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Want more news on this topic? Emotions revealed my state of mind and the story took me to a world of experience and fantasy. They were with me always ,as my own world seemed to get defined and started connecting with them one by one. The reason to write this book was simple-my experience with emotions one which allowed me to get back to my past and make this book for the future. I felt the urge of making this book work at-least once for the people who loved me. At the end, all I can say is that —anything is possible.

Kiana Shetty is a young, dynamic and beautiful girl who lives in Mumbai with her mother and a younger brother. Like every recent graduate, she dreams of making it big and making it big quickly. It looks like the only person she can trust in all this hullaballoo is Sarthak, her best friend and collegue. But for how long? Because in the end, you do it all for the family, right? Usually I do not read the blurb right before I pick a book I read it only when I buy and then forget about it But it so happened that I did read the plot before I opened the book and some where I expected a very messy situation and to see how the writer gets Kiana out of it.

What I got was a build up too long and the end cut short. There were lot of possible angles for the story and none was followed. But instead we get a pretty detailed account of a Mallu wedding, the usual life of Kiana and the cast in their society , how we fail to recognize worthy friends and more so how idiotically the love story of Kiana and Abhit goes to the stage of mutual acceptance by the end of the book.

And then comes the twist which the reader might be waiting from a long time. But before you could settle down with the flow , the book ends.

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Ok , I would even have made peace with the end if there was not that last page of epilogue!! Either let me figure or decide things on my own or give me an explanation that makes total sense. I enjoyed the breezy tale of Kiana and her loved ones but the last page was a little disappointing. My rating : 2. Guilty by Choice by Shanti Paramashivan is a hymn to life, to the melancholy of living it for others. After all, life is beautiful, despite everything that can happen and it is for us to address the problems in the right way, surround ourselves with people who love us, celebrate friendship and love, diversity, and the simple things.

Kiana Shetty is a youthful, full of life and good-looking girl who lives in Mumbai with her mother and a younger brother and like each graduate, she dreams of making it life-size and making it fast other than destiny has other plans for her in the shape of her brother Viraj, who works at a call centre but desires to open his own tattoo studio one day and he will do no matter what to make that come about.


The subject is very interesting though many pages are too bitter and full of sordid feelings with the book looks at the world and is able to see beyond the barriers of appearance, beyond the common thinking, beyond the prejudices, all over the walls that human beings are so good at building between them. The book as if by magic, turns it all into words, and the plot does not forget to leave a teaching, a track, the grip with which the eyes of the soul of the reader are wide open and are filled with a sense that helps you to ponder over, the same way that gives meaning to a reading you will not forget.

When you close the last page the book does not have the feeling of emptiness and this thanks to a dry style and direct writing with the content of the novel is touching with a reading bitter and painful but terribly true steeped in reflections, from the most obvious to some really interesting and challenging.