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Marta right and Liset center at Marta's home with her children, as the two prepare to leave within a few days. Marta left and Liset at a hotel in Brazil using Facebook. Marta in Ecuador at a bus terminal. Liset applies make up in the Darien Gap. Marta, Day 1. Liset's Facebook posts during the journey.

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Marta and Liset checking social media in Peru at 4am. Liset sleeping, Peru. Liset in the Darien with migrants from Bangladesh. Marta takes a break, The Darien Gap. Support Select this reward.

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Estimated delivery Oct Kickstarter is not a store. It also works on several fronts to improve the quality of services to visitors. The avalanche of US citizens who have been coming to Cuba since mid-December reaches figures that far exceed the number of US visitors to the island at any stage before the triumph of the Revolution and the breakdown of diplomatic relations decreed by Washington and the ban on travel of their citizens to Cuba.

This unjustifiable hostility against Cuba has been in place since the triumph of its popular revolution against the Batista dictatorship. Now you can see it is being turned against the enemies of the Cuban government like a boomerang. Obviously, they think that some main features of capitalist relations, such as the fracturing of society, selfishness, consumerism and corruption, could make a dent in the order of priorities that has led the country from to the present.

It is understandable that the US public —that has been for more than half a century subject to the slanderous media campaign against the political, social and economic situation of the Cuban revolution— has a distorted image of the reality on the island. Cuba has been isolated from the US capitalist system but has continued to co-exist with capitalism in the rest of the world.

I imagine that a large number of people from the US are now extremely concerned about the safety of their President, Barack Obama, during the days that he will be in Cuba with his family. It is ironic that the President has decided to be accompanied in his official trip to Cuba by the First Lady and their two teenage daughters, considering that it is a country that for over half a century has been described by the great US corporate media as a kind of ungovernable hell without democracy.

A country against which the United States was forced —for these reasons— to impose a punishing embargo that has failed by not having achieved its purpose of deposing the communist regime, and therefore will have to be lifted. The US government should have explained to its people that, when the Cuban Revolution came to power in , the struggle that brought together the Cuban people against the corrupt dictatorship of Batista —a strong ally of Washington— was first and above all things a struggle for human rights and in favor of justice.

The US people need to know that Cuba is one of the few countries where, since , not a single prisoner has been tortured, nor a single extrajudicial execution has ever taken place. It is a country where, since , police forces have never used tanks, shock shields, clubs or other forms of excessive violence against demonstrators.

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Cuba is now an exceptional democracy in the hemisphere because it is the only country where, since , there have been no paramilitary forces, death squads, extrajudicial killings, disappeared persons, tortured prisoners, or violence against the people. In fact and this is something that many people will probably hear for the firsttime because of global media control by the US in Cuba there is not a single political prisoner, if by such we define persons imprisoned for expressing their own political ideas, opposed to the government.

Cuba has a firm commitment to the promotion and protection of human rights. Cuba not only has signed and ratified all the international instruments on the matter but has also maintained a high level of cooperation with the international bodies for the promotion and protection of human rights in the world. Cubans find particularly unfounded and insulting the media and diplomatic campaigns directed against our country based on alleged violations of human rights, because thestrict respect for the integrity of each individual has been the guideline of the Cuban Revolution and a requirement that has accompanied and served the revolutionary cause since the years of the struggle against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista who was sustained by the United States.

This behavior resulted in a marked willingness of the government forces to surrender when they were asked to do so by the revolutionary fighters, in sharp contrast with the invariable attitude of patriots to always resist until death. Strict respect for the human rights of our enemies has probably been one of the most effective resources in the struggle of Cuban revolutionaries for independence, self-determination and social justice, both throughout history, as in the present. And we Cubans are proud of this. The streets and neighborhoods of Cuba, as well as its fields in the countryside, are humble places, but safe.

Let the US president, his family, and his entourage be welcomed! Here, they will be respected and safe! Y los cubanos estamos orgullosos de esto. He stops in front of the statue of the Beatle leader and says something in a very low voice. He is known to have always loved the dark, but his obsession with the Beatles would even lead him to form his first band along with talented guitarist Tony Iommi.

