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Mary Kay marked it as to-read Nov 20, Emily Record marked it as to-read Apr 15, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Alveda C. Alveda C. Evangelist Alveda C. King works toward her purpose in life, to glorify God. The daughter of the Evangelist Alveda C. The daughter of the late civil rights activist Rev.

King and his wife Naomi Barber King, Alveda grew up in the civil rights movement led by her uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Alveda was jailed during the open housing movement. She sees the prolife movement as a continuation of the civil rights struggle. Evangelist King is a former college professor and served in the Georgia State House of Representatives. She is an accomplished actress and songwriter.

Alveda is a regular columnist for Newsmax. Evangelist King lives in Atlanta, where she is the grateful mother of six and a doting grandmother. Books by Alveda C. Trivia About Life at All Costs No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. It would have never occurred to me growing up that children conceived out of wedlock to young mothers would have terrible lives and thus would be better off dead. A Critical Examination No, my passive approval of abortion came from a lack of critically examining the issue. I respected women; women, I was told, needed to have the right to decide what to do with their bodies.

That seemed good enough for me. So it was only in college, when I struck up a conversation with some pro-life students that I was forced to reconsider my views. When I mentioned the legality of abortion, a student politely countered that slavery, too, had been legal but that did not make it right. This point forced me to consider: what if abortion was not okay? Did this mean anything for America? What about black Americans?

The more I learned of the history of the abortion rights movement in the United States and abroad, the more uncomfortable I became. I learned that there was a time not too long ago when black women had proportionately fewer abortions than white women and on average gave birth to more children. She launched The Negro Project, an initiative to use black leaders and ministers in particular as community advocates for her eugenics strategy to open up birth control clinics in black neighborhoods. Where the Clinics Are While few today would overtly espouse such beliefs, the overwhelming majority of.

Interestingly, the goal of this initiative was the scrutiny and increased regulation of pregnancy help centers in urban areas working with urban leaders, mostly elected officials. These centers provide free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, pre-natal nutrition classes, counseling, and referrals to social service agencies for women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Nine out of ten women who visit a pregnancy help center will decide to carry their pregnancy to term. If they feel unable to care for the child themselves, they are connected with adoption services. For those who choose to abort, such centers provide post-abortive counseling for women who need it. First, in no other context has NARAL expressed interest in the hundreds of suburban pregnancy help centers that service mostly white women.

Second, as NARAL tries to increase restrictions on pregnancy help centers, they are simultaneously lobbying for relaxed regulation on abortion clinics. Such proposals include allowing non-physicians to perform surgical abortions and making it impossible to sue an abortion provider for malpractice, even if the mother dies during the procedure. Clearly, we are witnessing The Negro Project 2.

Reducing Abortion? In theory, almost everyone agrees that abortion is not a good thing. Even some abortion advocates will state the desire to reduce the number of abortions. We are often told that the only way to reduce abortion is to increase the availability of contraception, in the same way we were told that the availability of abortion was the only way to reduce out of wedlock births.

Yet we have more birth control today than we did forty years ago, and we have more abortions and more out of wedlock births. They do not believe that all babies are blessings, and they aggressively seek out pregnant black women and tell them that the babies they carry will ruin their lives. Abortion not only brings hundreds of millions of dollars to these organizations, The Abortion Industry, but it also reinforces their view that childbearing should be reserved primarily for the middle and upper classes. Adoption Waiting Lists In fact there is right now in this country a waiting list of families waiting to adopt infants, and specifically black infants.

There is no reason that any woman should fear that a baby she is unprepared to care for will not end up in a loving family that has been waiting, hoping and praying for her child. It is my prayer that these women will find the help and support they need. March 26, The abortion industry. The Washington Times. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who said in an interview that she was surprised at a court ruling that prevented the restoration of Medicaid funding for abortions, because, in her opinion, when Roe v.

Leadership and Eternal Truth History teaches us, time and time again, that the use of oppressive language to demonize and dehumanize certain segments of the human race is incontestably evil. True leadership holds the resonance of eternal truth bound by the conviction to stand up for. Such a leader or organization cannot proclaim service to God or man.

Brothers, we really need to talk. As it approaches its nd anniversary, the NAACP continues to work toward the betterment of the lives of African Americans and others. Additionally issues like HIV and infant mortality have continued to overwhelm the Black community. These statistics should cause every black pastor, every black leader, every black person and every organization focused on outreach and advocacy to the black community to be outraged. However, this is not the case, largely because they are unaware of this problem.

