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Research on Humanities and Social. Significant contributory causes of streetism. Among program workers in Addis Ababa there is a tendency to use the term. Streetism' or living in the street,. Feminized poverty and gender roles and expectations were found to be critical driver of streetism. Illiteracy, streetism. Causes and effects of child streetism in six state capitals of South Sudan and suggest the. Studies in Gender and Development. Streetism and Child Abuse. Keywords: Child streetism, causes of child streetism, effects of child.

Temporarily download this font to a printer or other. This book is a study that investigates the phenomenon of " streetism. D3 Streetism Font Download - free fonts download. Abstract This study sought to uncover the socio- cultural and economic factors promoting child streetism as well as the. Manual, street children refers to children in the urban areas, who have. This study, therefore, investigated the cultural factors promoting streetism among.

Streetism: A Socio-Cultural and Pastoral Theological Study of a Youth Problem in Ghana

Click Download or Read Online button to get special pastoral formation for youths in africa in. That is why it is so important to explicate the assumptions, limitations, and delimitations of the investigation. The situations reflected above, this study aimed at investigating Cultural Factors that are promoting Streetism among Urban Children in Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria. References Leedy, P. Robin budgetx streetism. Street- involved. Streetism and crime in Zambia.

This is a reflection of the inadequacies of the known causes of child streetism in. D3 Streetism Katakana C. A dissertation submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree.

D3 Streetism Font www. This thesis also utilizes an intercultural methodology to examine the causes of streetism and liberation praxis for its eradication. International Journal of Asian Social Science journal homepage: aessweb. Health problems are major problems of street children in Ghana. Native son book pdf free download;. Streetism exposes the children to a lot of health problems and other hazards. Amma Darko Faceless. The reasons that cause streetism in South Africa include poverty,. Is it that the importance of these sessions is not adhered to and counselling considered as a fashion?

What went wrong in only six months? I pose these challenging questions to you as young graduates of counselling. How prepared are you to change or reduce the rate of divorce in one year? When marriages fail, the need for counselling becomes very crucial not necessarily for the couple but because of the unfortunate product If this is not done the consequences of divorce affect children most, it is therefore very important that the divorcees are made to understand that the inability to manage their misunderstanding will have negative resonating effect on their children.

The horses fighting should not make the grass suffer. Before child birth, there is pregnancy, a period that equally requires counselling for the good health of the pregnant mother and the unborn baby. Before the introduction of modern scientific technology on what needs to be done during pregnancy, we had our traditional birth attendants who were doing some informal counselling though not professional.

Some of them who have the passion to continue their deliveries have been taken through modern counselling strategies. They have stopped the dangerous practices that have rooting in traditional beliefs with devastating consequences for mother and baby. Retirement needs preparation and we can start these preparations through counselling. This is a whole counselling specialty that is not very well developed in this part of the world and it is equally not appreciated by even the retirees themselves.

Sessional interactions organised by institutions for their retirees gives them the opportunity to be financially prepared, psychologically ready and well assessed to determine their health status before retirements. These assessments make them to be aware of possible psychological, financial, and health challenges and they are equipped with skills that make them to be prepared to absorb most of the shocks of retirement. Medical assessment may indicate to some retirees to still find jobs to do especially in sharing their immense experience with the newly recruited for a year, two or to five before finally hanging their working gloves.

There are also life adversities that require counselling. Counselling services are very much needed to address post-traumatic stress disorder. We are mostly taken by surprise and unfortunately we always do not have the capacity to address these stressful events. This is where palliative and curative counselling is very much needed to prevent mental disorders like depression, psychotic behaviours and even death through mostly suicide.

The disfiguration, the pain of abuse and the irreparable pain of loss through death are your very serious assignments. The departments of counselling are growing day in day out with the development of scientific equipment. There is internet addiction leading to crime, internet fraud among our youth. There is the need to counsel these young ones out of this addiction.

I call on all of you not to concentrate only on Christian counselling because you may not be available to persons of other faiths. Do not forget that Christ himself said He has come not for the righteous but for sinners. You must be spiritually eclectic in your counselling. I also call on you to start learning new approaches in drug counselling that is counselling the youth and some elders to quit drinking, taking cocaine and heroin and to stop injecting pethidine.

Please do not blame substance abuse on only poor parenting because scientific research have pointers to genetic predisposition in drug addiction especially alcohol addiction. Addiction is not a moral deviation but a disease and it must be treated as such. The most effective treatment for drug addiction is drug counselling. You need to read it and have the practical exposure. I am seriously aware that I may be sounding obsolete or odd in your modern ears of counselling, but I will not leave you until I remind you of some basics in counselling. You must as counsellors be well read but because you cannot do it all, know your counselling areas of deficiencies and refer to your colleagues who you know have the know—how and passion for your defective areas.

Referral does not equal incompetency, it is rather a sign of efficiency and it helps to save the situation for first the clients. Please you must be honest, trustworthy and therefore predictable by your numerous clienteles. Please do not preach or teach morality but always in the grip of the law for indulging in fraud and rape. Humility should be a trait that should engulf your whole personality. This is because if you are not humble, you will not respect your clients and no patient will want to see you. Yourdressing should be very modest and not too extra ordinary because you may scare off some of your customers.

