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A sweet added touch from the author is the naming of the cats. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is well-written with some very descriptive scenes, though some may be a bit upsetting for children. However, it has plenty of action and adventure and an assortment of good and bad, and some clever twists here and there. In fact, there is always something to route for. Born the child of a High Witch and a Magician who uses real magic, Molly Miggins lives in an enchanted world many would envy.

They actually do vanish!


Molly looks backstage in the hope of finding them. Suddenly out of the mist appears a wizard, from The Magic Council, who tells her she is the only who can rescue her parents and bring them back. But, for this purpose Molly must become a witch. The wizard issues Molly with a deadline to complete her task. To add to this mixed bag of fortune, at the Academy she is given a crooked wand, which proves quite difficult to aim when casting spells. Without spoiling it, that is as far as I can go, but I can tell you it is certainly worth reading the whole story.

Mr Forest seems to have an inherent aptitude for connecting with his young readers. The story has bags of humour and the narrative is well-constructed. A lesson is subtlety thrown in here. All in all, a fun and entertaining read. This is a very sweet little book about, as you would suppose, learning the letters of the alphabet. It is a cut above the average A is for Apple — B is for Bat. The words chosen are imaginative and the illustrations are creative.

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Though, I did think the page with the letter Z might be confusing for small children. All my reviews can be found on Amazon and, where possible, Goodreads. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to review these books, which were recently sent to me. The Issy Books are, in fact, a series of eleven short books for emergent readers. They are written by Pat Calfee and illustrated by her very creative granddaughter, 5-year-old Isybilla Gee.

Pat, now an educational consultant, previously spent 15 years teaching both 2nd and 3 rd grade students. The series then continues with tales of Harry the Hippo, Webster the Spider and a host of other animals, each with their own little book. Every page of every book in the series has its own simplistic illustration and a short sentence to describe it. The illustrations and the well-ordered vocabulary go hand in hand, making the meaning of every page clear, easy to follow and fun, with just enough words to help the young reader grow confidence.

I have no doubt parents teaching their children to develop their reading skills will find these extremely helpful. The books are also produced in a nice handy size for small hands. Each book is a delight in itself, but I particularly liked Oscar the Octopus where numbers are cleverly introduced, counting backwards from 8 to 1. And then there was Flossie the Flamingo where the words for different shapes were presented.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Issy Books, and I especially delighted in introducing the youngest member of the family to them, who, albeit she is not quite at the emergent reader stage, was able to instantly identify the animals in the books, and the short sentences on each page held her interest.

So much so, she was happy to repeat the words and point to the pictures. An excellent start for any child! In my opinion, this is a fairly strong indicator of the success of the books. It can be very difficult at first for young children to decipher the written word, therefore the vocabulary must flow and the accompanying illustrations need to speak out in a way which adds value. It is my opinion that The Issy Books do precisely that.

Added to this, there is the parental guidance factor which can only enhance the reading satisfaction and ability of both parent and child. I am giving The Issy Books a very solid 5 stars! The story is set in Zimbabwe and opens with the High Priest, Drogba, looking for a person to provide him with a new body. This opens the door for the introduction to the wicked and very comical witch, Gogo Maya, who is being pursued by someone unknown in the forest that she would rather avoid.

Through pure miscalculation she finds herself inadvertently linked to a very average young boy named Joe. Joe has an overly precious cousin, called Ethan, who is better suited to the city than the bush. Ethan is spoilt, highly germaphobic, asthmatic, snobbish, cowardly, and definitely not a risk taker. He does, however, feel able to give Gogo Maya CPR, and manages to suck in what is left of her magical powers. Throw in the very bizarre Tokeloshe tribe, some possibly helpful crocodiles, a few hyenas, a host of African children and lashings of magic, and the book has you wanting to read on.

The opening chapter of this book grabbed me instantly. I also love books about Africa, and this one did not disappoint. I felt absolutely filled with the sound and smells of the continent just reading it. The evocative settings make it quite clear the author knows the terrain well. Ebooks and Manuals

The plot is very imaginative and highly original and the characters are well-drawn and credible. I would definitely read this book again and am giving it 5 stars. This book would be best suited to ages 11 years and over. After waking one night and seeing Kiwi leap out of the window, Amy rouses James to go with her to follow Kiwi to see where she goes and what she does at night.

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Kiwi, who spots them tailing her, turns around and addresses them in their own human speak and subsequently invites them along on her nocturnal journey. After getting over the shock of hearing their cat talking to them, both children decide to do just that and tag along. Then, an even more surprising thing happens as they both turn onto cats themselves. This book is beautifully written, with a great poetic prologue, and heaps of action, intrigue and fun.

