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Front Matter Pages Pages Why International Conventions Are Needed. International Consumer Protection in Mercosur. Further Challenges for Australian Consumer Law. Nonetheless I look to Deleuze for an approach that decisively contests any psychoanalytic model that bases itself around the concept of lack — however that might be twisted and transformed in relation to the maternal — and that incorporates a positivity that might critically revalue the feminine. Could becoming-maternal figure more productive pathways that transform our understanding of the materiality of motherhood?

The idea behind the makerspace is to have a space located in the premises of the JRC that promotes critical thinking and tinkering about technoscientific issues relevant for policy files focusing on their societal implications. We view it as a safe space where we can promote dialogues with civil society Deleuze and the teenage mother: trouble makers for education and transition.

The title of this chapter is doing some work, albeit in a somewhat awkward fashion. In this chapter that bit of troubling and prying open is directed toward a rethinking of youth transition and the role of schools in that particular form of The article examines the Australian national program of values education via the lens of Deleuze 's philosophy. It argues that it is teachers with a genuine level of self-knowledge who can create the conditions conducive to best practice in schools.

Both theoretically and empirically, quality teaching has demonstrated the power of the affective…. This essay's main objective is to develop a theoretical, ontological basis for critical, social justice-oriented science education. Using Deleuze and Guattari's notion of assemblages, rhizomes, and arborescent structures, this article challenges authoritarian institutional practices, as well as the subject of these practices, and offers a way for…. Full Text Available Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd is a thinker who has produced works in the fields of theology, philosophy, law, politics and humanities.

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This research focuses on the controversy surrounding Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd which led to the declaration of his apostasy by the Supreme Court of Egypt in , as well as his controversial thoughts on the Quran, its method of exegesis and certain fiqh Islamic jurisprudence issues such as the hijab veil and polygamy. Particle effects on fish gills. They are expected to affect fish health through a direct chemical, mechanical and biological interaction with gills during ventilation but the nature of the reactions The present work presents an immune gene expression method for evaluation of gill disturbance and sets a baseline for the mechanical influence on fish gills of chemically inert spherical particles.

The method may Spherical polystyrene particles diameters 0. Gilles Trachez CERN Multimedia. We are deeply saddened to announce the death of our friend and colleague Gilles Trachez. A senior technician in electro-mechanics, and at CERN since , Gilles was a unique example of vibrant energy, with a broad smile and a hearty laugh even when facing utmost difficulties.

Gilles put vigour, flexibility and creativity at the service of the development of the superconducting magnets for the LHC, and in practice all main LHC magnets contain a part of his work.

Consumer Law and Socioeconomic Development

Similarly, we recall long nights spent designing and assembling a polymerization oven to provide an urgent solution for the insulation of the LHC dipole cold bores. Gilles always had a smile on his face, and never hesitated to help a colleague. In the same spirit, he Cinematic slowness, political paralysis?

Full Text Available Deleuze elaborates accounts of cinematic time and of becoming-animal quite separately, without addressing potential links between these accounts. Drawing on a range of works by Deleuze and Guattari, this article allows these accounts to intersect through a reading of the aesthetics of slowness in the documentary art film Bovines ou la vraie vie des vaches The True Life of Cows, Emmanuel Gras, and its generative focus on deterritorialisation, becoming, and affect. Mao- Gilles Stabilization Algorithm.

Originally, the Mao- Gilles stabilization algorithm was designed to compensate the non-rigid deformations due to atmospheric turbulence. Given a sequence of frames affected by atmospheric turbulence, the algorithm uses a variational model combining optical flow and regularization to characterize the static observed scene. The optimization problem is solved by Bregman Iteration and the operator splitting method. The algorithm is simple, efficient, and can be easily generalized for different sce Full Text Available Originally, the Mao- Gilles stabilization algorithm was designed to compensate the non-rigid deformations due to atmospheric turbulence.