In your delivery to your clients please sound spiritual and not religious and do not be too judgmental and threatening. Yourcounselling and your consulting room should be open and airy not packed with so many gadgets. Clients may feel you are videoing or recording them, this will affect them in pouring out their emotions Be very careful with writing as soon as you usher in your clients it is not a good practice. In the course of creating rapport you can cunningly ask to document certain vital information from your clients to his or her benefits. A counsellor may be confidential for all things but not for suicidal clients.

It must be reported to closest relation or significant others for monitoring clients and must be documented. Ladies and gentlemen gathered here we began our lives with the word and leave with the word, we achieve through the word, we failed because we only heard the word, we did not listen to the word and we became sick, we got well and better now because we do not only listen to the word but we live the word and we are retiring with the word.

Therefore, our reliance on talk therapy will bring light to Ghana and into our lives. Let the good Lord Himself make us to be the doers of the word not only listeners. Thank you all. At the end of the programme, my family benefited a lot. Before this programme, I had a strained relationship with my wife because of some trivial matters. Sometimes, we had silence period for about a week without either partner talking to the other whilst sleeping on the same bed.

Today,Today,II cancan boldlyboldly Today,I can boldly Today,I can boldly the world not the the happiest say that my family say that my family one the happiest the world not the one saysay thatthat mymy familyfamily is is is is oneone of of of of thethe happiesthappiest in in in in thethe worldworld if if if if notnot thethe Through Akona, I am now able to prepare a will, write vision best. Actually, I have never regretted enrolling in Akona School of Counselling. Long live graduants, long live Akona, and long live Ghana.

Do you need to go to counselling school before you can counsel? We do counseling everyday. My son persisted in convincing me and after some futile attempts I gave in. Akona School of Counselling Ghana has really blessed me. She has broadened my knowledge about so many things. It has made me know that a lot of people need my help and that I How would How would have managed the have managed the should be available for them. HowHow wouldwould I I I I havehave managedmanaged thethe recent fire out break that engulfed and destroyed all my recent fire out break that engulfed and destroyed all my recentrecent firefire outout breakbreak thatthat engulfedengulfed andand destroyeddestroyed allall mymy properties?

Thanks to Rev. Abraham Konotey Ahulu. I thought with my eighteen years experience in ministry I know much about ministry that I don't need any form of training but I got to know I was wrong when I enrolled in Akona School of CounselingGhana,I The Schoolhas been a tremendousblessingto me as a ministerof the Gospel. I have learnt how to be effective as a leader and now know how to handle people irrespective of their character and why they behave the way they do and how to help them out. I have also learnt how to raise effectiveleaders and how to interpret the scriptures very well.

Whoever earnestly seeks knowledge or change in ministry,marriage or family, I highly and confidently recommend Akona School of CounsellingGhana for you,your ministry,marriageand family. My world view has changed. The course has opened my mind and enhanced my ability to handle people and issues in my life. I I I I wishwish allall pastorspastors andand theirtheir wiveswives wouldwould be be enrolledenrolled in in in in thethe School. Mabel Kessewa Davis; Educationist, Tema Centre: thanks to God for upholding me to go through this intensive programme. However, Akona School programme has opened and expanded my overall knowledge and outlook.

The icing on the cake is the enlightenment I have acquired in writing business plan and business proposal as well as will making. At my ripe age of 65 years, I feel so elated that I cannot wait to plunge into my passion. Konotey Ahulu and his vision; I feel young again. God bless you and Akona Management. Indeed, for those on my staff who had the opportunity to go through the programmes outlined in the module, it has given us an added impetus over colleagueswho have not availed themselves. The course has equipped me with a wealth of knowledge in areas such as conflict management and refreshed my specialized skills in handling individuals, families and community groups.

While I give thanks to the Almighty God, I also extend a sincere appreciation to Director and staff of Akona School of Counselling, Ghana and recommend that everyone especially social workers should take advantage of this programme. I have learnt how to write business proposals, my own will and much more learnt how to communicate effectively with my clients. My ministry, my family and people around me have experienced the impact of Akona School in my life.

I am now writing my own personal constitution which is going to guide me in life.

Thanks to Akona. I was taken through a host of subjects including Business planning; writing of proposals which I least expected that I will have knowledge in as far as counseling is concerned. My encounter with Akona has deepened my knowledge on human personality. I have come to understand myself better than I used to know and as a result my approach to issues has changed tremendously.

At first I may be angry at the least provocation but after Akona, I have come to appreciate people. I also realized that most of our inventions as social workers are mediation, advice, suggestions and the like. Most Complainants leave I now treat my clients with more respect and understanding. I hope to continue and also educate my colleagues to impact these on the clients who access our services. I need to commend the school for giving such an in-depth training which has enhanced my personality, my relationship and my job schedule.

Thank you Akona. I now know the difference between counselling and advising people. Akona School taught me to know how to approach counselling and the use of the techniques in counselling. The Counselling and Theological course has prepared me to handle any problem that I may encounter in my life: in the family and in the church, as well as the community, and also how to associate myself with other people without causing mess to them.

