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Wahhabi ideas were taken from Arabia to the Indian subcontinent in the nineteenth century and, having motivated many Muslims in their struggle against the British Raj from then into the twentieth century, have continued to inspire resistance among Muslims to any and every form of imperialism. Support moderate Muslims in challenging Islamist interpretations of Islamic sources. Christians will naturally want to point to the differences between Jesus, who was willing to go to the cross, and Muhammad, who took up the sword to protect himself and extend his rule.

They will also want to draw attention to the differences between the first three hundred years of Christianity, in which Christians were a powerless and sometimes persecuted minority and the first three hundred years of Islam which witnessed the spread of Islamic rule through conquest over the whole of the Middle East and North Africa. Muslims, however, are quick to point to many examples in the history of Christianity — like the Crusades and the conquest of Latin America — where the Christian faith has been closely identified with power and where Christians have used the sword not only to defend but also to extend their rule.

Drawing attention to the example of Jesus, therefore, needs to be supported by a critical view of Christian history and an honest recognition of the contemporary issues which have fuelled the anger of Muslims. Find a middle path between demonisation of Islam and naive political correctness. A middle way between these two extremes would mean a being realistic about the real intentions of some Muslims, b recognising the diversity among Muslims and relating to them as individuals and groups with openness and honesty, c taking a firm stand on issues of human rights, d working for the common good of the whole society, e demonstrating a fundamental respect for Islam without agreeing with all its teaching , and f unapologetically commending the Christian faith through word and deed.

One of the major problems in Western democracies is that since the link between religion and state has either been totally severed or become almost meaningless, Western governments find themselves at a loss in dealing with Muslims and Islam. Secular politicians can take strong measures to safeguard the rights of every community and to protect their countries from terrorism carried out in the name of Islam.

In this situation Western Christians may have a significant role as interpreters, because they ought to be able to understand and sympathise with both sides — with God-fearing Muslims on the one hand with whom they share many moral values and secular Westerners on the other because this is the world in which they have been living.

If there is genuine trust between Christians and Muslims, Christians may be able to act as peacemakers and bridge-builders. One-sided Western and especially American support for Israel is at the top of the list of grievances of all Islamists and most Muslims, and they are frequently baffled and appalled by the unquestioning support that is often given to Israel by Christians.

Christian Zionism, therefore, needs to be challenged publicly by Christians who can both point out the negative effects of one-sided support for Israel and present an alternative and more convincing way of interpreting the Bible in relation to the Israeli—Palestinian conflict. When Christians hear stories of the persecution of Christians in Islamic countries and are aware of the goals of many Islamists, it is understandable that they begin to be afraid of Islam and be suspicious of the intentions of all Muslims.

As a result they are often paralysed by fear, and want to have as little to do with Muslims as possible. Their fear can also inhibit them from sharing their faith with Muslims. A more healthy approach is to see Muslims not as people to be feared and resisted, but as neighbours to be loved Matthew ; If and when we are able to build relationships of trust, we may have the opportunity to ask the difficult questions. Christians in Britain need to be reminded that the vast majority of Muslims all over the world are not Islamists, and that Christians living in Islamic countries are not always persecuted and often have surprising freedom to live and share their faith.

They also need to know that some of the Muslims in the Middle East who have become disciples of Jesus in recent years have been Islamists. If it was possible for Saul the Pharisee, who persecuted Christians, to turn to Christ, why should we not believe that Islamists can be changed by the message of the gospel? Christians will of course want to join hands with all Muslims who condemn terrorism — especially when it is used in the name of religion.

And although it is hard to have meaningful dialogue with violent Islamists, it should not be so difficult to have serious discussion with mainstream Muslims and moderate Islamists who are aware of the crisis that has been created for Islam by terrorism carried out in the name of Islam. In this dialogue, alongside all the areas where we have common ground with Muslims, these are some of the harder questions we may want to ask:.

You are critical and sometimes bitter about centuries of Western imperialism. Many of us are concerned about the clear tensions that seem to exist between internationally accepted standards of human rights and traditional Islamic values — e. Does the end justify the means? While we recognise that many Islamists are totally committed to work within the law and democratic processes, we are concerned when we hear some Islamists saying that they have no qualms about using democratic processes to subvert democracy.

We have seen many examples in history of what happens when religion is too closely related to the state, when faith is too closely identified with power. Christians also need to recognise the importance of the political issues that need to be addressed alongside the theological issues. What are the reasons for the anger of Muslims, and do they have good reason to be angry? As disciples of Jesus, they ought to have a distinctive way of responding to injustice and seeking to change the world.

Grove, He is now enjoying semi-retirement in Milton, Cambridge. Esposito, ed. Tauris, Category : Cambridge Papers. All of which are an abhoration against natural law. What we know in our heart to be wrong without anybody telling us. The Cairo convention explicitly excludes equal rights for women and non-Muslims! And explicitly says that Sharia law is to be the source and arbiter of content of the Cairo convention.

When 57 Muslim nations, Shia and Sunni can unite together round a long legal document like this: it reveals a truth about mainstream islam: that human rights are definitely not important. So asking Muslim friends about their view in human rights…. I found this to be a very well presented article which addresses the many issues that need to be understood in order to curb Islamic violence in our World. I see that this article was written over 7 years ago and I conclude that what is written here is still relevant today, but lacks in a more present look at the advances of terrorism.