The algorithm is simple, efficient, and can be easily generalized for different scenarios involving non-rigid deformations. Gilles Sauvage Gilles Sauvage was deeply involved in many generations of experiments at CERN as he followed the evolution of the field at the energy forefront. With the same group he was then a founding member of the UA2 Collaboration at the SPS p-pbar Collider, in which he was active throughout the duration of the experiment. Research on attachment is widely regarded in sociology and feminist scholarship as politically conservative - oriented by a concern to police families, pathologize mothers and emphasize psychological at the expense of socio-economic factors.

These critiques have presented attachment theory as constructing biological imperatives to naturalize contingent, social demands. We propose that a more effective critique of the politically conservative uses of attachment theory is offered by engaging with the 'attachment system' at the level of ontology. In developing this argument we draw on Deleuze and Guattari, making use of the common language of ethology which links their ideas to that of attachment theory. The attachment system can and has been reified into an image of the infant returning to their caregiver as an image of familial sufficiency.

This has offered ammunition for discourses and institutions which isolate women from health, social and political resources. Yet Deleuze and Guattari can help attachment theory and research to be recognized as a powerful ally for progressive politics, for reflection on the movement of human individuation, and for arguing for the meaningful resourcing of those who care for someone else. Site specific choreographic intervention inside the CERN's library. Three strangels on a migration to another dimension rest at the CERN's library. Strangels need food for thoughts.

Do not pay attention to them they are only strangels. No religion and an end to war: how thinkers see the future. The term metacognition has traditionally and simply been defined as "thinking about thinking," yet it describes a complex process that can result in a nuanced understanding of oneself as a thinker and a learner. Critical thinking involves the ability to properly assess statements and actions, and it also requires a permanent disposition to appropriately use cognitive skills in the evaluation of any claim.

In the present paper, we discuss the characteristics of an ideal critical thinker , and apply them to a contemporary problem, namely anthropogenic global…. For unknown reasons, individuals who are confident in their intuitions are more likely to hold supernatural beliefs. How does an intuitive cognitive style lead one to believe in faith healing, astrology, or extrasensory perception ESP? We hypothesize that cognitive style is critically important after one experiences an uncanny event that seems to invite a supernatural explanation. In three studies, we show that irrespective of their prior beliefs in the supernatural, non-reflective thinkers are more likely than reflective thinkers to accept supernatural causation after an uncanny encounter with astrology and ESP.

This is the first time that controlled experiments demonstrate the negative dynamics of reflection and supernatural causality attribution. We consider the possible generalization of our findings to religious beliefs and their implications for the social vulnerability of non-reflective individuals. What would this be in the case of contemporary artistic practice? Malaysia is a country that is rich for the diversity of its people.

This diversity can be seen from the aspect of faith, ethnicity, language, culture, and so on. In facing a society that is pluralistic in nature, several initiatives have been taken by the government and non-government bodies in ensuring understanding and unity among Malaysians. Among the initiatives taken are interreligious dialogues. In this regard, many among Malaysian thinkers have proposed some approaches and concepts of Full Text Available Malaysia is a country that is rich for the diversity of its people.

In this regard, many among Malaysian thinkers have proposed some approaches and concepts of inter-faith dialogue that should and may be implemented in the context of Malaysia. For that purpose, this paper examined the forms of inter-religious dialogues in Malaysia from the perspective of Malaysian contemporary Muslim thinkers.

The methodology utilized in this study is textual analysis, particularly the writings of these thinkers on this issue. This article concludes that there are several forms of inter-religious dialogues that are easily implemented, as well as the difficult ones in the context of Malaysia due to certain obstacles. Gill damage, metallothionein gene expression and metal Keywords: anthropogenic impacts, bioaccumulation, biomarkers, histopathology, rivers, sediments, toxic effects.

Learning to Teach-- Gill 's Story. Gill Hatch was a very fine mathematician. Indeed, following her undergraduate studies in Cambridge in the late s, she was one of the elite who went on to the notoriously difficult Part III of the Mathematical Tripos. In this article, the author describes the autobiographical accounts of Hatch during her teaching career in teacher education, as….

