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And the figures are not that impressive anyway. There are still more delays than before the Hatfield train accident in October The average passenger in the UK arrives 3. The delays this weekend to train services from stations including Liverpool Street, Waterloo and Marylebone, because of engineering works, are just one example of how badly the system works. When there was an integrated British Rail, alternative routes were often found for train services into different London stations.

At the end of the day it is often hardly worth the bother. Moreover, train travellers at weekends can rarely now take advantage of cheap fare deals. That means people have to pay full fare, often for a disrupted service. It is all part of the lackadaisical approach that the railway has to its customers. The railway, far from being seen as an essential service, is now perceived as a nice way to travel if there happens to be trains. Otherwise, it is best to take the car.

A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin

Yet the source of all these problems is well known. The disastrous way the railway was broken up at privatisation, into dozens of different companies, stops it from being run as an effective, integrated system. Network Rail has recognised this and is creating a series of Integrated Control Centres where its staff will be able to take charge and even cancel operators trains if necessary. The only sensible way forward is for Network Rail to merge with the operators, recreating the unified railway that virtually all rail managers know is the only efficient way to run a railway.

Of course, doing that would mean a company that was effectively owned by the state. Indeed, the pretence of keeping Network Rail as an ostensibly private company already costs taxpayers money every week.

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A Madness of Angels (Matthew Swift, book 1) by Kate Griffin

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