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He was filled with elation until he suffered a new creation. He started to change before reaching Hotel Admiration. They gave him one look and made their evaluation. They did not want Handy Dalmatian to stay at t Tarsier Man is back once again. This time he has to take on many bad men.

His past foes are joining up to make him dead. They want to chop off his head. The even sent him a tombstone in the mail. After that Tarsier Man was ready to make their plot fa Tarsier Man burnt his toast. So he went to a place he liked the most. It had great food.

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But today, the food had attitude. The food had come alive and it wanted to survive. It was attacking everyone and having lots of fun. Tarsier Man was ready to fi Tarsier Man has a goal. He wants to fill a hole. He needs to be like Batman. So he sends a call out to every fan. He wants a sidekick.

Someone who with he will click. Could be a boy, a girl, a dragon or a cat. They just have to help make the bad guys Cassie and The Wild Cat are back once again. In their fifth adventure a ghost has entered their den. They are determined to take him down and make that evil ghost frown. But is the ghost named Boo really evil through and through? Or is he lost and in A boy wants to float in his boat but he finds his boat has a goat.

The goat in his boat is sure something of note. He wants the goat out of his boat or his boat may not float. The goat is very devote and won't leave his boat. Can the boy get the goat Pat and the cats, along with Duke Drazin, are back. They have faced Gawkers and Zombie Stalkers, Candyland creeps and bad guys by the heaps, but now they are in a whole other place.

For their fourth adventure they got sucked through time and space. Zombie Man is back.


In his second adventure he has to stop an evil band attack. They want to get cheers by hurting peoples ears. Zombie Man has to put a stop to it. So he gets ready with some zombie spit. A good guy zombie is on the case and protecti Orlin, Cassie and their crazy human Pat are back. Once again they have been whisked away from their comfy shack.

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Zombies with Powers are attacking this time. Duke Drazin also shows up still gloating about being a god in his prime. Unlike their advent Truedessa and Captain Pat are back in their fourth adventure. This time to the land of Greek myth they venture. The spotted cat opens the door and they go to this land of lore. There Atlas is about to drop the Earth and destroy everything of worth. Tarsier Man is back. He has returned to take over the Earth. Duke Drazin truly thinks he is someone of worth.

Tarsier Man tries to stop him, but things turn grim. Soon Tarsier Man is sent to One day a boy lost is favorite toy. That toy brought him so much joy that he just had to find the toy. He searched high and low. Where did his toy go? No one seemed to know. His worry continued to grow. The boy called upon Levi.

His dog would find it Gung and Ho created their own place. They had rented out office space. Their new business was called Gung Ho. But no one called because they weren't a real super hero. Then one day they got a call. It seemed some guy was throwing trash around and hav Truedessa and Captain Pat are back for another adventure upon the sea. This time Truedessa feels someone needs to be set free.

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She takes control of the ship and soon our heroes go for a dip. They find the Lady of the Lake tied up in a row boat. Have you ever wondered what a troll eats? No, they don't like humans for tasty treats. They like Skittles instead. They like them whether served outside or in bed. But there are rules you must follow or the Skittles they won't swallow. Learn the rule Cassie and The Wild Cat are back. Once again they are leaving their comfy shack. This time they found a place which cats of all kinds embrace.

They found the magic entrance to cat hall. There cats run and have a ball. But when an actual ball shows up Our heroes are back and after The Island of The Gawker attack, they do not want to go anywhere.. Sadly, a nasty old witch does not care. Pat , Cassie, Drazin and the cat are all sent to Candy Land. There things are not grand. They have to fight to fi Tarsier Man was busy saving the day when Catality got in the way. The pair did not hit it off in the beginning and they found themselves no longer winning.

Goliath the Tyrant landed on Earth. They found out it was a foe of worth.

The pair had to run Tarsier Man was out for a stroll on his daily patrol. Then he heard kids fighting and noticed Gamer in the arcade lighting. He beat him really quick, but something did not click. He tried to take a magic coin away when he and a kid had to prepare for Tarsier Man was listening to disco tunes in his cave when something interrupted his rave. He was grabbed by a huge hand and taken to a new land. There he was attacked by Zeus, who wanted to put a lightning bolt in his caboose.

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Tarsier Man fights back Tarsier Man was having a bad day because The Birdman was stealing all of his pay. He had to stop this evil guy, so he took to the sky. He followed him over the sea. That is when he let his powers fly free. The Birdman was caught, or so Tarsier Man th Truedessa and Captain Pat continue to sail the seas with their spotted cat.

Until one night a new villain comes for Truedessa's light. He grabs her and takes flight. He goes all the way to the moon. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Dispatched from the UK in 4 business days When will my order arrive? Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Adventure Books for Kids. This is useful for writing lyrics for rap and hip hop, writing poetry, studying the English language, etc.

C www. Only 2 syllables. Only 3 syllables.

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Only 4 syllables. Only 5 syllables. Only 6 syllables.

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Only 7 syllables. Only 8 syllables. Only 9 syllables. More than 9 syllables.

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