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But then and how often have we read of the one house, block, community, spared while its neighbors burn? And what of the golden trout?

The bears, coyotes, deer, marmots and mountain lions? No one knows.

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But we know how the fire was started -- a campfire, carelessness -- and we know what it cost. This morning my son asked me if we were in danger here in Santa Barbara. We'd be all right, wouldn't we, since we were so close to the ocean? Maybe this time, I told him, but there is an inevitability to the progress of these seasonal fires that makes us all vulnerable, no matter where we live in this desert state.

The Topanga-Malibu fire of November threatened our previous house which was spared, only to be ravaged by the Northridge earthquake later that winter , burning its way down Malibu Canyon and through Pepperdine University to the ocean. And in Santa Barbara, the June Painted Cave fire swept from the hills to the water in a matter of hours, taking structures with it.

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We live in a house built of redwood, within sight of the mountains and their chaparral-choked ridges. The house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in , and it withstood the earthquake that leveled Santa Barbara in It is a house of great historical interest, certainly, an architectural treasure, yes, but more than that, it is our home.

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When we first moved here, one of the contractors who had come to bid on the renovation work confided to me that the house was certain to burn down during my lifetime. I thanked him for his sanguine view and hired someone else, but I've never forgotten his prophecy, delivered matter-of-factly and without malice: the sun will shine, the wind will blow, your house will burn.

From my window this morning I can just make out the mountains through the haze of smoke, and I can only wonder when our turn will come. Megiddo National Park spreads across a hill 37km southeast of Haifa. Visitors touring present-day Megiddo, many of them on Bible-themed tours around the Holy Land, have arrived a little early for that final thunderstruck day.

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What they discover runs deeper than an apocalyptic X-marks-the-spot: Megiddo has the buried remains of 26 different civilisations. Over thousands of years, a cycle of settling, building, battling and then rebuilding created a remarkable archaeological layer cake.

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The earliest settlements may date as far back as BCE, but archaeologists have unearthed remains of more than two dozen civilisations between BCE and BCE, when Megiddo was suddenly abandoned. Perched nonchalantly on millennia-old rocky rubble, stellion lizards size me up as I huff my way to the summit of Megiddo hill.

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A few scraggy date palms with leafy mohawks cast no shade. At the top of the hill, I catch my breath while looking out over the valley. Its carpet of farmland unfurls towards the hazy indigo silhouette of Mt Tabor.