I believe that our Western societies have failed in particular in recent years in being too tolerant to people who wish to impose beliefs on us that fly in the face of freedom and democracy. As a Christian I believe God is calling us to respond to respond to Muslims with the love of Christ, while at the same time being strong in the Lord without compromising our faith. We must trust Him to teach us through His word asking Him to show us what to do and say by the Holy Spirit.

I speak from some experience, as my oldest daughter converted to Islam and married a Muslim man. They had kept their marriage secret for months and my wife and I only found out months later when we requested a marriage record search in public records. It is because I want to say that over the last 14 months the Lord has shown us by his love and grace how to work at repairing our relationship with our daughter and son-in-law — The Lord has already done some miracles in that regard.

We believe one day that our daughter will return to Jesus and also that her husband will be saved. Thanks for sharing! I love this. And I pray that your labor of love would not go unfulfilled in Jesus name! I want to assure you here that, the seed sown into her will soon germinate. And to get him and a servants has to be sent which is your daughter.

The persistence of medieval themes in modern Christian-Muslim discussion in Egypt

In no time from now you will see what I mean. Challenging and pushing people who feel deeply wronged by the group, religion or nation you are seen to be a part of whatever the facts or balance of wrongs may be , is not likely to get anywhere otherwise. God requires humility, respect and gentleness not excluding firmness or challenge in our dealings with other people.

In Islam it is wrong to commit suicide but seemingly ok to be a martyr while killing yourself and others for your faith. We need to remind Islam that a true martyr does not or did not stoop to cowardly acts of taking his own life or the life of others. A true martyr defends his faith against false religions. Willing to die rather than convert. Hi chauncey, unfortunately there is a translation problem here.

The Arabic word translated as martyr is translated wrongly. Christian concepts of suffering martyrdom play no part in Islamic fundamentalist thinking. I take exception that Christian Zionism is so highly implicated with American support for Israel. American support is very much a commingled matter, Christian Zionism hardly informs it. American support balances the utter disingenious lack of support of leftist governments in Europe to the besieged state, created out of the European Holocaust.

The partition of that created the state of Israel caused transfers of whole peoples of Jews and Muslims… perhaps India should reclaim Pakistan in an analgolous way of present leftist thought which infects this portion of an otherwise excellent summary. Amen Jim. This article is sided disproportionately towards appeasing muslim extremism. The apologist attitude is why we are where we are today. The muslim faith does not recognize peaceful positions; rather it leverages weaknesses to encourage greater violence and expansion.

The muslim faith and in particular actors of violence can only be quelled and contained by greater force diplomatic, economic and kinetic. The middle east and the left Europe and self labeled progressives who support appeasement have proven this over the last 5 decades. WWII began very much the same way only instead of a radical marxist leader, you now have a network tied together over a religion of violence. Hmmmm interesting article but typical of a pacifistic Christian ideology that may not having anything to do with current radical Islamic circumstances.

The ideology is that There is never a reason for offensive or defensive violence, live in peace and your non-violent responses will overcome violence with goodness. These verses from Paul and Jesus of course are the truth. There is no disputing that, but recent radical Islamist events bring us to question some of the deeper implications of those verses. What does overcoming evil with good, or loving your enemy really mean in the context of extreme circumstances? A multiple self theory of personality. Kathy Acker : writing the impossible. Writing asystematically : early experimental writings -- Collage and the anxiety of self.

Approaches to World Literature. The contributions result from a conference that. A Style and Its Origins. Handbuch Bibliothek 2. This changes the job description and self-image of librarians. The collective volume offers a. Orientations : an anthology of East European travel writing, ca. The extracts illustrate the variety of. Method in metaphysics : Lonergan and the future of analytical philosophy.

Envisioning freedom : cinema and the building of modern Black life. Black leaders demanded self-representation and an end to cinematic mischaracterizations which, they. Dancing word : an embodied approach to the preparation of performers and the composition of performances. This is a book for theatre practitioners, students, scholars, and those.

The metareferential turn in contemporary arts and media : forms, functions, attempts at explanation. Aversion and erasure : the fate of the victim after the Holocaust.

Live Q&A - Theology, Apologetics and The Christian Life

Dean, Carolyn J. Carolyn Janice , The politics of shopping : what consumers learn about identity, globalization, and social change. By using numerous examples from modern advertising, interviews with self. The book explores with particular insight Calvin's self-conscious view of himself as prophet and. Perkins's electric quilt : and other intriguing stories of mathematical physics.

How professors think : inside the curious world of academic judgment. Diagrammatics : lectures on selected problems in condensed matter theory. Mikhail Vissarionovich , Undergraduate and graduate students in physics and astrophysics as well as all. Planned group counseling : an alternative group method for reluctant chemically dependent and psychiatric patients.