Histopathological evaluation of Oreochromis mossambicus gills and Oreochromis mossambicus were sampled from a semi-intensively managed polyculture earthen pond in Bagauda, Nigeria for histopathological changes in the gills and liver as early warning signs of pond water pollution. Pond water was sourced from nearby Bagauda dam through a single 28 inches water pipe. Culture analysis seems to create friction when we try to introduce academic concepts relating to culture to military planners.

This friction might be related to the fact that officers and academics do their thinking in different 'spaces'. This paper argues the interface or overlapping space between Identifying critical thinking indicators and critical thinker attributes in nursing practice. Critical thinking is an essential skill in the nursing process. Although several studies have evaluated the critical thinking skills of nurses, there is limited information related to the indicators of critical thinking or evaluation of critical thinking in the context of the nursing process.

This study investigated the potential indicators of critical thinking and the attributes of critical thinkers in clinical nursing practice. Knowledge of these indicators can aid the development of tools to assess nursing students' critical thinking skills. The study was conducted between September and August In phase 1, a literature review and four focus groups were conducted to identify the indicators of critical thinking in the context of nursing and the attributes of critical thinkers.

In phase 2, 30 nursing professionals participated in a modified Delphi research survey to establish consensus and the appropriateness of each indicator and attribute identified in phase 1. We identified 37 indicators of critical thinking and 10 attributes of critical thinkers. The indicators were categorized into five subscales within the context of the nursing process toreflect nursing clinical practice: assessment, 16 indicators of ability to apply professional knowledge and skills to analyze and interpret patient problems; diagnosis, five indicators of ability to propose preliminary suppositions; planning, five indicators of ability to develop problem-solving strategies; implementation, five indicators of ability to implement planning; and evaluation, six indicators of ability to self-assess and reflect.

The study operationalized critical thinking into a practical indicator suitable for nursing contexts in which critical thinking is required for clinical problem solving. Identified indicators and attributes can assist clinical instructors to evaluate student critical thought skills and development-related teaching strategies.

Braucht es nicht eine kleinere Kriegsmaschine? Beentjes, T. This contribution discusses the innovative treatment of a severely vandalized bronze sculpture, The Thinker by Auguste Rodin, from the Singer Museum in Laren, The Netherlands. Additional aspects of this controversial treatment such as decision making and documentation are also discussed. In the. Seeley, former president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, shares her insight into how to turn your students into flexible mathematical thinkers and problem solvers.

This practical volume concentrates on the following areas: 1 Making sense of math by fostering habits of mind that…. The present study highlights the variety of Deleuzian references to Japanese cultural universe, within an essentially aesthetic and cultural framework. Studies on the suitability of HDPE material for gill nets. As regards total catch nylon gill net is found to be better than HDPE nets.

However, statistical analysis of the catch in respect of quality fishes shows that HDPE yarn nets are equally efficient as nylon nets. Cultured branchial epithelia from freshwater fish gills. We have developed a method for the primary culture of gill epithelial cells from freshwater rainbow trout on permeable supports, polyethylene terephthalate membranes 'filter inserts'. Primary cultures of gill cells days in Leibowitz L culture medium plus foetal bovine serum and glutamine are trypsinized and the cells seeded onto the inserts.

After 6 days of growth with L medium on both surfaces approximately isotonic to trout plasma , the cells form a tight epithelium as judged from a progressive rise in transepithelial resistance which reaches a stable plateau for a further 6 days, as long as L exposure is continued on both surfaces. The cells appear to be exclusively pavement-type cells with an apical surface glycocalyx, an abundance of rough endoplasmic reticulum, no selective DASPEI staining and relatively few mitochondria. Transepithelial resistance approximately 3. The preparation acidifies the apical medium, which accumulates a greater concentration of ammonia.

Upon exposure to apical freshwater, resistance increases six- to elevenfold and a basolateral-negative transepithelial potential TEP develops as in vivo. These responses occur even when mannitol is used to prevent changes in apical osmotic pressure. The elevated resistance and negative TEP gradually attenuate but remain significantly higher than pre-exposure values after 48 h of apical. Adrian E. My sadness and disbelief are more strongly felt because the life of this gifted and generous man ended so early. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Adrian was granted his Ph.

