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He gazes at his hands and dreams of becoming a conqueror, but laments that no chance comes to him and continues to dream. The Dreamer becomes the subject of ridicule and his wife becomes the subject of pity by the community.


The Dreamer decides enter the world of men and abandons his wife leaving her to seek refuge in her father. Her father wishes for her to marry a wealthy gentleman who is also a stranger in the town. The Dreamer heads into the desert and wanders until exhaustion takes its toll. A woman, "The Desert Flower", finds him and takes him to her hut in the desert. There the woman spends her time looking over the garments of the man who courted her, the same stranger now attempting to marry the Dreamer's wife.

The woman learns of the Dreamer's story and shows the dreamer the futility of conquering worlds unknown when he cannot conquer his own small corner of the world. The Dreamer's wife has been kicked out for refusing to marry the stranger, and is reunited with the Dreamer on the edge of the desert. The stranger is sent out into the desert and the Dreamer and his wife return to the town. In time, the Dreamer becomes respected by the community. Frederic Lombardi believes that it was during this meeting that Carl Laemmle offered Dwan's colleagues double their pay from Flying A if they would come to Universal.

In the following weeks, J. Warren Kerrigan came to Universal and the two would work together in the production of The Restless Spirit. Dwan credits the idea to adapt and produce a film on Thomas Gray ' s Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard as a betting challenge.

Dwan also claimed to have studied Gray's poem and dream about the production before accepting the challenge. Frederic Lombardi, author of Allan Dwan and the Rise and Decline of the Hollywood Studios , writes that Dwan may have been emboldened after the production of the Pickett Guard and the lack of structure in Gray's poem.


Since the poem had no "real story", Dwan could formulate his own allegorical plot. The film's ethereal aspects and double exposures were performed in the camera because the ability to create the effects in lab did not yet exist. Dwan made 24 dissolves in the film, each required precise control by the cameramen and that the counts had to be exact otherwise the shot would be ruined. Lombardi notes that the cinematographer, Walter Pritchard, was the man who had to go through the ordeal and that Universal said he was one of the company's oldest men.

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Dwan would claim that Pritchard would end up in the hospital from the production. Dwan also claimed that by the time 15 dissolves were done that the cinematographer was so nervous that the it would keep him up at night and cause his hands to shake so greatly that an assistant would have to reload the film at the right spot before shots. Chaney wrote "This is me just below the X sign. Here I am a Russian Prince.

On September 6, , Motography reported that J. Warren Kerrigan would star in the upcoming picture known as A Restless Spirit with a reference to Kerrigan's transfer to Universal. It is unknown if the film was initially planned or if it was mere assumption, but it was reported that it would be a two reel production in September With the film's release on October 27, it was of minor note that the Alcazar of Atlanta, Georgia would show the film until November 1, The advertisement would also mention Kerrigan's popularity in the area in otherwise apparent contrast to the Alamo's single day run.

Advertisements would state the films artistry or that it was one of the best three-reel films released. Pauline Bush's role has been the subject of some dispute, but a contemporary account also states her role as the wife. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Restless Spirit A promotional image from the film. The Anaconda Standard Anaconda, Montana.

November 2, Retrieved September 15, — via Newspapers.

Lon Chaney. Retrieved September 12, The Motion Picture Publishing Co. The Parade's Gone By.

Restless Spirit: the achievements of the Emperor Hadrian

University of California Press. The Universal Weekly. Mais acessados.

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Restless Spirits (Spirits, #1) by Jordan L. Hawk

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