And in other cases they may be aware of the problem but unwilling to deal with it. This is why I am partnering with other national black prolife leaders and organizations to educate, motivate and activate the African American community. I believe education and the dialogue generated as a result of it is a key place to start in reducing and eventually eradicating abortion from our community. As leaders within the black pro-life movement and I seek to save precious pre-born lives, we are discussing this issue with the leaders of the.

B DuBois understood that making birth control available to poor women helped them gain control over their lives. In response to this official statement, two pro-life resolutions were introduced in and again in In and again in , this pro-life resolution was approved by both the local Macon chapter and the Georgia State Chapter, but failed to pass the national resolution committee. A woman I spoke to at the NAACP national office stated that the Macon chapter would receive a letter from the national office, informing them why the resolution was not approved.

However, at the time this chapter was written, the Macon, Georgia chapter has still received no such letter. A Prolife Education. Although the prolife resolution was not approved by the resolution committee, thus preventing it from being read at the convention, several of us were successful in educating many members of the NAACP. Prolife educational materials were also given to many of the convention attendees. Not only are several black prolife leaders and organizations working to persuade the NAACP from within, but also from without.

And much educational literature has been given to those who have attended these events. Because these educational efforts are always done in a peaceful manner, there has never been any significant altercation resulting from them to my knowledge. Although the national organization chooses not to deal with this critical issue which continues to decimate the black American community, many of the local chapter presidents get it and are opening up their doors so their members can be equipped and empowered concerning this taboo topic.

Through education, precious lives are being saved and mothers, fathers and families are avoiding the traumatic impact of abortion in their lives. During the course of my time as an NAACP member, I have built a good relationship and rapport with my own local chapter president. As a result he has created several educational opportunities during our monthly membership meetings including a recent panel discussion between a handful of African American prolife leaders, including me, versus a couple of non-black representatives from the leading promoter and provider of abortion in the nation, Planned Parenthood.

Go figure. Moving Forward Do not be confused. I am not suggesting that the NAACP is an organization that advocates for the right to life of the unborn. And the NAACP works to educate the black community on a host of issues in order to help us to be better. In an effort to reach our community through this historic organization with this critically needed life-affirming information, become a member of the organization.

However, let me warn you that it is a long, hard, slow and frequently frustrating process, but one I feel is well worth it. LeFlore III One of the most unfortunate observations about the Christian church in America at the dawn of the 21st century is that in many ways—as a whole—it has become a powerless, ineffective, and irresponsible church having almost no impact in pushing back the spiritual darkness hovering over our nation and blocking our seeing, understanding, and pursuing the righteousness of God.

As it concerns the most socially relevant moral issues of the day, the church, through its lack of unified opposition to expanding unrighteousness, has become both complacent and complicit to many of the rapidly declining moral values in America that are dragging us headlong down the path to becoming a completely wicked and unholy nation. Weak Voice on Abortion Nowhere is this more obvious than when we observe the woefully weak voice the Christian church is raising in opposition to abortion on demand in America. The embarrassingly meager support it offers in the fight to oppose abortion and promote the sanctity of innocent human life throughout this nation and around the world can be summed up as shameful, to say the least.

Never has the weight of Christian influence been more desperately needed but conspicuously absent than during the public discourse concerning the morality of abortion and the consequences its political, legal, and religious acceptance would have on the health of our nation. Abortion kills both physically and spiritually and deserves a different response than what we are seeing from the household of faith.

Where, one might ask, is the moral outcry from the more than million Christians in America in response to the abortion holocaust that has claimed more than 45 million innocent lives in the womb since receiving legal sanction in from the United States Supreme Court? Christians and Compromise How did Christians of all walks, particularly our religious and political leaders, get caught up in the politics of compromise and tacit consent to abortion at the expense of their Christian integrity and values as defined by the Bible?

The church and federal government have both obviously become confused and lost track of the moral. During our early years, as this nation struggled with itself over the issue of slavery, Christian activist and abolitionist Fredrick Douglas said: I have one great political idea. That idea is an old one.

The best expression of it I have found in the Bible. This constitutes my politics—the negative and the positive of my politics, the whole of my politics. I feel it my duty to do all in my power to infuse that idea into the public mind, that it may be speedily recognized and practiced upon by our people. When there is no leadership from the church that influences the politics of social issues with spiritual consequences such as slavery and abortion, society turns to public opinion and its courts to get their direction.

