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Please, can we get some more info about Camille's death magic and training? Because that would be a lot more interesting. The pacing was so slow, it took me forever to finish. And I'm pretty sure I like Camille less than before. If I wouldn't like this world and characters as much as I do, and did not have the desire to finish the series so I know how it ends, this book would have been the final straw to drop the Otherworld series Es wurden noch nicht alle Geistsiegel gefunden. Versteht mich nicht falsch, ich mag die Welt und die Charaktere die Yasmine Galenorn erschaffen hat. Trillian will in die Schattenlande reisen um seinen Blutsbruder zu suchen.

Zum einen waren ihre Kommentare nicht lustig und einfach nur nervig. Es gab einfach viele Momente, die mir Camille in diesem Band unsympathischer gemacht haben. Das Ende, auf das schon seit dem Buchanfang hin gefiebert wurde, war ein Witz. Es war ein schnelles und viel zu einfaches Ende. Es ist… nichts… passiert?? Es gab viele Andeutungen, dies und jenes wird Camille passieren, bla bla bla. Denn so langsam sinkt meine Motivation, die Reihe bis zum Ende zu lesen. Diese erscheinen mir doch noch am interessantesten und bisher wurde kaum darauf eingegangen.

Oct 01, Vickie rated it really liked it. The war is still raging in Otherworld, and the battle with Shadow Wing is ongoing. Of course, there are things going on at home. Someone opened a rogue portal in their living room of all places and pixies are running amuck in downtown Seattle. Once they take care of those two things, they head out to find The Merlin. They face a daunting task to say the least. But once they find The Merlin, a series of events unfold that change a lot of things for a lot of people. And what she encounters leaves her devastated. However, once they are able to make it back home with The Merlin in tow, they have but a few minutes to prepare for battle with the evil creature that has broken free from his prison.

It started out with their battle against Shadow Wing and trying to secure the spirit seals, but has evolved into much more. You feel that all of the sisters are destined to be more than what they are. But they each grow stronger with each story. And, Camille, in my opinion, is destined for something BIG. I only wish that I could see where all of this is headed. Well done Yasmine Galenorn. This time the coming war and the Spirit Seals take a back seat to an old and very dangerous threat. An ancient dragon is coming for Raven Mother. He feels she is in part, to blame for his long imprisonment.

Camille is sent into the land of the Elder Fae to find, The Merlin. Only the last true Merlin has a chance at stopping the threat that approaches. She's allowed to take 3 people with her, and forced to go with a few others that at best, she doesn't trust. Along the way there is development wi This time the coming war and the Spirit Seals take a back seat to an old and very dangerous threat. Along the way there is development with Camille, in regards to her role as a priestess, and Morio's role also changes and grows as well, though we are left in the dark in regards to him.

I enjoyed the story. Yasmine Galenorn is a wonderful spinner of these worlds. But I was left feeling a bit deflated with how easily the ancient dragon was defeated. It was over so fast, and the role The Merlin played in it was a bit too simple. However, I love that the author isn't afraid to pull punches with her characters, as we lose someone close, someone not so close, and another runs off to be assumed lost.

How and will he pop up later? This mystery leaves your mind thinking long after the last page is read. One of Camille's husbands, Trillian, leaves to find his brother, missing in Otherworld after the chaos of the sentient storm. As the group travels through the land of the Elder Fae, we are made privy to some more of this strange places machinations. Camille is swept up in the duties of her role, off on the hunt. Only this time, the hunt is real and she sweeps into a battle to scoop up the souls of soldiers. However she is destined to do a difficult thing when someone she loves is to be brought into the hunt by her.

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Meanwhile, she does not disappoint on her steamy love scenes, her character building, and her ability to pull you out of your own world, and into that of the supernatural. There are threads that are pulled in this novel, only to be left dangling. There were characters that were mostly dressing for this book, and others brought forth into the light. It's such a wild world of people, and creatures, if you don't pay attention you might find yourself overwhelmed. Sep 23, Melanie rated it it was amazing. The problems are still growing but as are the characters around to help deal with things.

The series rotates the main narrators between the three sisters which I think help keeps things feeling fresh and we are back to the first sister Camille for this installment which are always my favorites not that the others aren't amazing. This book is quite a rollercoaster read with some moments of real levity that were definitely appreciated Note to self - Never buy a scroll for decorating the house An easy 5 out of 5 stars from me with the recommendation that anyone who hasn't started the series does so with great haste For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite: www.