Estonian Approaches to Culture Theory. Contributors include Aili Aarelaid. The root of friendship : self-love and self-governance in Aquinas. Second, his. A systems theory of religion. Luhmann, Niklas, , author. Religious Organizations; 7. The Evolution of Religion; 8. Secularization; 9. The book is written in an original manner which combines the description of the scientific. Freedom reclaimed : rediscovering the American vision. Freedom is. Boccherini's body : an essay in carnal musicology. Enlightenment as one characterized by urgent, volatile inquiries into the nature of the self.

Inside deaf culture. Padden and Humphries show how the nineteenth. Single-subject designs for school psychologists. Skinner -- A self-modeling intervention for high school students with public speaking anxiety. Economics and the theory of games. Nanodesign : some basic questions.

The Burley manuscript. John Donne, the self-fashioning of English gentlemen after the classical Romans of their class and the. The Dynamics of Cultural Borders. The authors of this. Advances in Proof-Theoretic Semantics. Egil, the viking poet : new approaches to Egil's saga. Alien landscapes? Storytelling in northern Zambia : theory, method, practice and other necessary fictions. Disability and identity : negotiating self in a changing society. Darling focuses on the relationship between societal views and the self-conceptions of people with mental.

Hearing, mother father deaf hearing people in deaf families. A blend of data-based research and personal writings. The demography of the hispanic population : selected essays. Hispanics: Hispanic Baby Boomers, and an interesting study on self identification among Hispanics using. The self-made myth : and the truth about how government helps individuals and businesses succeed. The book also thoroughly demolishes the claims of supposedly self-made individuals such as Donald. Re-reading Gregory of Nazianzus : essays on history, theology, and culture.

Barriers to household risk management. Product Description; B. Summary Statistics; iii. Experimental Design; iV. Experimental Results; A. Janet Frame : semiotics and biosemiotics in her early fiction. Counselling older people with alcohol problems. Time-delay systems : analysis and control using the Lambert W function. Beyond displacement : campesinos, refugees, and collective action in the Salvadoran civil war. The two fundamental problems of ethics. Understanding body dysmorphic disorder : an essential guide. The new American militarism : how Americans are seduced by war.

Novalis : Fichte studies. A quantum approach to condensed matter physics. Designed as a self-contained text that starts. Self-deception unmasked. An introduction to econophysics : correlations and complexity in finance. Mantegna, Rosario N. You can also see videos of her debate on the UC Berkeley campus. Alison and If Americans Knew are hardly alone in undergoing smear campaigns. And a long line of journalists and public figures — including the once incredibly famous Dorothy Thompson and former Time bureau chief Donald Neff — have been virtually erased from history by organized campaigns against them once they began writing and speaking out about Palestine-Israel.

In reality, she has been interviewed hundreds and hundreds of time by people across the political spectrum and for outlets around the world and has never vetted the interviewers or outlets, preferring to get her message out far and wide —just as a liberal such as the USCEIO executive director would jump and did at a chance to be heard on Fox News.

However, we disagree. Our goal is to give the facts on Palestine and the Middle East to every single American. In fact, we feel it is especially important to give factual information on Palestinians and Muslims to conservative and right-wing audiences, the sector most targeted by the kind of misinformation about these groups that has led to many physical and verbal assaults on Arab and Muslim Americans, particularly women in hijab.

It lists numerous accusations, but, perhaps because most are so quickly refuted, our accusers have since backed off most of them and have focused primarily on one issue. On the Douglas shows Alison informed listeners in detail about Palestine, spoke against racism, reminded Douglas that many Jewish Americans and Israelis oppose Zionism, conveyed her belief that all people should be treated with compassion and respect, and opposed violence, eliciting his agreement with many of these views. Perhaps some younger activists do not recall the climate in this country when Alison first became active on the Palestine-Israel issue at the beginning of this century.

Very few progressives were yet talking about Palestine , and many left-wing organizations were dominated by people who supported Israel and its oppressive policies. Alison was one of the few who fully supported Palestinian rights. Afghans and Iraqis began being mowed down: men, women, children, the elderly and more and more young American men and women serving in our armed forces in our disastrous wars abroad.

Our government vastly curtailed civil liberties; freedoms that had persisted in our country for generations were slashed with hardly a backward glance. The foreign-born were rounded up, shut out, deported, even disappeared and tortured. Anti-Arab hatred was a violent and looming reality in this country. Antiwar activists in the San Francisco area began mobilizing against an attack on Afghanistan and eventually against an attack on Iraq , but were unwilling to mobilize against the already massive attacks on Palestinians this was at the height of the second Intifada.

When Alison began working on Palestine —and when those brave writers and researchers before her began—it was widely termed anti-Semitic even to explore facts that are now generally accepted, or to espouse positions that are now more widespread. Fundamentally , the USCEIO dossier consists of misrepresenting the facts using filtered, misleading statements, spin, negative innuendo, and outright falsehoods. Below is the powerful letter signed by luminaries of the pro-justice movement and over 2, activists.

Following that is the chronological listing of our statements and some supporter commentaries. An open letter to the U. Campaign and other Activists for Justice in Palestine. As active participants in the struggle for justice for Palestinians, coming from a variety of ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds, we call for an end to internal attacks on fellow activists and organizations. These only impede the work for justice. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. In that light, we are dismayed by the recent unfounded attacks on one of the top organizations working on this issue, If Americans Knew, and its dedicated leader, Alison Weir, by the leadership of Jewish Voice for Peace and the U.

