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What to expect when studying philosophy in the US is to do a great deal of writing. Most philosophy courses are structured so students will be required to produce at least one large paper at the end of the course. It is not unusual for the students to be required to produce both a mid-course paper and a final paper. Some philosophy courses also require that the students pass exams throughout the course. Exams in philosophy are usually comprised of a series of essay questions. Most philosophy departments require students in their final semester to complete a capstone course which focuses on a particular philosophy or philosopher, in-depth, and is often considered to be the most rigorous course offered by the department.

Students do more than just write during their philosophy degree. Students are expected to participate in lively conversations in their classes since dialogue is essential to the philosopher's art.

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Students should expect to discuss with their professors and peers the most difficult and important questions humanity has ever conceived. For this reason, students often find philosophy courses very rewarding, as the primary focus of these courses is to come to a better understanding of everything. Students will discuss, think deeply about, read about, and write about questions concerning God's existence, the existence of the soul, the nature of free will, the process of science, the meaning of the law, the nature of language, the existence of art and morality.

Classes on morality are especially well known for stirring many difficult questions and emotional discussions.

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Philosophy students take a number of courses in their field, one example is a course in epistemology. This term is foreign to most people, but it is actually the study of a very common set of questions, "What is knowledge? If they are in fact dreaming, then those things which they "knew" to be true, like "I am reading an article" are, in fact, false.

Questions like this drive philosophy classes and lead to engaging debates. International students studying philosophy in the US should expect to be welcomed into the conversation.

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Philosophy is a discipline that studies the writing of philosophers from all over the world, both ancient and contemporary. Students who can read other languages and who bring in new and creative perspectives to classroom conversation are likely to excel. Professors are likely to welcome new sets of questions and insights brought to the school by international students. Most schools will offer tutoring and other assistance to students for whom English is a second language.

Although international students will be expected to write, discourse and think with as much rigor and excellence as all of the other students, they will be welcomed and provided with as much assistance as necessary for their success, given the student is willing to work hard. Over time we will be updating this section and including more information for those who want to study philosophy in the USA and for other countries, but please feel free to post your thoughts and comments on our Facebook fan page , and also follow us and post questions through Twitter.

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