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Money Tips of the Week. The real cost of the school summer holidays for parents is revealed in this article via YourMoneyUK. Not even with a specialist company? So the best plan would be to pay them off and wait for the defaults to fall off my report. I was hoping someone can help ive had quite a few pay day loans in the last 6 years none in the last months Has anyone managed to get a mortgage with no problems having past pay day loans?

Hi I currently have about 15, worth of debt due to carrying out Work to the house we are purchasing off my father in law. My credit rating in out of which is high good. The property is worth we have 10, deposit and are paying , for the property. Do you think that we will be able to borrow more on the mortgage to settle all my debts?


As we have equity already in the property? As with all unusual situations, a lot is going to depend on the details. I suggest you should talk to a mortgage broker. Hi Sara, I had a couple of which defaulted in These debts were both sold and I have been making monthly payments by Direct Debit for a couple of years now.

These two accounts have recently dropped off my credit reports. When I submit bank statements as part of my mortgage application, these monthly payments will show and the names of the companies are well known. My question is, will they ask what those monthly payments are for and will that have an impact on my application? Thanks in advance. Yes you need to assume these debts will be spotted — they will gave the same effect on a mortgage application as two unpaid defaults would????

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  • They need to be cleared several months before a mortgage application. You see my phone bill was once due. I have never heard of anyone being asked for their phone bill. However the lender may decide that you often spend that much and factor that into the affordability calculation. How large is your deposit?

    How much unsecured debt do you and your partner have? On paper to me we are easy decision we take home about 6. I asked a question earlier in the year and I was wondering how someone rents with CCJs, every single letting agent in the area has informed me that I will fail referencing and cannot rent the properties on their books. I was wondering where I turn now.

    Renting directly, not through an agent, is one option. Getting a guarantor is another. My credit score on Experian is out of , and my husbands is out of What is the likely hoof of us getting accepted for a mortgage? It depends a lot on how much you want to borrow! Have you tried the affordability checker linked to in the above article? Hello advise please ,,i can got card bal. If you are asked if you have ever been insolvent or in an IVA you will have to reply Yes. Me and my partner earn 20k each. We do have debt.

    We are moving back in with my dad to clear our debt. This will take 6 months roughly. Once that is done we will start saving for a deposit. How likely will it be to get a joint mortgage mid How long to they like to have debt clear? Looking at shared ownership to make it a bit more affordable in our area. What do your credit records look like? Have you tried using the affordability calculator, including your car finance costs, that is linked to in the above article? I have a default on my credit history, due to bad advice from Santander, when handing my car back.

    On my credit it is due to be remover in December I earn 30K plus about another 30K in commission. I want to borrow 30k for a new house and put down 95k. My wife earns 18k We have 2 car on finance 2 credit cards, everything up to date. We can afford the additional payment. What are our chances. Hi me and my husband are looking for buy a property for k. We both earn 45k combined. Credit ratings good. My own worry is he is paying 3 seperate companies for debts he had many years ago. No defaults on his report. Could this stop us getting a mortgage?

    We can only go with nat West because of Our childcare Thank you. I am looking at getting a mortage with my partner. He has had debts in the past but these have been paid off for over a year. I currently have my own mortage and he pays rent on a monthly basis. We both work full time. Over the past six months we have been saving in a joint account for a mortage and have been putting an equal amount in each month. Just stumble across this website,reading through all the comments here make me feel like am not alone.

    Here is my case,wife has got a mortgage which she took out with her ex husband. Whether the mortgage company will agree to taking his name off the mortgage and substituting your name may depend on your income and credit rating. The chance of a switch to an interest-only mortgage is not good. Myself and my husband are looking to apply for a mortgage.

    He is 45 and I am My husband has good credit history and no debts apart from car loan paying month Y. Is it likely we will get a mortgage through mortgage lenders off or on the high street? We have a mortgage broker and she has done affordability test and seems to think all ok for affording mortgage. Have you told the mortgage broker about the old debts?

    Dya think we can still get a mortgage based on earlier query with this info? Many thanks for replying. A mortgage lender will also want to see your bank statements which will show the old debts. I think you are likely to struggle, especially with only a small deposit. My partner has no other credit history at all. I am 48, 49 this year. Hello, We are looking for to buy a house in the next 6 months. Our combined income is about 35K. My credit score is rated as good on Experian out of How likely are we to get accepted for a mortgage with the current debt that I have? There is a link to an affordability calculator in the article above — try using that.

    Looking for some advice please. Me and my partner are looking to buy our first property on the help to buy scheme through the government. I will say that you two seem to have a LOT of debt for a couple with excellent incomes. That is a lot of debt… have you tried putting the figures into the affordability calculator in the article above? My mother was recently diagnosed terminally ill and lives abroad. My daughter and I spent every spare penny we had on her medical care and more making sure she was comfortable. Right to buy is time sensitive I think I have around months.

    I defaulted 10 years ago, The defaulted account dropped off 4 years ago. There is no trace and my credit file is clean. I paid a lower amount to a debt collection agency each month for years and paid off the debt in full two years ago. In your case, I would not expect any lender to care about a default that is 10 years old which has been repaid for two years.

    We are due to remortgage in Jan and we are trying to fix in the rate now. We spoke to First Direct and they just refused us a mortgage based on his debt. Question is do we go direct to the lender or broker? You two have been running up more debts even though your mortgage is only k. That suggests that you are spending too much for your income. If they give you a larger mortgage, you may well continue spending more and run up the credit cards again…. Also if you remortgage with a different lender now, you will still have to pay the get out fee to your current lender.