Many of us are members of these groups and are unhappy at these significant actions made in our name but without consulting us. We recognize that important differences among these organizations exist — each has its own constituencies, approach, and style, as is the case with the scores of other organizations that together make up the solidarity movement. We are painfully aware that there are well funded opponents who spare no effort to undermine and divide this movement for justice and human rights in Palestine.

We therefore expect those who sincerely share our goals to be mindful of the potential to fracture the movement and be judicious and principled in their critique of groups and individuals who make significant contributions to the movement. We call for these attacks to cease and for those initiating them to return to their main task, working for justice in Palestine.

Please help us overcome the accusations against If Americans Knew 2. Setting the Record Straight on some additional accusations 4. Messages of support to Alison and If Americans Knew 6. Interrogation by U. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation 7. Additional messages of support 8. Petition organizers' letter to signatories Responses to U. Campaign's Excommunication Response to claims circulated by a US Campaign steering committee member Responses to our statement about U.

Campaign Our response to statements made by Max Blumenthal Response to statements made by Stanford SJP Weir Goes to Washington" excerpt Since the founding of Israel, proponents of justice for Palestinians and critics of Israeli policy have experienced accusations of anti-Semitism. While some accusations may be made spontaneously and individually, this accusation is often made cynically in order to silence criticism of Israeli actions and policies. As one former Israeli lawmaker explained on Democracy Now, "It's a trick — we always use it Usually pro-Israel groups and individuals make the accusations, generally publicly and often virulently.

But in other cases, they arise within apparently pro-Palestinian groups and settings. In these cases, the charges are often whispered and then repeated by other activists who may not have examined them skeptically. These accusations sometimes even draw on misinformation perpetrated by Israel partisans , though this is usually unknown to those hearing such accusations, and to many of those repeating them.

Sadly, a diverse assortment of extremely committed people working for justice in Palestine have suffered such "insider" accusations , sometimes having their speaking events sabotaged by allegedly pro-Palestine organizations and individuals. Some of these attacks have been public; others remain in the realm of whispering campaigns. I personally, and If Americans Knew as an organization, are among those who have been periodically targeted. The attacks against us have been whispering campaigns rather than public attacks.

I've been working for justice in Palestine ever since traveling as a freelance reporter to Gaza and the West Bank in early Shocked and moved by what I learned there, I founded If Americans Knew to give people the facts on this issue. I've been writing articles ; creating media studies and videos ; and speaking widely on this issue ever since.

You can see a video about me here. I have sought ways to reach a broad audience, connect with Americans across the political spectrum and present the most factual, well-cited information possible — all with the goal of truly bringing an end to the ongoing Mideast tragedy, by affecting American policies that enable Israel's actions.

Effectiveness has always been my watchword. The tragedy is far too great for anything less. When I first began my work, I was immediately accused of anti-Semitism by Israel partisans, despite the fact that I have a life history of working against bigotry and racism of all kinds. I participated in the Civil Rights movement in the s and was arrested for civil disobedience in that activism. Such unfounded attacks, I soon learned, were to be expected when one works on this issue.

What surprised me more was that a few individuals who seemed to be working for peace in Palestine though perhaps not necessarily justice also took up this refrain. Their accusations, however, were never made publicly, nor did they address my actions or positions. Instead, they were whispered behind my back.

As If Americans Knew has become more effective, this campaign has escalated. The charges I heard about were leveled by a small number of activists and groups who disagreed with some of my positions:. I considered the Israel lobby significant, and I refused to focus only on "the occupation" that began in , ignoring the one that began in and before. When the U. Some of those working on this issue at that time did not share these positions. While some were no doubt willing to simply disagree, some called me anti-Semitic for talking about these aspects of the issue.

In some cases, no doubt, this was genuine human error; in other cases, I suspect, it was to prevent my views, and the information supporting them, from becoming more widely known and shared. Today, of course, these views are most likely shared by the large majority of activists on this issue — even some of those who previously opposed them now, I hope, endorse them. Despite these behind-the-scenes attempts to impede our work, If Americans Knew began to make more and more of an impact. Increasing numbers of people began to use our website, and people all over the country began to use our informational materials, which we have always striven to make especially professional, accurate, well-sourced and effective.

Various individuals made attempts to curb our increasing impact, and the whispering campaigns escalated. These behind-the-scenes, secretive attacks have been both painful and extremely difficult to confront. Should I defend myself, and thus call attention to the accusations and cause destructive disruption and dissension in this movement? Or ignore them, thus allowing them to continue? Through the years I've chosen to do the latter. Now, however, I find that attempts to block my talks and the dissemination of our materials continue and have possibly grown even greater. And so I feel compelled to speak out and give a few examples of what has been occurring, in the hope of curtailing these sometimes successful efforts to prevent people from learning our information, which I believe is the purpose of this stealth campaign.

I travel all over the U. My goal is to reach every single person possible with essential facts to counter the misinformation so often being disseminated to Americans. I go to great pains to be accurate, transparent, and respectful of all people. I do not filter or censor who may post or share our materials or interview me, expecting my words and our materials to speak for themselves. You can see our statements on our guiding principles to the right also published in our mission statement and a similar statement is in a sidebar on this page.

