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She received her Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Athens in Currently, she is a Ph. She is the recipient of scholarships from the Foundation for Education and European Culture and the A. Leventis Foundation.

Evolutionary Dynamics of Complex Communications Networks

Symeon Papavassiliou was born in Athens, Greece, in December He has an established record of publications in his field of expertise, with more than technical journal and conference published papers. Papavassiliou also served on the board of the Greek National Regulatory Authority on Telecommunications and Posts — His main research interests are in the area of communication networks, with emphasis on the analysis, optimization and performance evaluation of mobile and distributed systems, wireless networks and complex systems.

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How mutation alters the evolutionary dynamics of cooperation on networks - IOPscience

Paperback : Hardback : Add to Wish List. Description Contents Authors Subjects. Description Until recently, most network design techniques employed a bottom-up approach with lower protocol layer mechanisms affecting the development of higher ones. We study how this unstable state contributes to adaptation and, perhaps, to new forms of therapy based on the presence of lethal thresholds. Synthetic biology, evolutionary robotics and artificial life allow us to re-create major innovations of biological evolution while searching for new ones.


We want to make a new synthesis of major transitions in human made, simulated, natural and synthetic systems and look for novel types of artificial transitions. One potential path to restore the balance of endangered ecosystems and fight against climate change could be Terraforming our own planet.

Technological evolution

We explore mathematically and experimentally the potential scenarios that could allow to redesign our biosphere using synthetic biology as a major engineering approach. We are developing theoretical models of network evolution, with special interest in the open-ended nature of complexity, its hierarchical organization and the presence of catastrophes and breakpoints in large-scale dynamics. We are exploring how to create new forms of multicellular computation and how to build a complex biological computer.

By evolving bio-inspired hardware and software, we also search for robust solutions to complex problems.

See our paper on Distributed biological computation. We use artificial life and synthetic biology approaches to explore questions related to information, multicellularity, collective intelligence and ecology as well as biomedical applications. See our paper on The space of biocomputation.

Technological evolution Both technology and biology share a number of relevant traits. Cognitive networks We study the architecture and evolution of language and brain networks.

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Unstable evolutionary dynamics Both cancer populations and RNA viruses display high levels of genetic instability.