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How do you stay motivated and positive? Three little words. This is the profile picture for my Beautiful Things gift shop Facebook page. Good or bad things happen to everyone, every day. But this reminder - "thankful, grateful, blessed" - grounds me and lets me know that it is my response to events in my life that is the key. It's easy to be grateful, thankful, blessed when lots of positive things are happening BUT when the sh hits the fan well that's another story.

SO when this happens I think about those 3 words and remember there is always something to feel grateful for - some days it just might be the fact that I am alive : - and I am reminded of the fact that my thoughts make all the difference! I really love stationery, any type, it really doesn't matter.

When shopping, all I have to see is a peek of a stationery display and it's like a magnet - I have to take a look. Attending the Stationery Show is one of my favorite things to do. Booth upon booth of stationery! SO many fabulous designs! SO hard to choose what to buy and calendars are no exception! This year I went a little crazy with buying calendars for my boutique. This made my decision very hard when it came to choose one for myself! I came home with 5 of them. What to do with all of them?? Yes, I can hang them on a wall, but Design Idea - incorporate calendars in your displays.

They make me smile whenever I see them and I chose them because I liked the artwork. Who says you only have to have one calendar! The wall below is in my dining room and the calendar on the left is on my desk. The one on the side board is in my kitchen. I have one in my bedroom too! Like I did above. Gift Wrapping? I know the holidays are past and you have probably had enough gift wrapping to last awhile.

To be honest, so have I, and I really love to gift wrap! But the holidays are not the only time you will find yourself needing to wrap a gift.

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Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, teacher gifts, new client gifts So instead of getting the tape and wrapping paper out you might what to consider a couple of other options. There is more to wrapping than wrapping paper! Think outside the gift box - look for a container that will be useful and pretty like a basket with a cover, shown in the first picture. Or how about a serving dish, like in the second picture. Look for a container that not only fits your gift items but also "fits" the theme of your gift.

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  • In the second picture, the serving dish is filled with kitchen goodies. Next, think about your ribbon. You want it to coordinate with your container and be appropiate to the occasion. But, you don't have to necessarily use ribbon.

    5 DIY GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS! DIY Projects For Presents

    For the second gift I used a kitchen towel as the ribbon. I love the graphics on the towels and how this was a perfect "ribbon" for these gifts. Note: this gift was wrapped in clear cellophane and you want it tp be securely tied at the top so I first tied it with thin rope and then added the kitchen towel. Lastly, add something to your gift to give it personality! Again, choose something that goes with everything you have already put together.

    The 3 different ribbons in the first picture are bold and graphic so my something extra was a single sunflower that could hold it's own with this ribbon. In the middle picture, a simple thank you card with coordinating colors was the perfect extra especially because the towel kind of steals the show on this gift. The last gift, which was a vintage tea cup along with a tin of gourmet loose leaf tea, is a perfect example of combining the right elements in gift packaging.

    It's hard to see the teacup but being vintage it was very pretty with soft floral details. So soft, pink, sheer ribbon was my choice. My little extra? A paper butterfly and a tag with vintage flowers and a special message. And, this gift had no container!

    The tea tin and teacup were too pretty to hide. It's A New Year! I love that it's a new year. New beginnings are wonderful. Have you ever wanted your circumstances to be different? I really love this quote. For each of us this means different things. What we focus on and attitude.

    How simple is that! I know, this is easier said than done, but what do you have to loose? So what do you say? Do you want to join me and give this positive focusing a shot? Here's to a very happy, magical, postive New Year filled with all the wonderful things you could ever imagine! During the holidays there is just so much pressure to do everything!

    For me this time of year is just crazy, not only because this is the busiest time at my boutique but it is also the time for designing Christmas parties. So yes, I am just a little bit stressed. Our tree is laying on the back deck waiting for a free moment to put it up.

    I have a feeling that it will only be getting lights this year! I have not decorated a single thing in my house yet and my front porch is half done. So here I am this morning, making my lists and talking to myself. Telling myself that there is only so much time and only so many things I can get done. Telling myself to think about what is really important this time of year.

    Well, this helped me to focus. I realized that my family and grandkids are the most important! All the decorating, while I love to do it, is not what Christmas is about. I know my three grandkids love getting cards in the mail. That was my priority this morning - sending our love for them through the mail! I love this time of the year - magic and whimsy, shopping and wrapping, parties and decorating, Christmas carols and more shopping but the most important thing - none of this is magical without those we love to share it with!

    Hello Again! It has been a long time since I have posted anything!