At first they would play blues, but then they embraced the celebration of black magic, the occult, and the symbolic universe of human desolation. Already in , Ozzy knows that he is a survivor who got chaos into some sort of order and beat his legends in the last rounds. He is also aware of his huge influence on the world of rock and roll. The vocalist has more plans for the afternoon. After his homage to Lennon he heads for the Submarino Amarillo Yellow Submarine , walking unhurriedly, as if cloaked in an unusual kind of peace by no means typical of the wild and somber character that he plays on stage.

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Once there, he looks with interest at the allegorical images of The Beatles, reads the excerpts of their songs printed on the walls and sits on a table at the foot of the stage. His son Jack accepts two alcohol-free drinks for him and his father. I come from a very poor family, and when I was a young boy they captured my heart. I feel sad when I see his image in some memorial because it reminds me that his being shot was a very cowardly act.

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In he released Dreamer , a rather mysterious song in his stock. He admits that the tune was inspired by The Beatles. Black Sabbath will make its farewells to the stage following their last world tour, scheduled to start in late January. Ozzy is thinking of forming a band for his new solo career, but he has not decided which musicians he will call yet.

As I see it, my only cause is to respect people who pay for a ticket. Ozzy, whom we owed hymns like See you on the other side and I just want you , also mentions the guitarists that he has joined in the past.

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  • The reason for his trip to Cuba is the recording of the eighth chapter of a History Channel program called The World Tour , in which Ozzy describes his impressions about country he is visiting. Ozzy junto a su hijo Jack en el parque Lennon. Foto: Yander Zamora. Luego de recordar a Lennon va hacia el Submarino Amarillo. This has been my longest time away since when I began regular visits.

    So much has changed since then! Lage is a pediatrician and his natural destiny would be a hospital. His participation in missions in Nicaragua, Angola, and Ethiopia did not save him from being tried for drug trafficking and finally executed on July 13, , when he was 59 years old. He was dismissed for laxity, abuse of power, negligence in service, and wrongful use of resources. He was sentenced to 20 years, but died in prison of a heart attack in at age In , Diocles Torralba, vice-president of the Council of Ministers and in charge of Transportation, was sentenced to 20 years for embezzlement, abuse of authority and wrongful use of resources.

    He was released before completing his whole sentence and lives in the Cuban capital. The fall of the all-powerful Carlos Aldana was also much discussed. In April he was removed from that post. Lo destituyeron por tolerancia, abuso de poder, negligencia en el servicio y uso indebido de recursos. Fue excarcelado antes de cumplir la totalidad de la condena y vive en la capital cubana.

    En abril de era separado del cargo. Photo taken from makingofezine. I stay nearby, watching the famous vocalist dancing on stage to the beat of electronic music, like he did earlier in another nightclub in town. A close member of his team remarks what I already knew by then: the Rolling Stones want to play here in Cuba. Serious talks are underway with the Cuban side to organize the performance. He uploads the pictures he took in Old Havana as he sparks off fierce controversy about the true purpose of his visit to the Island.

    Never before had one of the Stones traveled to Havana. Jagger scours the city, pays surprise visits to some Cuban musicians, and hits the nightclub circuit together with some members of his crew. Fortunately, the circle is beginning to close. At last, the Music Institute has confirmed that they discussing the possibility that the band could give a concert in Havana. Should their performance finally take place at Ciudad Deportiva in late March, the Cubans will be able to recreate an unforgettable stage of their lives.

    The negotiations with the Cuban authorities have been going on for months now, and part of the infrastructure for the concert has already arrived in our country. It will be the moment when those thousands, full of teen-like pep, will settle one of their greatest scores with their past, as well as an opportunity for the Stones to stand in front of what is likely to be the most feverish audience they have played for in their year-long history.

    Each Stone is a living legend. At 72, Mick Jagger stands out as a challenge to human nature, moving on stage like one possessed and singing with great dash, the obvious result of natural ways that only time provides. Time hass yet to take a toll on Jagger as he continues giving himself over to each concert as if it were his last. Keith Richards is a maven of the electric guitar. A hundred legends, be they true or false, hover over him that make him an object of worship among Rolling Stones fans. In fact, no few would like to take him to a lab to find out how, at 72, he can still play the guitar as if he were a freshman at the music academy.

