, how can.

If so, how can one work to combat populist ideology via cultural diplomacy? The European Union National Institutes for Culture EUNIC present a series of encounters and debates that will discuss the challenges and capabilities of cultural diplomacy in the age of populism. Burka Songs 2.

Does the content of a film even play a role if there are political goals to be achieved? En automne , est. Babikian, V. Bayoux, V. Caire, T. Dufresne, G. Grapperon et L.

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