After Akona, I have been attracted to people ready to serve under my ministry, and they live comfortably because of the knowledge I have acquired. Most of the people who are serving under my ministry feel secure in the ministry. Testimonyby Mr. I have changed my world view on a whole lot and this is helping me in my marriage. I am able to relate well with my staff members and students. I never knew that every counsellor needs another counsellor and as a counsellor you need to do more listening than talking.

All these techniques are helping me to be an effective counsellor. Thanks a lot to Akona School of Counselling Ghana. It has boost up my inter-human relation and my marriage life. I have got to know that the counselor also needs counselling. It was a life changing experience. I thank God for the life of the Director of the school, Management and lectures for imparting in these values. It is and eye opener. Guidance and Counselling and a Practising Counsellor for the past six years before I enrolled at Akona.

I have gained more knowledge and acquired more experience. The course has changed my world view to understand others views points on issues than before. Professionally, this course has helped me as an administrator to understand my staff members. My interaction with them has improved because I am able to accommodate and handle most situations than before.

Finally, God bless the school for equipping me to assist married couples in diverse ways. I was I was very judgmental and believed in judgmental prayers. My first day in Akona School made me realize that I was in total darkness. But from that day as I began to read, study and cross check what I was taught, I realized the teachings were biblical. I am now theologically balanced; I know who a leader is and what a leader is not. I know the difference between the Old and New Testaments I will preach the NT which is the reality and make reference from the OT which is the shadow and not vice versa.

"Streetism": A Socio-Cultural and Pastoral Theological Study Of A Youth Problem In Ghana

Above all, the director and his wife are really good, very loving and accommodative. They teach with passion. Akona is a light to our generations.

BishopBishop Dr. SamuelSamuel L. I have been involved in various kind of counselling for which I consider myself a professional. I then decided to obtain a diploma to add up to my credentials. Upon this I join the Akona School of counselling Ghana, where I acquired the skill and expertise in counselling. This has afforded me the ability to train other counsellors especially those in my church and ministerial fellowship.

This course has also enhanced my marriage relationshipand has also enrichedmy leadership skills in dealing with the members of the International Gospel MinistersAssociationwhich I lead. I will therefore recommend this reputable institution Akona School of counselling Ghana to any professionals who wish to upgrade themselvesin any form of counselling. WhenI was informed by Eld.

People who comes to consultation at the palace has now being seeing a new wisdom in our interactions to the glory of GOD. Now the challenges I used to have during my interactionsand counselingevery morningat my palace has reduced radically. In fact, I have being a total blessingto my subjects, churchand my counselees. The course has been a real blessing to me personally, as well as my pastoral work and my family.

There were many things we learnt that prepares individuals to be all round in acquiring the requisite knowledge for successful living, but the lessons on leadership, writing project proposals, budgeting, preparing a will, marriage The course has me to improve my leadership and counseling skills. I have learnt better ways of inter-personal relationships; providing and charting organizational vision and goals; mobilizing resources to fulfill such goals and individual's values as well as better techniques in counseling.

The Executive Director, Rev. Group you learnt? The Principal, Prosper Mausorley, has always been another source of inspiration any time he visited to lecture. To the vision carrier, Rev. Konotey,I say Ayekoo! Pastor Victor K. The course has been of help to me because I can now help my clients through facilitation to analyze their problems and come out with lasting solutions.

The study on adult psychology has greatly helped me to understand the behavior and characteristics of adults and to how relate with them. I meet people every day in my ministry and I can handle them well by understanding their worldviews and temperaments. Personally, the course has changed my perception about people. People behave alternatively, and they need to be understood, appreciated and encouraged.

The course has also moved me higher academically by becoming a qualified counsellor. My family is blessed through this course since I can now understand why my children behave in a certain way. I have now seen the need to appreciate and encourage my children to study hard. In fact, I am now a better person after the course. My worldview has changed and I now more positive than I use to be. I am now a servant leader at home which is a great surprise to my family.

This School is a must attend for all married couples and people aspiring to be visionary leaders. This is the doing of the Lord, and it is marvelous in our eyes. Having read through the testimonies my general observation is that, the classrooms sessions are of themselves divinely counselling sessions to our students. This means that our students have not only learnt to be professional counsellors but they have become professionally changed and safe beings in our society. In deed, we need sound and safe leaders in our society today; we need safe politicians, safe social workers, safe pastors and prophets, safe medical practitioners, safe counsellors and what have you.

They are down to earth; very humble and simple. Quartey, Lecturer Koforidua Polytechnic; Rev. We really do learn a lot from their rich life experiences during our group discussions. We are really grateful to God. Thank You. Vida TettekieKonotey 2. Edward Amoah 3. Samuel T. Martey 4. Godson Nii Okai Mensah 5. Felix A. Sumdey 6. Konotey Ahulu 7.

Streetism pdf download

Nana Ofori Akuffo Rev. Forster N. Mawunadi Mawunadi Co-ordinators: Evang. Senadzu Ernest Atsu Co-ordinators: Evang.