During his career he enjoyed many summers working in the United States. Full Text Available In order to assess and understand human behavior, traditional approaches to experimental design incorporate testing tools that are often artificial and devoid of corporeal features. Whilst these offer experimental control in situations in which, methodologically, real behaviors cannot be examined, there is increasing evidence that responses given in these contextually deprived experiments fail to trigger genuine responses.

This may result from a lack of consideration regarding the material makeup and associations connected with the fabric of experimental tools. In a two-year collaboration, we began to experiment with the physicality of testing tools using the domain of moral psychology as a case study.

This collaboration involved thinkering and prototyping methods that included direct contact and consideration of the materials involved in experimentation. Having explored the embodied nature of morality, we combined approaches from experimental psychology, moral philosophy, design thinking, and computer science to create a new testing tool for simulated moral behavior.

Although the testing tool itself generated fruitful results, this paper considers the collaborative methodology through which it was produced as a route to highlight material questions within psychological research. Full Text Available is an anniversary year, dedicated to the Saint Hierarch Anthim, a multi-faced personality of Georgian origin, but with a Romanian accomplished life.

He was a true Orthodox believer, a Hierarch of our Orthodox Church in Wallachia and a deep thinker , who lived through the teachings of the faith. At the same time, he was a good manager and a philanthropist, a scholar, a polyglot, a calligrapher, a typographer, a Church architect, an orator turned writer, a painter and a sculptor.

The study approaches and develops these dimensions of the personality and of the thought of the Saint Hierarch Anthim, in order to emphasize both his life and his work as an esteemed symbol of the Orthodox faith. The program educates all first-degree law students in both the common law and civil law traditions, preparing them for the increasing globalization of legal practice.

Household economic modelsof gill net fishermen at Madura strait. The purposes of this research was to analyze household economic models of gill net fishermen at Madura strait. Data analysis used descriptive qualitative and quantitative regression analysis. Quantitative descriptive analysis was used to analyze research and compare to factors that affecting household economic models of gill net fishermen family. Research results showed tha thousehold economic models of gill net fishermen at Madura strait was production value level or fishermen revenue at sea was strongly influenced byp roduction asset production, education level, fuel, and work flow.

Work flow rate of fishermen families affected by asset production, non fisheries workflow and number of male workforce. Non fishing income level was strongly influenced by non-fishery business assets, number of family members owned andnon-fishing work flow. Spending levels of gill net fishermen at Madura strait was affected by fishing income, non-fishing income, fishermen wife education and fishermen family members. The symptomatology of 34 patients with Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome was described in detail.

The purpose was to clarify the diagnostic criteria for Tourette's syndrome by describing the type, variety, and frequency of symptoms in this illness. Ukrainian thinkers on philosophical and religious ideas of revelation and transfiguration: metodological prinsiples. Full Text Available The article has been based on legacy of Ukrainian thinkers of ss. The author has highlighted how the discussed ideas function in close proximity to analogous ideas. For instance, the idea of God has been reviewed from the viewpoint of human and world structure, with the idea of interaction between good-evil, light-darkness.

While interpreting the topic of the article, the reasonable interdependence of principles, ratios and other constructs has been justified by researcher. At the same time, essential features of the revelation of nature and God on the borderline of paganism and Christianity have been distinguished in a systemic manner. It is indispensable during the analysis of given ideas. Big attention has been paid by the researcher to manifestations of partiality or wholeness of these notions from the standpoint of their harmony.

Not only their expediency have been justified. They are also used directly to elicit philosophical and religious ideas. One of the arguments in favor of these ideas is the necessity to expand terminological lexis, which is insufficient in modern studies. The introduction of new terms with the terms which were had not been used for a long time, has been combined by the author. Due to this. Extraction and metabolism of circulating catecholamines by the trout gill.

Extraction and metabolism of [3H]-norepinephrine NE and [3H]epinephrine E by the respiratory efferent branchial and filamental venous vasculature of the trout gill were examined using an isolated perfused arch technique in which outflow from the two circulations was separated. Deaminated and O-methylated metabolites in the effluent were identified by ion-exchange chromatography.