It is from these institutions that we get court decisions like the Dred Scott decision of that allowed slavery to continue, and the Roe V Wade decision that legalized abortion in all states. There is need for great repentance among the people of God. The Sin of Silence More than 45 million legally aborted children, and the church is silent.

More than 15 million black children specifically targeted and eliminated, and the black church is extremely silent. Millions of women and men are emotionally and spiritually scarred after aborting their children, and the church stands idly by.

God gave authority to governments to enforce social order, but He gave authority to the church to influence society and set the standards by which that order would be developed and maintained. Jesus said:. Matthew Being salt and light is more than a religious notion we derive from the teachings of Christ. Think about it! When it comes to birthing children, God allows humans to participate in His wondrous creative process that brings forth new life.

God chose to place the embryo in the womb of the mother to host the new life growing in her body. Who should understand and appreciate the sacred process of life coming through the womb more than the Church of Jesus Christ? Our faith was established upon the belief that our eternal souls were saved by the life of One who came from eternity into the earth through the womb of a woman so that he could die to redeem man from his sins. He comes down; down from the heights of absolute being into time and space, down into humanity; down further still, if embryologists are right, to recapitulate in the womb ancient and pre-human phases of life; down to the very roots and sea-bed of the Nature He has created.

But He goes down to come up again and bring the whole ruined world up with Him. Lewis, , p. Theological and Bio-Ethical Foundations As Christians, we have both a theological and a bio-ethical foundation for such arguments. We believe that Jesus Christ was God who took on human form for Himself; that incarnation took place in the uterus. And after being conceived by the Holy Spirit and born through the natural process of the womb, Jesus lived a life that affirmed the worth of every person, whether saint or sinner, and gave His life to redeem every person who would ever be born—redemption that was available from the very second that person was conceived!

Nigel M. But this speck was God; this complete genetic human. He dignified humanity by taking the form of this creature he had made in his image; and he did it at the most inauspicious and feeble point in the human life story. At the heart of the Christmas celebration lies the fact of all facts, that God became a zygote.

Cameron, For Christians, there should be no difference between the sanctity of life in the womb or outside of it, because there is no distinction in the eyes of God. Proverbs commands us to, Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay each person according to what he has done? We will cry loud and spare no one while condemning that which is evil and promoting that which is good, without apology.

He spoke to us through His prophet Ezekiel: When I say to the evil-doer, Death will certainly overtake you; and you say nothing to make clear to the evil-doer the danger of his way; death will overtake that evil man in his evil-doing, but I will make you responsible for his blood. But if you make clear to the evil-doer the danger of his way for the purpose of turning him from it, and he is not turned from his way, death will overtake him in his evil-doing, but your life will be safe.

And you, son of man, say to the children of Israel, You say, Our wrongdoing and our sins are on us and we are wasting away in them; how then may we have life? Say to them, By my life, says the Lord, I have no pleasure in the death of the evil-doer; it is more pleasing to me if he is turned from his way and has life: be turned, be turned from your evil ways; why are you looking for death? Ezekiel Reverend Ceasar I. Christianity Today. New York: Macmillan. The cause is just, but wait. The cause is worthy, but wait. The cause is righteous, but wait.

That is, wait for a more opportune or favorable time to pursue the just, worthy and righteous cause of the California Human Rights Amendment. Philemon To each and every one of these wonderful saints of God, I want to say thank you for the time you have spent with me. Thank you for your wisdom, for your prayers and for your love.

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I want you to know that I have taken every word to heart. Yet, I cannot wait. With all due respect, I cannot wait for a more opportune or favorable time to pursue the just, worthy and righteous cause of the California Human Rights Amendment. You see, my people are dying.

Arnold M. My people are dying. According to Alan Guttmacher Institute AGI , the research arm of Planned Parenthood, black women are nearly five 5 times as likely as non-Hispanic white women to have an abortion. The abortion ratio for black women far exceeds the abortion rate for any other people group. It is safer on the streets for a black child in the worse neighborhoods America has to offer than on the inside of the womb of his or her mother.

Abortion remains the leading cause of death in the black America. The U. A rate below 2. Today, according to the U. Census, our fertility rate is below the replacement level at 1. Black America is no longer replacing herself. Said another way, for every one black baby born alive, practically one black baby is killed by abortion. Today, abortion in the black community kills more black Americans in less than 3 days than the Klu Klux Klan could kill in 86 years.

