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As secretary she would receive personal and professional correspondence from all over the world.

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Zarvah Publishing Company worked together with AGS to provide new and renewing members with published music every year. Olcott-Bickford also wrote numerous articles about the guitar, and corresponded with other musicians and enthusiasts about the instrument. She continued to live in Los Angeles, and when Zarh Bickford passed away in , she was devastated. Over the course of her long and prominent career, her work influenced guitarists around the world. The collection includes scores, letters, photographs, newspaper clippings, receipts, articles, lecture notes, and guest books, and dates from , with the bulk of materials from Series I, Scores , consists of approximately 7, music scores of varied instrumentation, almost always including a guitar, written by a wide variety of composers.

They date primarily from the 19th and 20th centuries. Some of these scores are referenced in the correspondence, especially when Olcott-Bickford received them in the mail. Some are signed by Olcott-Bickford, possibly to show her ownership, and others include personal notes. The scores were published in various parts of the world including Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and are filed by identification number.

These documents date between the early s and late s. The Personal subseries documents Olcott-Bickford's relationships with friends and family not affiliated with the guitar. The Musicians and Music Organizations subseries documents Olcott-Bickford's interactions with other professionals, and includes commentary about performances, programs, and other music-related topics. Many of these friends were guitarists who were also interested in astrology.

Each subseries is arranged alphabetically. It contains drafts, lectures, speeches, newspaper clippings, programs, catalogs, family records, ephemera, and other notes created for Olcott-Bickford and her husband's various professional and personal obligations as musicians, composers, arrangers, guitar historians, teachers, and astrologers. These materials date across her entire career as a guitarist and astrologer, and include personal notes and unrecorded lectures which provide a view into her life as a teacher.

A few records of the Zarvah Publishing Company are included in this series, as well as some Robert Revere and Zarh Bickford's personal correspondence and other materials. The series is filed alphabetically. Series IV, Periodicals , includes serial publications about the guitar that Olcott-Bickford collected throughout her life. This series consists of two sub-series Complete Issues and Loose Articles. Complete Issues contain periodicals, dating from , which are closely related to guitar, banjo other plucked instruments.

Loose Articles are clippings or tear outs from periodicals or newspapers dating from ; they are articles highlighting the guitar or guitarists that Olcott-Bickford enjoyed reading about. Olcott-Bickford consistently and regularly added to her collection, and frequently wrote to magazines and periodicals that have since been discontinued.

This series includes some articles that are specifically referred to in the Correspondence series. Periodicals range in date from the late 19 th to late 20 th century. Materials are filed alphabetically. Series V, American Guitar Society Files , consists of items that Olcott-Bickford collected during her work founding and leading the AGS, which includes correspondence, minutes, programs, catalogs, and guest books. All of these items demonstrate the growth and development of AGS from a small organization in Los Angeles to a large society with international associations.

Materials in the series date from a time when Olcott-Bickford was an active member in the early s, serving as the Secretary and Musical Director of the Society, until the late s. Series VI, Photographic Material , contains personal and professional photographs of Olcott-Bickford, as well as photographs of people who corresponded with her and guitars. It is divided into two subseries: Loose Photographs and Albums and Scrapbooks.

Collection Title:. Guide to the Vahdah Olcott-Bickford Collection, No online items. View entire collection guide. PDF 1. Entire Collection Guide. Online Items. Table of contents. Instrumentation: Duo; Guitar and Voice. De Lano. Series: Select compositions and arrangements for guitar banjo and mandolin. Series: Choice Compositions for guitar by H. Queen Liliukolani. Instrumentation: Duo; Guitar and Piano Forte. Instrumentation: Duo; Guitar and Flute or Violin. Instrumentation: Duo; Guitar, Violin and Flute. Instrumentation: Quintet; Guitar and String Quartet. Instrumentation: Quintet: Guitar and String Quartet.

Rondeau pour Deux Guitarres Op. Instrumentation: Duo; Two Guitars. Instrumentation: Duo; 2 Guitars. Instrumentation: Trio; Flute, Viola, and Guitar. Instrumentation: Duo; Csakan and Guitar. Instrumentation: Solo and Duo; Guitar, 2 Guitars. Transcriber: Vahdah Olcott-Bickford. Instrumentation: Solo and duo; Guitar, Guitar and Voice.