I am also assuming, by the not entirely complete ending, that another book will be following soon, which I will look forward to reading as well. This book would be best suited to ages 10 years and over. Four hungry birds set out together in search of food. Though of different species, their combined voices garner a lot of attention. No-one, however, rewards them with the food they are singing for. On their rounds they visit the house of a rich man who, although he has no suitable food to give them, offers them directions to find a man with a straw hat who will provide for them.

Their next port of call is the house of a poor man, with a straw hat, who turns out not to be the one they are seeking, and who has nothing to offer them either. At this point one of the birds leaves the quartet thinking he will do better by himself. The others travel on. At different points two others go their separate ways leaving the last bird to carry on the mission alone. The simple, beautiful illustrations drew me to this book and the story reminded of some of those I had read as a child.

The descriptions of the birds and their voices are quite charming, and I am sure will enthral many a bird-loving child.

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There are both facts and lessons to be learnt here, all of which are meaningful and easy to understand. I give A Tale of Four Birds 4 stars. This book would be best suited to ages 5 years and over. I hope you enjoy my choice of books and the reviews of them. As a child, an incurably shy one I might add, I remember all too well how I was always afraid to ask if there was something I did not understand. It did me no good whatsoever. She has taken a test at school and has not done very well. Her fears cover a whole spectrum of concerns; disappointing her mother, being laughed at by her classmates and incurring her teachers wrath.

This book teaches children the importance of asking questions in order to stay abreast of the rest of the class. Both parents and children will be able to appreciate, via the straightforward, well-written and delightful dialogue, that this sort of communication problem can be overcome. This book also provides a very useful tool for educators who may well often overlook these reticent children in the classroom. The message is expressed in a sweet and sensible way by a loving parent to her child. It really is quite endearing. I highly recommend this book to anyone whose own child may be having difficulties at school through not being able to keep up.

Or one who teaches a child who is not reaching their full potential. An added bonus here is that when you buy the Paperback version you have the opportunity to download an audio version free. Little Crow is desperate to have someone to play with.

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Then a mockingbird comes to town and gives a concert. Mockingbird gives Little Crow a seed which enables him to sing like the other birds. This, however, has its own consequences. It is filled with sumptuous illustrations skilfully put together as collages. Although I read this book from my computer, I could almost feel the texture of the images, and the colours are superb. The text is well-written and very descriptive. Children, and adults, are able to learn about, and recognise, varies species of birds and their songs.

At the back of the book there are some Fun Facts about the birds in the story.


This is a story about acceptance of who we are, and about being happy with those valuable gifts we have been endowed with. We all have our own particular voice, and all our voices will be heard, despite we may think others sound better. Patchwork Dog and Calico Cat is a series of short stories for young children, portraying the various adventures two friends, the dog and cat in the title. Together they try and learn to fly, get trapped in a shed with a skunk during the rain, and eat sour apples by mistake, to name but a few of their lovely adventures.

At the end of each story there are three fun questions which involve the young readers, keeping their interest up by opening a discussion about what they have read. Marvellous — children can remember the adventure and discuss the message given. Well done to Greta Burroughs — i think that works very well! This book is lots of fun and great for young animal lovers. Well-written with tons of humour, it can be thoroughly enjoyed by children aged 4 and upwards, and it is rather fun to read out loud as a parent too.

The youngest member of my family enjoyed Patchwork and Calico so much; I just had to give them 5 stars. Kevin, our main character, is a young boy unable to stop himself from daydreaming, especially when in school. He drifts away constantly during lessons into a world of dinosaurs, submarines, spaceships and lions. Finally she comes up with an idea, and gives Kevin a notebook asking him to write down his dreams as they occur. Kevin is suspicious of this request at first, but when some interest is shown in his stories by his parents, he throws himself into his writing.

This is a wonderful little book from Martin Tiller which offers the sort of encouragement many a budding young writer would be thrilled to receive. I am sure many will also be able to identify with Kevin and his dream world, a realm so many generations of children, with their vivid imaginations, will have wandered off to in the past. I loved the illustrations and found the book to be extremely well-written. My only qualms being; it ended a bit abruptly for me and I felt as if I were missing a page. Perhaps another download would show this as rectified. I would highly recommend this for age 6 years and up.

Ezekiel KJV: Nevertheless if thou warn the righteous man, that the righteous sin not, and he doth not sin, he shall surely live, because he is warned; also thou hast delivered thy soul.

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