This is the number of American military personnel deaths. Today more black babies are killed in less than 2 months from abortion than the total number of American military personnel that died in the Vietnam War. This report, authored by Brent Rooney, M. Calhoun, M. Roche, J. I cannot wait, my people are dying. Abortion is the Darfur of the Black American community. If nothing changes. If America does not become more efficient at killing babies in the womb of their mothers in the future, if we do not take into consideration the number of chemical abortions, if the rate of death, due solely to the impact of induced abortion in the Black community, remains constant and does not increase or decrease over time, black America will face the very real possibility of being an endangered species by the year of our Lord Jesus Christ two thousand one hundred That is, I said, if nothing changes.

However, everything is changing. If President Obama is successful in his efforts to install his health care vision for America, the numbers of Black babies killed by abortion will skyrocket. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. The time for me to act is now. I simply cannot wait. Perhaps others can afford to wait. Nevertheless, I cannot wait because the abortion numbers are higher in my community, among my people than in any other people group.

Perhaps others can tell the future. However, I do not have the power to tell the future. I can only tell you about the One who holds the future. Perhaps others are wiser than I am. While I am sure others are wiser, have more experience and know how to come in and go out, I still cannot wait. I cannot wait for. America is changing, my people are dying and I cannot wait.

I believe faith in Christ along with a repentant heart will allow us to receive His forgiveness and boldly face the wickedness in high places that walks among us today. I believe such faith in Christ will allow His Body and Bride to perform the works of life that will overcome the works of death.

Imagine the power of Christ at work in us as we engage the culture for His sake by asking such questions as: What does it mean. It is a weapon unique in history, which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals. King, It is a powerful, just and righteous weapon. I believe, on this side of heaven, it is never too late to start doing right.

If you can, then help me today, because you cannot wait either. December 11, Nobel Peace Prize Lecture: The quest for peace and justice. April 6, Blacks and Abortion. It just made me the murderer of my child and it made me a mother to a dead baby. In those moments I had to hang my head in shame and admit, as ugly as this may sound, it is true: I killed my own flesh and blood and killed off generations of a bloodline.

Pain and Terror Where do I start? I am not sure that you realize what causes one to consider and then too often follow through with the killing of their child. Yes, we do understand by instinct that it is a life, otherwise we as woman would not agonize so much over the decision to abort. If that were so, it would not be such an agonizing decision. I was no different. I had been studying and growing in the Lord for about 6 years by this time, so I was no dummy.

I had no excuses for succumbing to the sin of my flesh. I knew in my heart, God was just going to forgive me in the end no matter what I did or was about to do. I had it all figured out. I was living. And here I was with the nerve to be pregnant! I had nothing, nothing at all but Tiffany and my Love for God.

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I knew it was wrong but saw no other way out. I had just had a baby! I knew I could have an abortion, then repent, and God would forgive me. And I knew that in the end that was best for me so that nobody would know of my mistake, again , for my other two kids I could barely take care of them as it was, needing state assistance with my life just a mess , and for those who looked up to me as a person and as a spiritual guide. If that is what it means to be Christian, why bother with it anyway? The whispers of Satan grew and festered, and I had no one I could talk to.

Abortion a civil right? What does it do to our Young Men?

I would not and could not even dare to tell my best friend. I was too embarrassed and ashamed. Nor did I tell the father of my child with whom I would never want to raise a kid. But that is another story all to itself. Let me get you someone else to talk to you. I am sure we can find someone. I cannot imagine a world without faithful servants of the Lord like Terry and Jerry.

What if people really did just give up on the whole abortion issue and left people like me to our own devices and hopelessness? What if no one was on the front lines, no one willing to be the hands and feet of God who consider it worth the time and effort? Terry and Jerry Crawford met with me the next day. Now, I did have a plan.

I figured I would meet with them and then go to Planned Parenthood for my appointment. Planned parenthood, by the way, had told me that they have a pill I could take now and have the abortion in the privacy of my home now, so no one has to know. They started sharing with me love, encouragement, compassion and hope, with no sides of condemnation! I told them I had no choice and that their efforts were in vain. Yet they pressed on, like good salesmen, reading me and letting me know that it was ok.

