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Unity - Manual: Collision module

OnParticleCollision for further details and examples. More info See in Glossary values on a 3D grid to cache previous collisions, for fast re-use in later frames. This cache consists of a plane in each voxel, where the plane represents the collision surface at that location. On each frame, Unity checks the cache for a plane at the position of the particle, and if there is one, Unity uses it for collision detection An automatic process performed by Unity which determines whether a moving GameObject with a rigidbody and collider component has come into contact with any other colliders.

Atomic and molecular collision processes

Otherwise, it asks the physics system. If a collision is returned, it is added to the cache for fast querying on subsequent frames. This is an approximation, so some missed collisions might occur. You can reduce the Voxel Size value to help with this; however, doing so uses extra memory, and is less efficient.

The only difference between Medium and Low is how many times per frame the system is allowed to query the physics system. Low makes fewer queries per frame than Medium.

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Once the per-frame budget has been exceeded, only the cache is used for any remaining particles. This can lead to an increase in missed collisions, until the cache has been more comprehensively populated. Functionality of Collision module changed in Unity Did you find this page useful?

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Lanes now open on M6 southbound following collision involving two lorries

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Unity User Manual External Forces module. Triggers module. Other Versions Cannot access other versions offline! Home Accidents Article. Updated: Wed PM, Jun 26, Original article: APD sent out an alert that all west bound lanes of 15th Avenue are closed after a vehicle collision at the between Medfra and Orca on E 15th. Copyright KTUU.