Metabolism by tissue homogenates was also measured. Gill homogenates deaminate catecholamines CAs faster than homogenates of liver, kidney, and skeletal muscle; branchial O-methylation was comparable to that of liver and kidney. The gill venous system extracts and metabolizes more CAs than the efferent. NE is the preferred substrate for extraction and metabolism. A mechanism is proposed whereby high circulating CA levels, common during stress, are maintained through CA-induced reduction in venous blood flow. After the stress is alleviated, CA levels begin to fall, flow to the venous pathway increases, and the rate of inactivation of circulating CAs increases.

Genetikken bag Gilles de laTourettes syndrom.

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GTS has a complex mode of inheritance in which both genetic and environmental factors are believed to be involved in disease development. Different approaches to identify GTS associated genes have led to the di Different approaches to identify GTS associated genes have led Gilles de la Tourette syndrome and disruptive behavior disorders: prevalence, associations, and explanation of the relationships. Gilles de la Tourette syndrome and conduct disorder CD are both heterogeneous childhood onset conditions, and although patients with CD have been described in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome cohorts, little is known about the etiology of CD in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome or of the interrelationships.

A cohort of consecutive patients with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome was assessed using standard assessment protocols. A total of CD occurred in These findings suggest that CD is not an integral part of Gilles de la Tourette syndrome but rather that CD in the context of Gilles de la Tourette syndrome is related to the presence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as, and importantly, a family history of aggressive and violent behavior and forensic encounters.

Seasonal abundance, distribution, and catch per unit effort using gill Catch per unit effort was obtained for the fish of the Sundays The abundance of some other species may. Structural Connectivity in Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome. A case of Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome. Full Text Available Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome is an uncommon illness associated with repetitive un-voluntary abnormal movements and utterance. It is often associated with other psychiatric morbidities. Management requires awareness of this uncommon illness, keen observation, relevant evaluation, and combination of pharmacology and psychotherapy for an optimal outcome.

This case is brought out here for florid presentation and nuances of management. Evaluated the psychopathological features that may underlie or accompany Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome. Univariate analyses indicated that Tourette subjects scored higher on the following scales of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory: Schizophrenia, Depression, Psychopathic Deviate, Psychasthenia and Hypochondriasis.

The results…. Identifying the Child with Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome. This article presents a brief introduction to Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome a neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by motor and vocal tics and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

It describes the nature of the disorder, treatment, and service provision evaluation and assessment and the Individual Education Plan. Everything you wanted to know about contemporary dance but were afraid to ask. Histopathological biomarkers and genotoxicity in gill and liver In addition, the degree of DNA damage was measured using the comet assay. To indicate the severity of water pollution at the two sites, physico-chemical properties and heavy metal concentrations were investigated.

Gill damage, including lamellar cell hyperplasia and aneurysm, was observed in the fish samples from the The faith of a physicist reflections of a bottom-up thinker : the Gifford lectures for Is it possible to think like a scientist and yet have the faith of a Christian? Although many Westerners might say no, there are also many critically minded individuals who entertain what John Polkinghorne calls a "wistful wariness" toward religion--they feel unable to accept religion on rational grounds yet cannot dismiss it completely.

Polkinghorne, both a particle physicist and Anglican priest, here explores just what rational grounds there could be for Christian beliefs, maintaining that the quest for motivated understanding is a concern shared by scientists and religious thinkers alike. Anyone who assumes that religion is based on unquestioning certainties, or that it need not take into account empirical knowledge, will be challenged by Polkinghorne's bottom-up examination of Christian beliefs about events ranging from creation to the resurrection. The author organizes his inquiry around the Nicene Creed, an early statement that continues to summarize Christian beliefs.

He applies to each of its tenets Enhanced habit formation in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. Tics are sometimes described as voluntary movements performed in an automatic or habitual way. Here, we addressed the question of balance between goal-directed and habitual behavioural control in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome and formally tested the hypothesis of enhanced habit formation in these patients.