Arranger: Ethel Lucretia Olcott. Arranger: Vahdah Olcott-Bickford. Instrumentation: Solo and Duo; Guitar. Transcriber: Vahdah E. Series: Classical Guitar Solo Album. Arranger: Erthel Lucretia Olcott. Transcriber: Vadah Olcott-Bickford. Transcriber: Vahdah Olcott Bickford.

Instrumentation: Solo and Duo; Guitar and 2 Guitars. Series: Beethoven Album for Guitar. Series: The Favorite Ballads of m. Instrumentation : Duo; Guitar and Voice. Series: Popular Gems Arranged for the Guitar. Instrumentation: Duo; Guitar and Mandolin. Series: Favorite Gems for the Mandolin and Guitar.

Instrumentation: Duo; Guitar and Piano. Kreutzer and L. Instrumentation: Duo; Guitar and Violin. Carpentras and R. Series: Choix de Douze Overtures de Rossini. Instrumentation: Duo; Piano and Guitar. Series: 20 Compositions and arrangements for guitar. Series: Popular Music for the Guitar. Instrumentation: Trio; Violin, Viola, and Guitar. Series: Divertimenti Divisi in 3 Parti. Series: Scelte Composizioni per Chitarra. Scelte Composizioni per chitarra VOB Instrumentation: Trio; Guitar and 2 Voices. Series: Jacobs' Amateur Series for Guitar. Series: Jacobs' Amateur series for guitar.

Series: Easy Guitar Arrangements of favorite old songs and melodies. Instrumentation: Solo, Duo; Guitar, 2 Guitars. Cradle Song Op. Grace and Beauty Waltz Op. Instrumentation: Duo; Lute and Voice. Series: Altenglische Madrigale zur Laute. Series: 26 Lieder von Johannes Brahms. Tonmarchen Zwerger No. Tonmarchen Swerger No. Series: Compositions pour la Guitar par Ed. Instrumentation: Duo; Piano adn Guitar. Series: Obras Escogidas para guitarra. Byrd; H.

Vahdah Olcott-Bickford Collection, 1800-2008 | Special Collections & Archives

Instrumentation: Trio; 2 Violins and Guitar. Instrumentation: Duo and Solo; 2 guitars, Guitar. Instrumentation: Trio; 3 Guitars. Instrumentation: Duo; Guitar and Lute. Instrumentation: Trio; Violin, Cello and Lute. Series: Compositions pour la Guitare. Instrumentation: Duo; Voive and Guitar. Instrumentation: Duo; Voice and Guitar. Instrumentation: Duo; Violin or Madolin and Guitar.

Instrumentation: Duo; Flute and Guitar. Instrumentation: Duo; Guitar, and Piano. Alessandro Stradella Op. Series: Two Guitars Ten short Classical pieces. Instrumentation: Quartet; 4 Guitars. Instrumentation: Trio; 2 Guitars and Piano. Series: Madame R. Sidney Pratten's Repertoire For the Guitar. Sidney Pratten. Series: Joseph Ferrer Compositions pour Guitare. Instrumentation: Duo; 2 Guitars or Flute and Guitar. Instrumentation: Solo, Duo; Guitar and 2 Guitars.

Instrumentation: Solo or Duo; Guitar or 2 Guitars. Series: Radio Collection of Operatic Melodies for guitar. Series: Ricker's Compositions and Arrangements. Series: Standard Guitar Compositions. Brandenburg; Bishop; Barnby. Series: Crown Collection for the guitar W. Instrumentation: Quartet; Guitar Quartet. Series: Popular Selections for the Guitar. Bachianas Brasileiras No. Sweet Spirit, Hear My Prayer! VOB Composer: W. Series: Solos and Duets for Guitar. Series: Select Compositions For Guitar. Thy Face! Instrumentation: Duo; Voice and Piano. Series: Mandoline Music wit Guitar Accompaniment.

Series: Popular Songs arranged for the Guitar. Series: Spanish Guitar with piano Accompaniment. Instrumentation: Duo; 2 Gutiars. Instrumentation: Duo; Guitar and Flute. Instrumentation: Quartet; 2 Mandolins, Guitar and Piano. Series: 20 compositions and arrangements for guitar. De lano. Series: C.

