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This means opting out of bubble wrap, plastic pillows. Thank you!

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The program sends your item without — essentially — a box around a box. The box is recyclable and comes without excess packaging materials.

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Amazon Warehouse is a bit of a crapshoot, but you can recover items others have returned as well as saving yourself a decent chunk of change. As I talked about in the post about online vs. When you ask for items to be delivered quickly, the online distributor loses the ability to consolidate deliveries.

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That means more trucks running on the roads or worse — air delivery. You can drop off bubble wrap to be recycled at a number of locations such as Target, Walmart, Lowes, etc. Silver Spring, Md. It was no great loss from a monetary standpoint.

Easily send invoices, letters, packages and more.

The emotional loss, though, was enormous. There was a time when my collection might have fetched a good amount, because there was a time when people cared about stamps. They used them to mail bills, letters and postcards, and in the process paid attention to what was on them.

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Today, many if not most bills are paid online. Letters are rarely written and sent; email suffices. Stamps are still used occasionally, if rarely saved or savored. And most of what passes for stamps are generic images printed on demand at a postal kiosk.

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Stamps were, and sometimes still are, things of beauty and history, links to distant places that spawned a global hobby known as philately, or, simply, stamp collecting. Putting a bright spotlight on the hobby was none other than President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the philatelist in chief, often shown in official White House photographs with a magnifying glass, viewing his collection.

Before hours wasted on video games and other ephemeral pleasures, the hobby transfixed and transported youngsters.

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Stamps were the adhesive coins of the realm, a way to learn geography, history and politics. Every high school had its stamp club. I never joined one, but I did earn the stamp collecting merit badge in Boy Scouts thankfully, the badge still exists , and I amassed a sizable collection from various sources. On my own, I pursued new domestic issues, sending a stamped self-addressed envelope to post offices of issue.