These are not public censorship attempts by pro-Israel zealots though there are plenty of those. These are quiet actions to discredit me and If Americans Knew and to prevent our information from getting out, by small groups of individuals who raise their accusations behind my back; I only hear about them, generally, through private acquaintances or after the fact and am rarely given an opportunity to respond. Some of those who spread such defamatory accusations may simply confuse the dissemination of facts they dislike with anti-Semitism. Examining the founding of Israel, researching history, discussing the details of pro-Israel efforts, critiquing Israeli policy, championing the Palestinian right of return, investigating Israel's victimization of others, opposing U.

Nor is exposing the Israel lobby in all its ramifications, examining Israel partisans' role in the invasion of Iraq, or divulging information known to Israelis but hidden to non-Israelis. But discussing facts and examining information is not bigoted, but rather necessary. I believe that suppressing facts and debate is ultimately harmful for all. And I believe that truth and justice is the only way to achieve a secure peace for all people. Happily, despite attempts to undermine IAK and spread misinformation about us, there are vastly more activists and individuals who share our mission and are extremely supportive of our work than there are people who attack us.

We frequently hear from individuals all over the country that our website and materials have been central to their work to reach Americans with the facts. I was deeply moved when a recent talk I gave before a large, mainstream audience received a standing ovation. Organizers who go forward with my events consistently tell us how happy they are with my presentation.

They describe my work as accurate, fair, reasoned, and compelling, and many have even told us my talk was the best presentation on Palestine they have heard. My view is that the movement for justice in Palestine benefits from the participation of as many diverse groups and individuals as possible. We will not agree on everything, and at times we will have heated disagreements.

But we're all necessary, I believe, and important. It is critical that we not allow internal often, I suspect, initially planted accusations to create destructive division, causing many people to focus on internal disputes, taking time away from the essential work we're all doing to oppose Israeli oppression. Below are a few examples of the feeble evidence given for these accusations. In many cases, and when accusations often initially arise online, it is difficult or even impossible for me to ascertain whether the individuals planting them are real people, or whether they are false identities created by Israel propagandists , given that Israel partisans , soldiers , students , and various trolls are known to have infiltrated the Internet in order to counter and discredit pro-Palestinian activism.

My speaking events have been in numerous respected and diverse venues : college campuses throughout the word , libraries, community centers, World Affairs Councils, Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, churches, mosques, peace and justice venues, Media Summits, retirement communities, high schools, bookstores, the National Press Club, etc.

None of my multitudes of talks and articles have ever been called racist, even by those who attempt to defame me through alleged guilt through association. Our published policy has always been: "We are happy to provide information and speakers on Israel-Palestine to individuals and groups of all religious, ethnic, racial, and political backgrounds. If Americans Knew supports justice, truth, equal rights and respect for all human beings; and we oppose racism, supremacism, and discrimination of any and all forms.

As I mentioned above, these strange insider attacks sometimes draw from attacks on me by the pro-Israel establishment. As multitudes of others working on this issue have experienced, the standard method of attack by Israel apologists is to defame anyone speaking critically of Israel. The more public a person is, the more effort will go into defaming him or her. I receive death threats and offensive and obscene emails and phone calls. The Internet is also rife with venomous statements against me and If Americans Knew.

There are entire websites and blogs attacking me and If Americans Knew. I am sometimes called a Nazi, or a communist, or a right-winger, etc. My actions and philosophy are misrepresented, statements are invented or taken out of context, "transcripts" of some interviews are posted while related ones are left out, etc. And please judge us as gently and fairly in any case of imperfection as you would like to be judged yourselves.

As we see the carnage in Palestine continue, children maimed and killed, the entire population of Gaza imprisoned, people continually rounded up by Israeli forces, individuals routinely detained, humiliated and oppressed, we feel an urgent need to disseminate the compelling facts about Palestine even more widely to the American public, whose tax dollars and government are enabling these intolerable actions. Our small, hardworking staff of committed, principled individuals is doing everything possible to bring about the change that is so desperately needed, often at personal inconvenience and even personal pain.

That is why it is so deeply troubling to continue to learn of false accusations used to impede our work and block our information — attacks that surely would spur many people to simply give up and stay silent. If you hear negative things about me or If Americans Knew, we hope you'll contact us to discuss them. In some cases we may correct misinformation, clarify context, or explain our thinking.

In other cases we may benefit from your constructive ideas and criticism and improve our work. In still other cases we may simply have to agree to disagree, but at least we can do this in a friendly, informed, and non-destructive way. We have decided it is now time to speak about this publicly in order to stop these destructive whispering attacks. We hope others will help us. I have long been hearing that some JVP leaders have initiated whispering campaigns against me.

This began many years ago and long before the latest accusations, which are in a letter from JVP, below. In fact, I first heard of the director of JVP accusing me of anti-Semitism, behind my back, during the first year of my public statements about Palestine.