    To top it all off, he does it with great mastery, thanks to his stick-to-itiveness and his skill at getting rid of the nonessential and playing categorically enough for his every riff to come exactly at the right time within the musical discourse. Drummer Charlie Watts is a very peculiar member of the Stones. A jazz enthusiast, Watts also spends a great deal of his free time working on solo projects defined by the richness of his genre.

    The musician has found the time in between his commitments to the Stones to exhibit his works with images of old friends like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, among others. As announced, this concert by The Rolling Stones will be a historic event bound to pave the way for other great bands to play in Havana. For instance, this author heard that Paul McCartney and U2 have stated their interest in giving concerts in Cuba.

    For the time being, Las Piedras Rodantes [1] are knocking on the door, and the Cubans are eager to fulfill a wish they have repressed for too long. Foto: Tomada de makingofezine. Un personaje muy singular dentro de la banda es el baterista Charlie Watts. Many years ago I happened to travel with a very nice and humble couple.

    We had been assigned to work together in Yemen for some time. It was a long trip, with stopovers first in Berlin, then in Moscow and finally in Cyprus before we reached our destination. Needless to say, we were supposed to communicate to find a way out of the airport or get something to eat as we were passing through each of these places.

    When we arrived in Aden, there was no one waiting for us, so I had to request a phone call to the Embassy. Finally, they picked us up. Our main deficiencies in earlier times were wisely listed in his analysis. One of the worst feelings of anxiety that you can have is to turn up in a foreign country only to find yourself thrown into the silence imposed by their inability to communicate. Or perhaps we are confident that we will always find someone anywhere who can help us communicate with other people. Having to be so dependent to do so is never good.

    Thinking that the school we attend has the sole responsibility for our inter-communicational shortcomings as far as languages are concerned is a debatable argument. We can also be a good influence at home. In the s, I was lucky enough to spend my junior and senior high school years at the [Vocational Study School Vladimir Ilich] Lenin, equipped as it was with excellent language laboratories. There, in a stately room furnished with technology donated by another country, we would gather in vocational study groups to reinforce what we learned in class.

    However, all of us attending those lessons did it of our own free will, as we had chosen such a subject as part of our extracurricular education. And at weekends my parents would contribute by going with me to the National Library to help me find books in the English language. I always say that schools are the basis of knowledge, but the interest in increasing it is up to each and every one of us. While some people can afford private teachers, most of us look at other and relatively cheaper variables so that our children keep developing their communication skills in other languages.

    Of course, such variables are not available throughout Cuba, but we must make the most of them wherever they exist.

    CENSURA: Tres historias de periodistas de CUBA, NICARAGUA y VENEZUELA

    Knowing other languages has a definite impact on how easily we learn anything we want in our life , as it helps us read more, to compare texts and to make room in our mind for every breakthrough we find along the way. However, each of these demands sacrifice. Not because we force them, but because they want to. This is a single example of what we can do, despite the fact that this school is in great demand.

    But the simple thought that how much learning another language can help them in the future makes us forget that Sundays at home have no other purpose than keep them learning. Let us all try a little harder. They will be grateful to us in the long run, when they realize that all the time they spent learning was for their own good, because they will be more respected when they have to address someone from another country or read a textbook in a foreign language.

    No recuerdo el nombre de ellos, pero la esposa de mi colega era muy dicharachera. Nos encomendaron trabajar durante un tiempo juntos en Yemen. Tuve que pedir que llamaran a la Embajada hasta que al fin nos recogieron. La dependencia en ese sentido no es buena. De ninguna manera. Pensar que solo la escuela a la que asistimos es la responsable de nuestra desgracia inter-comunicacional en cuanto a idiomas se refiere es un criterio debatible.

    Pero donde las haya, hay que aprovecharlas. El conocimiento de otras lenguas indiscutiblemente influye en la facilidad de aprendizaje de todo lo que queramos ser en la vida. Pero cada una de esas cosas exige sacrificios. No porque los obligamos, sino porque lo desean. Un solo ejemplo de lo que puede hacerse, a pesar de que la demanda es alta para entrar. Para que sigan aprendiendo. Considered the operational leader of the network of five Cuban agents arrested in he proclaims himself a revolutionary with the same convictions of 20 years ago.