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Treat them as adults and they find it hard not to respond. Be wary. If your dislike is based on something tangible and harmful, such as bullying, over-influencing or dangerous behaviours, you will have to do something, but approach with care.

With a younger child who is being bossed or bullied by a so-called friend, try empathy and chat about what they can do, especially in their own home, to be in charge for a bit. Focus instead on building their confidence and developing other friendships alongside the one that troubles you.

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When it comes to peer pressure and drink, drugs and sex, keep talking, but shift the balance slightly, asking if they worry about friends indulging and what the outcome has been if they have. If that takes the conversation on to their own involvement, do not blame anyone else; be glad your teenager has confided and concentrate on helping them. Stranger danger changes in early teens and it can be hard for them to realise that they are more likely to be tempted into dangerous behaviour by someone close to them, such as a sibling, cousin or friend, so have that chat in plenty of time.

Always be the parent who can be called in a crisis — whether for your child or their friend. Applaud their confidence. Remind them occasionally that, as they get older, they will widen their friendship circle and may meet people who will try to influence them, but imply confidence in them making their own decisions.

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If they accuse you of considering a friend a bad influence, instead focus on their own determination and influence. Topics Family How to Parents and parenting features. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Starting to let go is difficult. A new study found that this is especially true in the immediate aftermath of a stressful event, like failing a test.

They collected data from boys and girls ages 13 to 16, who attend a socioeconomically disadvantaged school in Western Australia.

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Five times a day, for seven days, the teens completed online surveys sent to their smartphones during and after school, though not during class periods. They also reported how happy, sad, lonely, jealous, and worried they were feeling, and whom they were with. They consistently found that teens who were with or were communicating online with friends in the time immediately following a stressful event reported lower levels of sadness, jealousy, and worry—and higher levels of happiness—than those alone or with adults.

Kathryn Modecki says. These benefits—from being with friends vs. How do peers comfort each other? In other words, peers can encourage teens, cajole them out of a bad mood, or simply take their mind off worries.