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The whispered attacks against me were troubling, but I tried to ignore them and continue my work. It appeared that some JVP leaders were attempting to thwart my talks and prevent people from learning the facts that my book and my talks contain. It is very important to note this is not representative of all JVP members — many of whom are colleagues and supporters. Some have put on excellent speaking events for me. Before publishing this piece, I tried to clarify the situation with JVP, and emailed the national leaders asking about their statements about me.

I hoped that by communicating with JVP directly the situation could be resolved. I was surprised at the McCarthyist, guilt-through-association attacks this letter contained, and I was amazed at the great effort someone had made to monitor my every move over the past 14 years of hundreds of speeches, articles, and interviews. JVP sent their accusatory dossier on me to about 50 chapters around the country, and has been disseminating this and other accusations widely.

In several locations I learned that JVP had tried to block my talks. Fortunately, they failed in almost all locations and my presentations were received extremely well; one audience even gave me a standing ovation. By the way, although JVP is a membership organization, there is no indication that the general JVP membership was informed or involved in these actions. It is interesting to note that despite what seems to be a long and surprisingly intent focus on ferreting out supposedly negative information about me or potential mistakes I may have made, none of their accusations include anything about my own articles or speeches.

Please see below:. This is not true. Among other things, JVP works with Zionists, an ideology that people throughout the world feel is profoundly racist. At If Americans Knew, however, we believe in a broad tent, and have published JVP articles on our website, posted a link to the organization from the very beginning, and have occasionally worked with JVP members and several JVP chapters.

Clay Douglas is concerned primarily with the survival of the White race and sees malign Jewish influence everywhere. His racist, anti-Jewish, and anti-gay rhetoric can be found across the front pages of his multiple websites. In the course of your appearance with Clay Douglas on August 25, , for example, you were silent when Douglas invoked the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and engaged in a racist diatribe against Jews.

Your repeated appearance on this show April 23 and August 25, ; February 9 and May 18, show that you knew his extremist views and chose to continue the association. Over the past 14 years I have given probably hundreds of interviews to diverse people of all ages and backgrounds from across the political spectrum, as do most writers and analysts. I try to focus on the information I feel audiences need to hear, speak as intentionally as possible, and stay on target — surprisingly difficult during interviews, as others have no doubt also experienced.

I do not vet who may or may not listen to my information and have even gone on Israeli right-wing radio. We wish our important facts to reach every possible person, and I endeavor to be polite to all my hosts, even when they are hard-core Zionists. I always use this airtime to the best of my ability to give important facts about Palestine to listeners of all backgrounds and beliefs in an effort to counter the media misinformation about the region and about Muslims.

Some sectors of US society are specifically being targeted by misinformation that is causing an alarming growth of Islamophobia in this country, some of it taking violent turns. I feel it is critical that our facts, which counter this Islamophobia campaign, reach every portion of our diverse population, particularly those that are most vulnerable to this anti-Muslim propaganda.

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As best I recall about this particular radio show from five years ago, Douglas was from Oklahoma or somewhere similar, seemed to have had a hard life and was, I suspected, a bit down and out. In his somewhat wandering, occasionally conspiracy-tinged questions, Douglas touched on a lot of out-there thoughts, but I recall that he differentiated between Jews and Zionists, spoke strongly against violence, decried Israeli oppression, and seemed to be striving to be a fair person.

When one time he failed to distinguish between Zionists and Jewish people in general, I corrected him. My purpose was to use this opportunity to convey to his audience as much important information as possible in the limited airtime available to me — the plight of Palestinians, my trips to the region, the media distortion on Palestine, how much money we give Israel, our responsibility to bring justice and peace, the real facts about Islam, the importance of opposing all racism, the fact that there are many Jewish-Americans who oppose Israeli oppression, etc.

This is what I try to convey to audiences whenever and wherever I can, as I believe that ending the long-standing injustice and horror in Palestine is the best way to protect human rights, security and peace for all parties and, indeed, the world. I believe the issue is too urgent to become distracted. My goal is to try to reach everyone with the fundamental principle that all racism is wrong and to provide facts that will counter the falsehoods being given to them about Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Iranians, and others.

I apologize if there were cases where I should have done better. Authors, politicians, and others go on a great many shows of diverse people, from the left to the right, and such appearances do not indicate agreement or disagreement with the host. See my answer above discussing the critical importance of giving facts on Palestine to all sectors of U. Once again JVP is searching through my multitude of interviews for something negative to use against me and again must resort to alleged guilt through alleged but false association. New Frontiers in Hate Crimes. One of your articles appeared in an anthology that was promoted by the infamous Holocaust-denial organization, the Institute for Historical Review.

We see no evidence that you have disavowed any of these outlets or institutions. My articles have been included in at least four, perhaps more, anthologies, and every anthology has included highly respected authors, including Edward Said, Noam Chomsky, and many others. For some reason JVP ignores our outreach policy against discrimination iakn. That sounds excellent. I hope JVP will live up to these principles and will stop attacking people like me. Our own statement of principles, posted on the If Americans Knew website iakn. We believe in justice, fairness, and compassion and in treating all human beings with respect, empathy, and in the manner in which we would wish to be treated.

I certainly agree. It also should not include hatred of Christians, conservatives, or people whose views or facts we, or one, may dislike. I have a life history iakn. We are acutely sensitive to historic suffering and oppression, which is why we are working on the horrific and long-lasting occupation and oppression in Palestine, which is going on right now and which we have the opportunity and obligation to stop.