Sep 25, Jenevieve rated it really liked it Shelves: loaned-out. Review first published on My Blog. Check out all my reviews there! The 16th book in the Otherworld series by Yasmine Galenorn. Camille has been ordered to go on a mission to wake up The Merlin in order to ask for his help in taking down the older forces that have been sleeping for ages and for which the world is not ready to deal with. Camille has no choice but to obey her Coven Leader but when she is told she must take Morgaine and Bran, allies that she has no reason to actually trust, things ge Review first published on My Blog.

Camille has no choice but to obey her Coven Leader but when she is told she must take Morgaine and Bran, allies that she has no reason to actually trust, things get far trickier. They must be able to work together or their mission will fail and in the elemental realm they are traveling to, that could spell the death of all of them. It was nice seeing some of the Arthurian legends work their way into this book but with their own special take. It certainly makes one look at Morgaine in a different light, at least within the context of this universe, and sort of makes me want to go back and reread them with this new information not that I have time but still.

For some reason, this book just felt short to me, probably because I couldn't put it down so read it in less than two days but I was a bit disappointed in the ending battle which just seemed rushed.

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In all though, a fine addition to the series. Yeah, wow, another amazing, fantastic book in this series! And it's the last Camille book I'll be reading catching up with this series, unless book 18 is the last one, which I hope not! Otherwise, I'll be reading the next one right after is publishes! Oct 12, Krissys rated it it was amazing Shelves: star , featured-books. I received a digital and print copy in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley and Berkley.

My oh My! Yasmine has written one of the best yet. Priestess Dreaming is one of the most intense, most passionate and exciting additions I've read. I thought the others in this series were great but every time Yasmine manages to create something that just can't compare to the next. Where does she get her brilliance from?

Its amazing! I especially love the strong female lead balancing out the story an I received a digital and print copy in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley and Berkley. I especially love the strong female lead balancing out the story and giving readers a sense that they too could be just as sexy, just as powerful. I love it. I love how Yasmine embraces both the beauty and the strength of women that can stand up to and beside strong willful and passionate men. Top it off with some bewitching powers and you got yourself a potent mix.

Its too good to wait for the next book I can't get enough! Oct 01, Eva Millien rated it it was amazing. There is never a dull moment as beloved characters return and new ones are introduced, destinies are progressing and danger lurks from known and unknown sources to keep the readers on the edge of their seat and surprising twist Camille is sent on a quest into the land of the Elder Fae to awaken The Merlin in order to fight an ancient dragon that has awakened.

Mar 22, Delora rated it really liked it Shelves: my-top-fav-books-to-date. Camile really struggles in this book. She is separated from two of her three husbands for the majority and there isn't much spotting of Stormy. There was an emotional beginning as Camile dealt with Trillian having to leave for a time. Then she prepares to leave to go on a very dangerous quest. There wasn't as much of the dynamic between all four of them which I missed. The steamy sex scenes were by far less in this book but as always when they were presented they were hot as always.

The main porti Camile really struggles in this book.

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The main portion was centered around Camile's quest which had a different feel and a change of pace but I will note that while I was really enjoying the story line, the ending turned a bit sour for me as I felt the epic battle was short lived. As always I'm a continued huge fan of Yasmine. Feb 08, Kay rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Yasmine Galenorn is one of my very favorite writes and I can't wait until her books are published.

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I was introduced to her thru this series, and I preorder these faithfully. They have never left me down. Camille, Delilah and Menolly each have entire books dedicated to their stories, and Yasmine tells each story in birth order, starting with Camille, then Delilah and finishing with Menolly. Can't believe this is already her 16th book in the series, and each one is even better than the previous boo Yasmine Galenorn is one of my very favorite writes and I can't wait until her books are published.

Can't believe this is already her 16th book in the series, and each one is even better than the previous book. My Review of Priestess Dreaming I did enjoy this book a lot. I am a huge fan of all the books in this series. I am very attached to each of the sisters and all of those that they call family. The stories are always well written. I would normally have given a book in this series a 5 star rating. I can not tell you why I felt this only a 4 star read. While I enjoyed reading the book once, I do not think that I would re read it. And for me, to receive 5 stars, it would have to make me want to read i My Review of Priestess Dreaming I did enjoy this book a lot.

And for me, to receive 5 stars, it would have to make me want to read it again and again. Is that being too tough? Oct 21, Kay Callahan rated it it was amazing. Finding a legendary being and fighting a titan from the dragon kin we find out some very interesting things about Morgaine, and Mordred will probably cause some mischief in a future book because of what he found out in this. I do enjoy this series but personally I am awaiting the next Panther Prowling as it will be narrated by my favourite sister Delilah Feb 16, Dana rated it really liked it.