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Delano's choice compositions and arrangements for the guitar and banjo. Series: Guitar music especially arranged for beginners by Luis T. Series: Choice Compositions for Guitar by H. Lopez Almagra. Instrumentation: Solo; Mandolin. Series: Classical Gems Arranged for the Guitar. Series: Mandolin and Guitar Music. Series: Gems from popular operas arranged for mandolin and guitar. Series: Kimball's Guitar Compositions.

Instrumentation: Trio; Guitar, Violin and Cello. VOB , Composer: A. Series: Progressive music for the Guitar by Antonio Lopes. Instrumentation: Duo; Guitar and piano. Instrumentation: Duo; Piano and Voice. Erminie Op. Instrumentation: Solo and Duo; Piano, and 2 Guitars.

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Series: Jacobs' Amatueur Series for Guitar. Series: Popular and Standard Songs. Series: Jacobs Mandolin Orchestra. Series: Coleccion Siegfried Behrend. Instrumentation : Duo; 2 Guitars. Series: Biblioteca del Chitarrista. Series: Biblioteca Del Chitarrista. Instrumentation: Duo; Flute, Violin and Guitar.

Decker Schenk. Series: Die Gitarre in der haus - Und Kammermusik. Instrumentation: Duo; Violin and Lute or Harp. Divertissement Op. Drei Duos Op. Series: Klassische Gitarrebibliothek. Sonatine Op. Sonatine No. Sonate No. Quartett Op. Abdenmusik Nocturno de Salon Op. Arranger: Erwin Schwarz-Reiflingen. Series: Obras Escogidas Para Guitarra. Instrumentation: Trio; Violin, Guitar and Cello. Instrumentation: Quintet; 2 Violins, 2 Lutes and Organ.

Instrumentation: Duo; Violin or Flute and Guitar. Instrumentation: Duo; Violin and Guitar. Instrumentation: Quartet; 2 Violins, Cello, Lute. Instrumentation: Duo; Violin and Lute. Instrumentation: Quartet; 2 Voices, Guitar and Piano. Instrumentation: Trio; Voice, Guitar and Piano. Series: Musique Pour La Guitare. Instrumentation: Musique Pour La Guitare.

Instrumentation: Duo; 2 guitars. Dillon, and William G. Arrangers: T. Trinkaus; Geo. Arrangement: T. Gardner and Herbert Spencer. Trinkaus and Geo J. Arranger: T. Trinkaus; Geo J. Instrumentation: Duo; guitar and Piano. Instrumentation: Trio; Flute, Violin and Guitar. Series: Duos pour deux Guitares. Duo pour Guitare et Violon, No. Instrumentation: Duo; Guitarre and Violon.

Duo pour Guitare et Violon. Series: Compositions pour Deux Guitares. Instrumentation: Duos pour deux Guitares. Premier Concerto op. Instrumentation: Duo; Guitar and piano or Guitar and Sting quartet. Deur Airs de Ballets, No. Instrumentation: Trio; Guitar, Violin, and Cello.

Recordings Collection – DA VINCI PUBLISHING

Instrumentation: Trio; Violin, Guitar, and Cello. Series: Le Bouquet Trois Nocturnes. Instrumentation: Solo; Cello or Violin. Instrumentation: Trio; Violin, Flute and Guitar. Duo No. Arranger: Erwin Schwarz - Reiflingen. Series: British Folk- Music Settings. Douze Walzes Op. Polonaise Op. Instrumentation: Duo; Piano and Guitar or Violin. Duo Concertant Op. Fantasie Op. Duo Brillant Op. Series: 2[nd] Recuiel de Contredanses. La Chasse Sonate Brillante Op. Instrumentation: duo; Guitar and Piano. Aubery Du Boulley. Seize Walses Nouvelles et Facile Op.

Oliver Aubert. Quatre Rondeaux Op. Pot - Pourri Op. Douze Contre - Danses Nouvelles Op. Quatuor Op. Instrumentation: Quintet; String Quartet and Guitar.

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  • Sonate Op. Fantaisie Op. Duo pour Deux Guitares Op. Leichte Und Angenehme Rondino Op. Deux Rondeaux Op. Nocturnes No.