To this aim, we administered a three-stage instrumental learning paradigm to 17 unmedicated and 17 antipsychotic-medicated patients with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome and matched controls. In the first stage of the task, participants learned stimulus-response-outcome associations. The subsequent outcome devaluation and 'slip-of-action' tests allowed evaluation of the participants' capacity to flexibly adjust their behaviour to changes in action outcome value.

In this task, unmedicated patients relied predominantly on habitual, outcome-insensitive behavioural control. Moreover, in these patients, the engagement in habitual responses correlated with more severe tics. Medicated patients performed at an intermediate level between unmedicated patients and controls. Using diffusion tensor imaging on a subset of patients, we also addressed whether the engagement in habitual responding was related to structural connectivity within cortico-striatal networks.

We showed that engagement in habitual behaviour in patients with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome correlated with greater structural connectivity within the right motor cortico-striatal network. In unmedicated patients, stronger structural connectivity of the supplementary motor cortex with the sensorimotor putamen predicted more severe tics. Overall, our results indicate enhanced habit formation in unmedicated patients with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. Aberrant reinforcement signals to the sensorimotor striatum may be fundamental for the formation of stimulus-response associations and may contribute to the habitual behaviour and tics of this syndrome.

Published by Oxford University Press on. Gilles Jobin Final residency lecture - Collision between dance and physics. Doors open at Reynolds number effects on gill pumping mechanics in mayfly nymphs. Mayfly nymphs have an entirely aquatic life stage in which they frequently inhabit stagnant water. Nymphs have the capability to generate a ventilation current to compensate for the low oxygen level of the water by beating two linear arrays of plate-like gills that typically line the lateral edge of the abdomen. The assumption that the system maintains optimal energetic efficiency leads to the prediction that animals transition from rowing to flapping mechanisms with increasing Re, while possibly utilizing a squeeze mechanism to a greater extent at lower Re.

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To investigate this hypothesis, we capture the motion of the gills through 3D imaging to investigate the effect of Reynolds number on the stroke patterns. PIV is utilized to assess flow rates and viscous dissipation. The effectiveness of the ventilation mechanism at each size has important consequences for the range of oxygen levels, and hence the habitat range, that can be tolerated by that size.

Famous people with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome? Virtually no neurologist nor psychiatrist today can be unaware of the diagnosis of Gilles de la Tourette syndrome GTS. Although the eponymous description by Dr. Georges Gilles de la Tourette was published in , familiarity with this syndrome has been achieved only recently. In this article, the two most renown accounts of exceptional individuals retrospectively diagnosed with GTS are critically analyzed: British lexicographer Samuel Johnson and Austrian musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

In both cases, clinical descriptions have been retrieved from written documents predating Gilles de la Tourette's original publication. Johnson was reported to have a great range of tics and compulsions, including involuntary utterances, repetitive ejaculations, and echo-phenomena.

However, the evidence supporting the core features of GTS, i. Thus, GTS seems to be an implausible diagnosis in Mozart's medical history and completely unrelated to his undisputed musical genius. Pathological glutamatergic neurotransmission in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. Spatially focalized alterations in excitatory, inhibitory and modulatory neurochemical ratios within specific functional subdivisions of the basal ganglia, may lead to the expression of diverse motor and non-motor features as manifested in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome.

Current treatment strategies are often unsatisfactory thus provoking the need for further elucidation of the underlying pathophysiology. To interrogate the influence of treatment on metabolite concentrations, spectral data were acquired from 15 patients undergoing a 4-week treatment with aripiprazole. Test-retest reliability measurements in 23 controls indicated high repeatability of voxel localization and metabolite quantitation. ON-treatment patients exhibited no significant metabolite differences when compared to controls but significant increases in striatal Glu and Glx, and trends for increases in striatal Gln and thalamic Glx compared to baseline.

Assessment of respiratory and ion transport potential of Penaeus japonicus gills in response to environmental pollution. Our results revealed clear histological impairments in gill structure. These alterations were mainly represented by the presence of large vacuoles in gill axis and gill lamellae. In addition, narrow, disrupted gill lamellae with wavy cuticle and shrunk pillar cells were detected.