The saga continues--Yasmine Galenorn continues to build a world divided with strong characters, excellent stories and lots of drama and twists. Caution - lots of sex that may not appeal to all readers. The Sisters of the Moon stories have strong characters that will pull you into the story before you realize you are hooked. These books are fun reads that move at a very fast pace. Must read author I have always enjoyed reading Yasmine Galenorn books.

They pull you in to the story so you feel as if you are going through it all. Dec 19, Jenni Schell rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle-books. I love this series. That said, this is, so far, my favorite of the story lines yet. I can't wait for more. Oct 07, Haizle The Princess rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , paranormal. Once again, another great story by Yasmine Galenorn. While Camille's is not the point of view that I identify with the most, I was riveted.

Great story and great teaser into the next book! Jun 04, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: features-dragons-or-dragon-shifters , features-shifters , xnbrc-tower-teams-v , features-gods-or-goddesses , books-that-make-me-cry , owned-paper , features-fae , features-misc-supes-mythos , reviewed , features-vampires. I'm going to call this book amazing even though I never really laughed during my reading of it. Came close, though! I did cry - twice! When the book opens, we're outside with Camille and the - still very much alive!!!

And then - on page 4, after a vision Camille had in her car - there's a break and we're shoved into the mad dash of holiday shopping on Black Friday which likewise started out confusingly, as it seemed rather like a dream until page 5 made it clear that Camille was shopping, husbands in tow. Thankfully, from that shopping expedition things "settled down" in quotes because things are never calm for long in these books and started making sense. And how! Things about Morgaine: view spoiler [how Arturo was The King Arthur, and Morgaine was Arthur's lover and not his sister, and Mordred is Morgaine's son and not her nephew as he's always believed.

We also learned that Arthur was a prick Camille's words and Mordred killed him. The shock of killing his father - Arthur put aside his sword and didn't dodge the fatal blow - didn't sit well with him and he ran off to who-knows-where. Morgaine went into a fugue state and remained mostly catatonic through the end.

And that wasn't all we learned! We also got to meet view spoiler [the Merlin!!! All in all, a LOT happened in this story. It was all pretty great. And it's made fantastic when you realize that it was all accomplished without the appearance of any demons or spirit seals in this outing.

Though we did get to see the war in Otherworld, and it was during this scene that I cried for the first time. In the last half of Chapter 18, from pages to , view spoiler [Camille ran with the Hunt on the night of the full moon, and their task that night was to gather the souls of the valiant dead just the "good guys" from the battlefield where Shadow Wing's forces Telazhar's sorcerers and goblin hordes were battling forces from Svartalfeim and Y'Elestrial. Shamas was, sadly, one of the dead. What happened is, view spoiler [after that final battle against Yvarr, Camille, et.

Shaking, yet feeling stronger than I had in a long time, I looked at the faces surrounding me. The faces of those I loved. And they beamed their love back at me. Yes, events were brewing in this, the longest night. But I would meet them, chin up and face forward. I was a priestess of the Moon Mother. And that made me strong. Whatever new threats were coming our way next, my sisters and I, and our lovers and friends, would stand against the enemy together.

Where there was darkness, we would shine light. Where there was danger, we would remain strong. Because this was our home, and we would defend it till the very end. It was just such a beautiful ending. And view spoiler [Trillian and Roz were home again, safe and sound, after leaving somewhere around the middle of the story to head to Otherworld to search for Darynal.

Still though. And did I mention.

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Just wow. Readers also enjoyed. About Yasmine Galenorn. Yasmine Galenorn. Yasmine has been in the Craft since , is a shamanic witch and High Priestess. She describes her life as a blend of teacups and tattoos.

She lives in Kirkland, WA, with her husband Samwise and their cats. Yasmine can be reached via her web site at Galenorn. Other books in the series. Books by Yasmine Galenorn. Trivia About Priestess Dreamin No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Priestess Dreaming. Welcome back. Dwayne Hendrickson. Abraham Drucker. I had not heard of Sagrada before but now that I look at it, I have seen pics of it , but I had three people within 5 minutes asking for it during one of my library shifts.

Also fun was when someone returned Roll Player and then the guy stalking him from behind immediately snatched it up and then 2 more people came rushing in from the tweet notification only to be disappointed it was gone already. Rodney Dangerfield's game was only checked out once I know my group was the only one that checked out Council of Blackthorn and Age of Industry.

Edit: Add Key Market to that. Mall of Horror for me. My game partners went "MEH!

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