And you know, having been raised in an atheist hippy home and being influenced by the liberal media all the time, I thought we Christians were condemning and mean. I did not expect the compassion and understanding that I experienced. As Christians, they would be ashamed of me or so I thought. And God would not be able to use my family and me for His purpose if I let the world see my dirty sins. There are people who will help you, who will let you and your two children live with them so that you can disappear from everything while you are pregnant and have the baby.

Afterwards, they will keep the baby as an open or closed adoption , and no one would have to know you were ever pregnant if that is what you want. No way! It blew my mind, but Terry and Jerry explained that this is so because God has a plan for your child. God loves that baby, and that baby deserves a future.

A Future? I wondered at that. Terry and Jerry made me realize that God had entrusted me with this baby, and that if God believes in me, it changes everything. I have a plan. Just own up to what you did and do not sin again. Just let me be your guide and your path. I will work it out. There is a period of time before the knot and one after the knot, and as every day passes, the part before the knot becomes smaller and less painful than the period after the knot. Adoption, Maybe Now, I was not going to keep the baby, but I had decided that giving her up for adoption was her best chance at having a real family and that that would also be best for my other two children and for me.

In the end though, I kept her. But that is another story entirely. They were all incredibly supportive in my decision to keep the baby, and I remain close friends with them all to this day. I also think about how the enemy is a liar who comes to steal from us and cheat us. He cheats these children out of a future and a destiny. Life is not just about me, but also about all those around me. God is faithful and true, and He loves at all times.

Today, because of who God is and because of the bold and resolved prolife people like those who run Rescue Rochester who have answered His call, my child Shalom Ari-Ella Bet-el Maxine is 5-years old and has a destiny. In a way, she is my redemption. I am thankful. God has faith in me enough to give me the privilege to raise one of His. God, through those who want to cultivate a culture of life and acceptance instead of death and rejection, held me steady and breathed life into my hopeless spirit. Today, I am not just a sinner saved by grace, but I am a saint of the Living God.

I am a child of the Most High, and that makes me a prophet, more than a conqueror through Christ, marching in a triumphant procession, overcoming the devil by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. Married Now I am also married now to a wonderful man who loves and adores my children as much as he does me. After living through this, I decided I could be silent no longer. God welled up in me a passion so great that I could no longer be silent. I had to speak out and be a voice for the voiceless. Eric Wallace Have you ever marveled at how fiction so often parallels real life?

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of watching one of my all-time favorite movies, Troy. The film captures in about two hours the epic battles between the Trojans and an array of Greek city-state warriors lead by King Agamemnon and the great warrior Achilles. In all actuality, the infidelity is just an excuse for King Agamemnon to try to consolidate his power.

A Goodwill Gift? Unable to defeat the Trojan defenses, the Greeks devised their own plans to get inside the city without having to shoot an arrow, swing a sword or even throw a rock. The Greeks disembark from the horse, open the city gates and sack the city. I want the Trojans to burn that wooden horse. But regrettably, the outcome is always the same. The lessons from this story for our modern-day fight to save the unborn are uncanny. Pro-abortion forces have been using various methods to push their agenda forward for more than 37 years.

Bart Stupak of Michigan and Republican Rep. Joseph R. The amendment actually enforces the Hyde Amendment, which has been in place since to prohibit the use of federal funds for abortions. The amendment was later modified to allow for federal. Stupak-Pitts does not evoke new legislation but ensures that the Hyde Amendment is enforced in this new health care legislation. Here, from the Congressional Record, are Rep. Speaker, our amendment does one very simple thing: It applies the Hyde Amendment, which bars federal funding for abortion except in the case of rape, incest, or life of the mother to the health care reform bill.

More specifically, our amendment applies the Hyde Amendment to the public health insurance option and private policies purchased using affordability credits. I am not writing a new federal abortion policy. The Hyde Amendment already prohibits Federal funding of abortion and the use of Federal dollars to pay for health care policies that cover abortion. This policy currently applies to the 8 million Americans, including members of Congress, covered under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, and should apply in this bill.

Stupak, The language and intent of the Stupak-Pitts Amendment makes it clear that no federal monies will be used for abortion.

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Unfortunately, the Senate health care proposal is not that cut and dry. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, a pro-life Democrat, threatened to withhold a critical 60th vote for the bill unless restrictions on abortion funding were tightened. There was a compromise that Nelson believed was satisfactory. Nelson, Sen. Needless to say, the pro-abortion advocates think it is too constraining while pro-life advocates find the language unclear and full of loopholes. Tom Coburn, R-Okla. Add to the debate, the pro-life groups who also take issue with the language in the bill and you have the Trojans and the Greeks arrayed for battle all over again.