    So, I suggest you give up on remortgaging at the moment and set about overpaying those credit cards by as much as possible before February.

    Any that you clear, close the accounts. This will reduce your debts and show the lender that you can do this. Have a VERY frugal 6 months and a minimal Christmas — no holidays, cut down the eating out and entertaining. Just wanted to give an update on our mortgage situation. Again passed the credit check and affordability, however it was sent to the underwriters due to the large sum of debt. The underwriter again declined the application due to us not asking for enough extra to pay off the debt.

    We then appealed against the decision with a letter and a spreadsheet showing debt and our savings and we also added more onto the mortgage to cover the whole amount of debt. The underwriters came back with a yes! We have just completed all the paperwork and the new mortgage will kick in early next year when our 5year fixed finishes. I just wanted to give a little hope to those in a similar situation to us, that you can get a mortgage and it is worth appealing in writing.

    I will add that over 2 months we had cleared a good few thousand of debt as well. We look forward to cutting up cards and cancelling them all!! Thanks Debt Camel for your advise. My partner bought a house 7 years ago in London and we both live in this now which is a 1 bedroom flat.

    We just found that my partner is Pregnant and due in March. So we need to move before she gives birth and also with Brexit looming. My Credit rating is showing as Fair. I am obviously worried that this may affect the mortgage application. I have previously paid just the minimum on my credit card but for the next few months prior to the application i am paying triple the amount of the minimum and was wondering if you could advise me how i stand.

    Hello My partner and I are looking to buy our first home together, we have until February before our tenancy is up on our current rented property. We have 20k deposit and house is k. Is there any chance we would get a mortgage or should we find somewhere else to rent? I earn k and my partner k. Why not talk to a broker now, to see what they say? My Husband and I are looking to apply for a mortgage in Feb 19 — our mortgage trigger date for a new build we have reserved.

    A family member took out a catalogue debt in my name, I settled this early because it was pointless disputing, however I have just checked my credit file and have seen that this actually defaulted in April How much will this impact our mortgage application? As the default is over 3 years ago and it has been settled for more than two years, you shopuld be able to find a mortgage at an OK rate from a high street lender.

    Home improvements, we brought a caravan for holidays, cars and one of us was self employed but got sick so couldnt work for 9 months. It will depend on the details of your affordability. If one of you is still self employed, that could be a problem as you will need several years accounts showing your income.

    You need to talk to a good broker. Thank you, we are both employed now rather than self employed and have been for a couple of years. Hi there…. Will I still get accepted for a mortgage….. There is a link to a mortgage calculator in the above article — use that with the 3k level of debt and see what it says. Hi Sara, my partner and I are looking to purchase a house this summer.

    He has a perfect credit score but due to my credit utilisation I think mine is with Experian and with ClearScore. We want to start looking at houses and thought an AIP would give us a good idea of what we can afford. Will be debt hinder us if we do this now? Hi, I have a history of late payments on a mortgage that is now fully piad up and closed. I applied with the Halifax who I held the mortgage with that fell into arrears. I have had other credit with them since, some paid in full and a credit card that we use for joint expenses.

    My credit file has been immaculate for the last 3 years and I also have a car on finance which all payments are up to date. Do you think the application will fail at full application? They have given us an A2 credit rating on the AIP. No, but my wife wanted to go directly through the Halifax as she has used the advisor before and her current mortgage is with them and we both bank with them. I had caught up with the arrears for about 12 months before I sold my property and closed the mortgage.

    Have just been rejected for new mortgage. Have default unpaid which is due to drop off In Dec Have sold my current home and have told my bank that I will pay default as soon as i receive the money. Me and my partner have affordability but my partner took out finance recently on new car in addition to a few late payments and then my default. Is there any lenders that will look sympathetically at me applying in my own right either by ensuring default is paid immediately given this is the only blemish on my record and I have affordability to make mortgage application on my own.

    Obviously my credit score is poor due to default and not been borrowing. You need to talk to a good mortgage broker but there may not be any options for a mortgage at a reasonable rate. This may not be possible in 2 years time, then you are stuck with a very expensive mortgage. A better option may be to rent until January when the default will have vanished and the debt will have long been repaid so it will not be visible on your bank statements either. Thanks Sara. So say I decide to rent until the default drops off.

    Is it necessary to repay it if it dissappears before I reapply? I am looking to borrow k with 30k deposit does that still mean a bad credit mortgage of I chose to go for it will still be crippling?

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    I have a deposit on a new build and a small child and do not want to move to move again as rentals a few and far between as it is a small country town. Would we be able to get a new mortgage with the debts even though we will settle once sold house? Sorry you need to talk to a mortgage broker who can look at your full situation. Hi Dear, Just after advice pls. Never missed payment.

    Wondering if I stand any chance with getting a mortgage or to forget about it all together. Many thanks. Do you have a deposit? When does the personal loan end? Are there any problems on your credit records? Myself and my wife have an Experian credit rating of around We both have defaults, late payments and 1 CCJ each outstanding but being paid We have both got our finances under control and would like a mortgage.

    What would be the best way forward to get a mortgage? Thanks in advanced Simon. Hello there, I really need some guidance.


    Due to my debts I had to take DRO last year. The morotorium period ended last month. We live in a council property and my wife has saved up some money for mortgage. As DRO only ended couple of weeks of ago, would I get a mortgage if we make joint application. My wife has clean credit history.