She brought sunshine, hope, love, and so much courage to all of us. She is very brave to write and speak such truth in these times. So many have come before her and failed. It was wonderful to know there is still such a powerful voice for the actual history in the Middle East. She was an inspiration.

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  8. Palestinian submission. It is our responsibility to advocate for justice, freedom, equality, and human rights for all. I hope JVP will desist from its attacks on those it dislikes, and will instead focus on the often excellent work it is doing and that its members want. I feel strongly that we all contribute important things to the movement for justice and peace in Palestine. It is time to stop fighting among ourselves, for JVP and others to stop their witch hunts against deeply committed writers and activists, for JVP to stop its attempted censorship and domination of the Palestine movement, and for all of us to get on with our desperately important work.

    Thank you to all of you who have written. In addition to messages of support, some people have alerted me to additional accusations that have been made against me through the years in efforts to prevent my talks. Similar accusations are frequently made about other activists, and I hope we will all listen to such rumors skeptically and check them with their subjects, as well as, when possible, the original sources. I would love to learn the original source. Although both grew up in Zionist families Ruebner is an Israeli citizen , I am convinced that both abandoned Zionism a number of years ago.

    They have produced a great deal of important work and authored valuable books. Again I would love to know who started this false rumor, which I fear was calculated to obstruct the information I share with Americans. Rather than openly debating these topics, they attempt to bury the facts by burying the messenger. However, I believe this ADL-like tactic is losing its power as more and more people are becoming aware of the facts. Since hearing that speech, this person seems now to try to influence groups against having me speak. Some appear to have abided by his decree.

    I am grateful to people who tell me about these whispered accusations so that I can then address them. None of this, of course, is true.

    Table of Contents

    Fortunately, many people have not caved in to the type of pressure described above and have been inviting me to speak around the country — you can see a list of my talks in the past year at iakn. A video of my speech is at iakn. Thanks again to all of you who have taken the time to phone, email, and post comments with such kind messages to me. These are so greatly appreciated. The JVP accusers omit the fact that this statement comes right after this one iakn. In reality, as anyone who looks at our website www. Our much-used statistical charts at www. We have frequently worked with a wide variety of Muslim, Arab, and Palestinian organizations, and I have been honored to be a keynote speaker at many excellent events sponsored by such groups.

    Groups working on this issue from specific ethnic and religious perspectives — such as Jewish Voice for Peace and others — serve a valuable purpose in the quest for justice and peace. In the same vein, I believe that activists coming from an unconnected perspective also serve a valuable purpose. Each of these groups can reach particular segments of the population.

    All should be judged solely on our positions, accuracy and efforts, certainly not on our ethnicity or religious affiliations. While the public accusation leveled against us by JVP does not represent a real point of dissent — we are happy to agree that many Arab and Jewish voices are incredibly powerful on this issue, as are all kinds of other voices — there are some points on which If Americans Knew does diverge significantly with JVP leadership.

    Nevertheless, we are very willing to agree to disagree on these points and to continue our work in parallel. If Americans Knew from the very beginning has upheld this internationally recognized human right, a right that belongs to all human beings regardless of race, religion, nationality, or ethnicity. If Americans Knew tries to reach everyone. JVP attacks me for providing facts on Palestine to conservative Americans, but, happily, does not complain of my appearance on a right-wing Israeli show.

    We pitch the widest possible tent. We believe it is essential that we find ways to get the facts about Palestine and the region to everyone, including those who may be most vulnerable to the anti-Arab and anti-Muslim propaganda so often being disseminated on behalf of Israel. This can be incredibly difficult, given documented media bias and even frequent media blackout of information on this topic, but there are ways — from billboards to ads to tabling to internet radio.

    We must pursue them all relentlessly if we are all as horrified and outraged at the ongoing tragedy as I am. Why do central JVP leaders continue these vitriolic, unfounded accusations, in which they seem to be reaching for straws in an effort to denounce me and my work?

    The result of this campaign, however, seems to have more to do with attempting to silence If Americans Knew and prevent people from reading my book iakn. Some activists seem concerned, intentionally or unconsciously, with controlling the narrative on Palestine-Israel within the justice movement. If Americans Knew believes that a wide variety of approaches are welcome and necessary in our diverse movement for justice and that none among us is perfect.

    We do not attempt to prevent speeches by people on this issue with whom we may have disagreements, including those who deny the lobby. We believe that one of the most important and wonderful strengths of this movement is the joining together of people of all backgrounds committed to working for justice and peace, like the anti-apartheid or US civil rights movements, and we believe that most JVP members agree. We will continue to support JVP members and chapters who are working for justice and peace and to applaud JVP actions that promote those causes.

    I hope to leave this dispute behind and move on without addressing it further, unless further spurious accusations are again leveled against me and If Americans Knew. I will not give up and I will not be silenced, and I hope others will not be either. Please do not join this kind of divisive infighting that impedes the quest for justice as surely as the best AIPAC lobbyist, nor be cowed by it.