Moreover, some cells clearly showed pyknosis. Gill ultrastructure also showed abnormal chromatin condensation inside the nucleus. Obvious alterations in the typical shape and structure of mitochondria were observed. Noticeably, the main characteristics of ion regulating gill epithelium were absent thus suggesting a low ion transport activity of P. Statistically, this was further proved by the significantly higher activity levels of respiratory enzymes, namely, lactate dehydrogenase LDH and succinate dehydrogenase SDH compared to those of the ion transport enzymes, namely, adenosine triphosphatase ATPase and carbonic anhydrase CA in gills and haemolymph.

SDH activity levels were higher than the corresponding levels of LDH in gills and its own level in haemolymph, indicating a contradictory effect of pollution on respiratory enzyme activity levels.

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Sobre la cultura hipermoderna: entrevista a Gilles Lipovetsky. Oxidative stress responses in gills of tilapia Oreochromis niloticus at different salinities. Research models were weakened and sacrificed, then took the left and right sides of the gills. Morphological and biochemical variations in the gills of 12 aquatic air-breathing anabantoid fish. All fish species in the Anabantoidei suborder are aquatic air-breathing fish. Un estudio cualitativo con 11 adolescentes ha sido realizado para sedimentar las descubiertas, en la cual la influencia del grupo ha sido resaltada.

As pessoas utilizam produtos e marcas para cultivar, preservar e expressar suas identidades. Finalmente, Burroughs e Rindfleisch , p. Esse construto fora desenvolvido e testado empiricamente por Richins e Dawson e por Moschis e Churchill Essa escala foi inicialmente examinada como sendo unidimensional. Tal identidade faz ponte entre o interior individual e o exterior social. O Quadro 1 apresenta os principais estudos sobre os antecedentes do materialismo.

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Meninos demonstram serem mais repetitivos e realizarem compras planejadas BUTTLE, , portanto, espera-se que sejam menos materialistas. Estudos sugerem que o desenvolvimento cognitivo pode contribuir para que o jovem se torne um consumidor mais sofisticado. A amostra do primeiro estudo foi de jovens. O materialismo em adultos tem sido analisado por duas escalas dominantes: de Belk e de Richins e Dawson Entre os adolescentes, Moschis e Churchill desenvolveram uma escala com seis itens para medir o materialismo dos jovens.

Os itens de cada fator apresentaram forte carga fatorial acima de 0,60 o que indica unidimensionalidade e validade da escala. Os resultados foram 0,78 e 0,68, respectivamente, sugerindo boa confiabilidade. Esse resultado vai ao encontro da AFE, em que os itens apresentaram carga fatorial bem diferenciada. As meninas parecem ser mais materialistas.

Entretanto, conforme esperado, existe um ceticismo ao reconhecer isso. Adolescent influence in family decision making: a replication with extension. Journal of Consumer Research , v. BELK, R. Materialism: the trait aspects of living in the material world. Possessions extended self. Ineluctable mysteries of possession. Journal of Social Behavior , v. Children's recognition of consumption symbolism in children's products. Madrid: Taurus, Materialism and well-being: a conflicting values perspective. Shop construct perspective.

The Service Industries Journal , v. The shopping experience. London: Sage, Rio de Janeiro: Rocco, Acesso em: jan. Materialism and an attempt to cope with uncertainty. Growing up in a material world: age differences in materialism in children and adolescents. Marketing research : methodological foundation. Orlando: The Dryden Press, Television and interpersonal influences on adolescent consumer learning. Object-subject interchangeability: a symbolic interactionism model of materialism.

Advances in Consumer Research , v. COIE, J.

Ot Rafi Code Mulheres Gayle

Dimensions and types of social status: a cross-age perspective. Developmental Psychology, v. The meaning of things: domestic symbols and the self. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Going shopping: key determinants of shopping behaviors and motivations. To have is to be: materialism and person perception in working middle-class British adolescents.

Journal of Economic Psychology , v. La socialisation. Paris: Armand Colin,