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I would say plants and small flower take their place in spring and summer. Nothing better than candlelight! Makes the cold mornings a little more special and warm. I love candlesticks, but I have a really hard time finding good taper candles. Any recommendations? NO drips and they come in so many colors. I LOVE them. Trader Joes has great ones! Plain white dripless danish candles.

You can find them over by the soap. The effect of candlelit dinners on a struggling relationship during a power outage. But it brings me so much joy to see your family doing this. Unscented candles played such a precious part of my childhood I could maybe argue they shaped part of my identity as an adult? I fall squarely in the category of people who very much appreciate a candle that has no scent.

My teacher from grades lit a taper candle on his desk every morning before class began and blew it out when morning lesson was over. The practice was so settling. On your birthday, you got to light the candle and this was a BIG deal, even as a year old. It sounds formal but it was the opposite, it was warm. I can still picture the candlesticks from the line of sight of someone about 10 inches taller than the actual table. On Thanksgiving, we got out little plastic rings that dangled crystals around the candleholders and I thought they were absolutely THE fanciest things in the world.

And every summer my sister and I got to host a fairy party where we covered the outside deck with an entire bag of cheap paraffin IKEA tea lights tucked into whatever jars and drinking glasses we could get our hands on. The effect was nothing short of magical, especially with a crew of little girls in dresses made of silk scarves, eating raspberries from their fingertips. My mom never showed concerned about the dangers of flames and children… kind of stresses me out to think about it.

If anything, the quiet unoffending glow seems to help your memories last a little bit longer and your mind slow down juuuuust a little. So important for kids! Thanks for sharing and the walk down memory lane! Hali — You are my spirit sister! A few candles in the bathroom in the morning and evening ensures I slow down. More often than not, in the winter, our evenings are spent with the flickering candlelight at dinner and beyond.

LOVE this idea. Side note: am I the only one who had to google MVP??!!

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I prefer it to best player, or man of the match which is so outdated. Especially when our national team is always outperforming their male counterparts in international matches which means longer duration of commentary and more discussion on the news. I like to think of a candle at dinner as a vestige of the time when our ancestors would gather to eat around a fire. My mom always had candles at dinner in the winter when I was growing up.

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I love this idea! Where do you get your long stem candles from?

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We do this too! It works for older kids, too— my parents were shocked that I was the only person my 14yo sister called from her recent trip from France. This would probably work with adults, too! Icebreaker: how much yogurt does your grocery sell! The yogurt question made me laugh so much because I just had this thought in the supermarket yesterday.

So many flavours! So many consistencies! So much confusion. Visiting supermarkets in foreign countries is one of my favourite weird tourist moments. France has has almost 2 aisles of yoghurt!! It always amazes me and drives a French anti-dairy friend mad. Candles are magic. We recently moved from a very sunny part of the world to a city where the winters are actually cold.

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And dark. Lighting a candle gives everything a special quality! This is an incredibly genius hack!!! We just moved out of a home with a fireplace into one without and I was mourning the loss of that this winter but a ceramic baking dish filled with candles feels so special! Have your boys learned the trick where you blow a candle out and hold a lit match above the candle in its smoke trail to relight it?

Somehow the flame travels down the smoke to the wick — this still delights me as an adult. I started lighting candles for dinner when I first moved out of home half way across the world and lived by myself. Cooking for one and eating at a table alone could sometimes seem dreary coming from a family where the dinner table will always be the nucleus of our home.

It is a lovely daily treat. I hoard Ana candles which are getting harder to find but The Company Store has them because, stripes!

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Such a good idea! None of this is big, fussy stuff—we just build in a little ceremony or surprise element. This is so lovely! We have holidays coming up and I might just make a go bag for each of my kids for their holidays! Sometimes my mom will bemoan our lack of money when she and my dad were raising us, and I truly had no idea we were broke.

We had so much fun! What matters is the ritual of it all : I figure, another meal eaten is another day celebrated! My boys call it Fancy Dinner.

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And they always stay through the dinner and after they clear their plate they get to blow out the candles. I never seem to have Fancy Dinner when I make an actual fancy dinner. But pancakes from the box! Even after many years of living abroad. They are a fixture on the dinner table, the breakfast table, all around the living room in the evenings.

Even as I sit here right now, at home by myself, working — I have a couple of candles lit next to my computer. My mom is from Denmark, and growing up we had candles lit every night on our table. She lights candles for her breakfast table and for coffee too. Yes, I get it! I forgot how it totally changed the mood of your day until I remembered the tradition 25 years later! They are unscented, available in every color under the sun, and burn very evenly. Breakfast, lunch, cake and coffee pretty normal on lazy weekends in Germany and dinner Abendbrot. When we moved in together, we adopted that ritual straight away but just for the evenings.

Life goals ;. Dinner table candles could be the perfect solution! Bonus round- I found I could finely chop many things and add them to the meal thanks to the low light situation with candles at least in winter ….

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It elevates even the most mundane dinner and makes us all feel like an honored guest at our table. I imagine hope? Together with some of the best musicians, like Chuck Rainey on bass, Jim Keltner on drums, Spooner Oldham on electric piano. Side one A1.

Sister Angela A4. Casey Jones. Side two B1. Going Down B2. Going Down reprise. Produced by : Ian Samwell tracks , Allen Toussaint tracks Claudia Lennear should have been huge! Warner Brothers threw lots of money at this album, top session players, gate fold sleeve, very sexy photo inside. The album is split into two halves. They all work their up a fine funky sound, but unfortunately CL bottled it. This is most peculiar singing style, she can start a line as if she is going to go all out for it only to pull out.

If Chaka Khan or Tina Turner had had the vocal duties then this could have been huge, unfortunately, it is just average. I was fortunate to get a press release in my copy. It was only a couple of weeks ago that while saying Thanx for a cool Grant Green album in comments that I made my humble request through a Merlot haze for this long lost solo effort from I remember always seeing and drooling over this gorgeous album cover in the cut out bins at Virgin Records, but as Prog and Kraut was my main tastes back in the day the funk had yet to creep into my soul.

That in turn started the quest to track it down and ended up where we are today. The danger has always been that you start to crave hearing the album so much that you build it into a masterpiece of proportions so high that by the time you actually track it down and get to play it you are left disappointed!!!

Not a bad first side but just not that great and I agree with Nikos when he said average. This is more like it, in fact I would suggest renumber Nikos tracks and put the 2nd side long track first followed by side one tracks and you will enjoy the album a lot more, in the days of vinyl I would have had side 2 on first every time. Note Side two is a suite with no gap among the songs. So i give two opportunities. The whole album with the songs split the best way i could and side two as one song suite as Allen Toussaint probably wanted. And I thought Betty Davis was interesting! Extra special thanks for smooth side 2.

Claudia Lennear is great and I am very happy to know her now. But sorry Mr J. Betty Davis is unreachable…. Does anyone out there have any info to share on Claduia Lennear beyond the few pcs. Did she continue to work in the music biz? If not, why did she get out?