    Congratulations on your courageous stance on issues relating to free speech especially as it relates to analysis of Israeli policies. When you are taking flak it probably means you are on target, so you should regard the strength of the opposition you meet as a barometer of the importance and relevance of your message. Through innuendo and issues taken totally out of context, you create a narrative that is totally false and misleading. As hard as Ms. Weir works to promote justice for the Palestinian people, your effort to undercut her effort is trite and deceitful. Thank you for the information in the latest email from IAK.

    It confirmed my suspicions regarding JVP and I will asking them to remove me from their mailing list. I was alarmed to hear of this ongoing attack on you by JVP which I have supported for years. Your masterful response was classic and needed to clarify what many of us never knew. I have been a long-time associate of JVP, going to local meetings, signing the petitions, giving money, and joining with JVP members in local actions.

    So I found out about your letter to Alison Weir in a roundabout way. I am puzzled. Yes, despite the fact that the ADL claims to be against defamation, it frequently uses guilt by association to defame people whose views do not coincide with theirs. Did you read the source material on which the allegations were made?

    Here is the only mention of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion:. CD: You know, I got threats. And mine were recorded too. AW: Let me just comment on those threats. So they make opposite claims about me, both of which are false, to whatever they think will sound the most negative to that audience. She did respond to the comments on her that he reported. Her contribution to this anthology was an article on bias in the New York Times, together with the statistics to prove it.

    Alsion may not disavow the racist organizations who give her a platform, but I do not detect that she herself says anything that is racist. Surely the litmus test should be whether what she is saying is true. No one can do a better job than Alison of defending her right to present her views in multiple fora—right and left. Both JVP and Alison are working for human rights. Both JVP and Alison have encountered resistance to efforts to present the facts. I remain puzzled as to why Jewish Voice for Peace has now become part of that resistance.

    I have been following you for years and have ordered your book! Please do not ever give up as we need you!!!! Our thoughts are with all of you. I receive your missives regularly either via the campaign against apartheid or a middle east email list I am on. If you regard someone with Ms. Weir is a vital, articulate, conscientious and intelligent ally to our movement. She is not an enemy or non-friend of our cause. Please reconsider your hypocritical decision to Muzzle her voice in the debate on Isareli-Palestinian policy. I am stunned to have recently learned that JVP has for some bizarre reason decided to employ fundamentally dishonest slander and libel to engage in a dishonorable and disgraceful whispering campaign against one of the hardest working and most highly respected activists struggling to achieve justice and peace in Palestine, Ms.

    Alison Weir. If JVP expects to retain any semblance of its own public reputation as a group working toward the goal of peace and justice in Palestine, JVP would do well to reconsider the dishonorable and disgraceful actions it has undertaken. Weir smack of primitive McCarthyism. These methods, this primitive type of witch hunt irrationality, were so thoroughly discredited, so long ago, that it staggers the mind that people who profess to be working for justice and peace would employ them.

    This type of witch-hunt McCarthyism simply will not stand up to the common sense scrutiny of reasonable people. People engaged in this effort to achieve peace and justice in Palestine know Ms. Weir and her work far too well to be taken in by your entirely counterproductive and irrational smear campaign. You are only damaging JVP, as well as the larger cause of peace and justice, with your actions. Engaging in this McCarthyite smear campaign, against one of our most highly respected activists, clearly illuminates the complete lack of any integrity, the disgraceful lack of any sense of basic decency and honor, and worst of all, the obvious lack of any genuine commitment to the shared cause of peace and justice, on the part of JVP.

    I feel confident that I am only one among a very large number of people whose opinion of JVP is being dramatically lowered upon learning of your actions. I think Alison has defended herself very well and I agree that she has been unfairly accused of anti-semitism, as have I and every other informed, serious and uncompromising anti-Zionist. Some of us just do not accept Zionism, in any form, just as we would reject Apartheid or Manifest Destiny, fanatical Islam or Chinese supremacy. The alternatives are horrific and unthinkable for all inhabiting the Holy Land and beyond.

    The secrets of Jewish Voice for Peace are revealed. But, not surprising. Too many suspicious and self-serving actions to have ever trusted it. More and more, the collusion and orchestration of Zionist promoters are being exposed. More and more, the horrible history of crimes by Israel and its promoters are being exposed. Please keep me posted on how this libel has impacted your mission and what might be done to undo this. If this is how JVP operates at the top e. I have read your brilliant piece about overcoming accusations and believe it will not only negate the malicious false accusations against the worthy and admirable IAK organisation but also serves as an example of the campaigns waged against all who speak out against Israeli oppression.

    Keep up the good work! We appreciate all the work you do to bring injustice to the forefront…. I read with utter dismay your letter about the recent attacks on you and If Americans Knew, both so highly respected….

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    After reading your letter on your web site, I wanted to personally write to you and offer you my support and deep admiration for you. I personally want to offer you my support and full awareness that these ridiculous superficial statements about anti-semitism in portraying you, your organization or colleagues, or the much warranted, overdue, and growing criticism of Israel are a smoke screen, another diversion tactic. I do not know what experiences you have endured as a result of these, or any costs to your reputation or credibility but I can assure you the vast majority of the world that is NOT in denial sees clearly what these comments are intended to do.