I am only afraid that like in the movie the one with true honor Hector will end up losing. Another Trojan Horse Though, rest assured even as this battle continues to rage, it is far from over. Thus, lurking within its mandates are proposals for another kind-of—population control. Since humans cause global warming, we will need to limit the human birth rate to save the planet. Population control to save the planet will be the next Trojan horse to gain government support for abortions.

The United Nations, Sierra Club and others have already written papers about slowing down our population growth. Holdren, an eco-alarmist who believes climate change is anthropogenic, will suggest that draconian measures be used to protect the planet. Their selfishness and hubris is only out done by their ungodly devises. Heaven help us. No matter the outcome in Washington, we cannot let down our guard nor rest in small victories. Then, maybe this time the good guys will win. Eric M. Wallace, Ph. He has been in publishing for over 15 years and in ministry over 30 years www.

December 19, Abortion coverage battle on health bill continues. Nelson to support health care bill: Delay would hurt Nebraska families, workers and employers. Press Release. November 7, Affordable health care for America act. The Supreme Court legalized abortion with its Roe vs. Wade decision. Since then, over 54 million unborn helpless infants have been massacred right here on American soil. As followers of Jesus Christ, we must arise again as a people and a nation. In the words of the late Rev. Not long! Are they pro-life or pro-choice?

If you voted for someone who was pro-choice because somehow it would be an economic benefit for you, then you have just taken a bribe to slay the innocent. Worldwide, over , children are massacred daily on American soil and over 3, innocent babies are massacred every day using our tax dollars. Unity Ends the Atrocity Unity is the key to ending this heinous atrocity. Do they not deserve due process, which is a violation of the 14th amendment rights? We have the same God on our side. Speaker: I would like to take this opportunity to restate the position of The Frederick Douglass Foundation as it pertains to the Susan B.

More striking is the fact that these same so-called leaders are promoting and supporting the complete elimination of the Black community in the United States which they themselves are members of. And finally what is very offensive today is their desire to strike the name of Frederick Douglass from H. As a Lay Preacher, there is absolutely no way he would have accepted or tolerated the Pro Choice agenda currently operating in this country. Furthermore, his writings suggest even after the Roe vs. Wade decision was handed down, he would have been appalled to know the Black American community is headed toward total extinction and other groups of people are slowly heading in the same direction.

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  • Please keep the name of H. There is no better way to honor both of these original American Civil Rights heroes. On behalf of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, we would like the record to show that we applauds the work Congressman Trent Franks and the other co-sponsors of this bill who have worked so tirelessly to ensure that abortion cannot be used as a tool of discrimination in this great nation. For additional information, feel free to contact me directly at tfjohnson tfdf. Timothy F. La Verne Tolbert If you see the poor oppressed in a district, and justice and rights denied, do not be surprised at such things; for one official is eyed by a higher one, and over them both are others higher still.

    On one corner, there may be a Planned Parenthood Comprehensive Clinic, and within just a few short blocks, another clinic. To service African American and Hispanic minors, clinics are either located directly on school grounds or within short walking distances of schools. The question begs to be asked: Why does Planned Parenthood target the inner-city? In her autobiography, she expresses disdain for the poor whom she calls the wretched of humanity. Eugenics—the improvement of the race through controlled breeding—identifies certain ethnic groups as dysgenic, meaning they are biologically defective or deficient and therefore unworthy of procreation.

    Her Negro Project provides further rationale for the proliferation of Planned Parenthood clinics throughout inner-cities. The proposal, which called for hiring Colored ministers and selecting a Negro Advisory Council who would appear to run a family planning campaign, was to popularize family planning in southern black communities using community people as spokespersons Grant, Their intent is both shocking and sickening.

    African Americans are very protective of their rights, and the pro-abortion movement capitalizes on this by attempting to control the narrative.


    For example, a recent pro-life billboard campaign was found to be extremely effective in reaching Black women. To further mislead the Black community, Nancy Beldon, a partner at Beldon Russonello Strategists, suggested manipulated polling. You can make polls say what you want them to say. It is critical to keep the subject on healthcare, not babies. Among them are Rev.