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You say hello. You tell them you don't want to hurt them. The classic way to do this, of course, is with the old standby of "I Come in Peace", but other greetings may be offered. If all goes well, diplomatic relations might be established. If not, well This can happen in reverse, of course, with the alien race indicating their peaceful intentions this way.

Of course, this can be subverted, with a visitor indicating peaceful intentions just before slaughtering the Puny Humans. Or the peaceful party getting mauled by the non-peaceful party.

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Or a suspicious member of one group or the other might still be convinced that the visitors are dangerous. Or whatever. Compare Take Me to Your Leader. If the characters start out with numbers instead of language, it's First Contact Math. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

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Get Known if you don't have an account. Superman is an alien. In his debut appearance in Action Comics 1, his first words to Lois, after rescuing her from some goons, are, "You needn't be afraid of me.

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I won't harm you. Fan Works. Captain Proton and the Planet of Lesbians. We come in peace from the planet Earth.

I Come in Peace

In Explorers , one of the young heroes greets an alien with "We come in peace", because it seems like the right thing to do. The alien, in turn, replies, " Ehhh, what's up, doc? How are you guys doin'? It ends badly. The alien beings in Close Encounters of the Third Kind take the time to teach the Earthlings a tonal language as a gesture of greeting.

Star Trek: First Contact has the Vulcans greeting humanity with their customary "Live long and prosper". In Predator 2 , a young boy encounters the cloaked Predator and is nearly shot before it recognizes that his plastic machine gun is only a toy. The kid's response? In the book Aliens Are Coming, the final interview concludes with a person saying "And if an alien spaceship ever DOES land in my backyard, I hope I will have the good sense to invite the occupants inside for tea.

In the short novel The Librarian the alien protagonist whose been living as a human for years, wakes up inside an MRI machine and deduces he's been captured. He slightly waves his hand in greeting and promptly says, "My name is Nick Logan. I need to speak with my wife. Live Action TV. We hope to leave in one Amy: We come in peace!

Rory: When has that ever worked?

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Religion and Mythology. In the Bible, when an angel appears to someone, his first words to the terrified mortal are usually some variation of "Don't be afraid. Video Games. In possibly the oddest straight use ever and possibly a Stealth Parody , the player-character in Homeworld Cataclysm quotes the trope word-for-word It doesn't turn out very well, to say the least. The first Vahnatai you meet in Avernum 2 in the flesh, at least uses this line nearly word-for-word—however, she's not quite fluent in English, and it comes out as "peaceness" instead.

In Another World , the protagonist tries to greet the aliens with a smile and an open palm. This didn't end well - he got zapped and put into a cage. One can assume he unwittingly flipped the aliens off. The trope is implied with the Golden Ending in Undertale.

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With the monster race emerging to the surface of the world after being imprisoned underground by humans for who knows how many years, they attempt to make peace with the human race after Frisk, a human themselves, spared all the monsters and didn't hurt a single one. Everything works out as the ending shows the monsters successfully integrating with human culture. Western Animation. An episode of Rugrats has the kids exploring the house during a power failure, looking for a monster which turns out to be a rat. Tommy greets it with "We come in peace.

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For now. Web Comics. In Meaty Yogurt , the Sxlzfyrk apologize for their rudeness in not introducing themselves to humans sooner, state that they "hope to become friends," and promise to return to Earth later with pizza and beer. Log In. A little alien visitor in their spaceship.

Kit View Options and Buy. Product Description A kit of an alien in their spaceship with flashing eyes and a row of running lights. Read More…. Can be attached to clothing with the supplied clip and pin. Uses 3V CR coin cell not included. Specs and Docs Documentation.

We Come in Peace

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