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That fight has a cost. Several miles from the all-female camp, there is a fresh graveyard. Men are digging the earth, clearing space for new arrivals as the sun sets, and a YPJ flag dances above a grave. Not far is the house where Cicek once lived. She was 17 when she was killed. Once the sun sets, the town is dark—power has long been out here. The only lights seen are those of passing cars, among them a truck that drives slowly through the town. Revolutionary Kurdish songs play from megaphones attached to the truck.

The music seizes the attention of young boys and girls hanging around the neighborhood.

One by one, they join the trail of people following the vehicle. She is listening to young revolutionaries chant along with the songs that the megaphones blare, songs about Kobani and martyrdom that urge the survivors of battle to rise and continue the fight. Rojin is the last person to leave the mourning caravan behind the truck, lost in thought. Newsha Tavakolian is an Iranian freelance photographer based in Tehran. Last year, she won the Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award. Listen to the most important stories of the day. Here's Why. Newsha Tavakolian. No selling of your data.

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Change is coming. And we've got it covered. That needs to change," Sen.

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Bernie Sanders declared in a statement. Photo: AP. Decrying America's shameful status as the only industrialized nation on Earth that lets pharmaceutical giants hike drug prices without restraint, Sen. Bernie Sanders I-Vt.

A Girl's Worst Nightmare

Ro Khanna D-Calif. Ireland has been his GM for five years and all he ever does is apologize to the fans for whatever stupid thing is happening to his team. For some reason the media has to pile on and obsess about every single seemingly big story making every sane person sick and tired of hearing the same thing repeatedly. I wonder if Mr. Ross sounds like that cartoon dog Droopy?

Changing the fins logo to one that looks more like your beloved Jets. Your first win…barf! Hey Ross, I think the fans are more concerned with the product on the field winning games rather than elementary school type of drama in the locker room. All parties involved have said they have texted each other. They should really just sit down in front of each other and talk. Martin was majorly wronged, but everyone, including coaches, need to get each others issues out on the table face to face. Look, I might get some hate for this, but I thought Richie made some good points and sounded intelligent and aware of what he did.

And sometimes u can push it a little to far and hit a sensitive note or catch someone on a bad day, or it just builds up and explodes. Does anybody actually know if Martin or incognito hate or like each other? I bet those men in the locker room are the only ones, so nobody should be able to take extreme sides on this debacle.

Have faith it will be justly resolved, and if Martian truly likes incognito, it will. More importantly, what are YOU doing to ensure that the future is the best possible dream from this point forward? My opinion is to fire Ireland and hire me as the GM. I think that would be the easiest way to get the best resolution as well as football future.

Dark Secret Behind Martin Mystery

The pink slip fairy awaits…. Anyone want in? This Martin is like a 14yr old girl with these text messages. Pick up the phone for once ya Nancy and maybe someone would understand your problems.

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People are right. He should go play for Indy. Not because of his relationship with Luck but because he can text, tweet and twerk all he wants with their owner. It was celebrated on Hard Knocks. The NFL is a league consisting of 32 very wealthy owners of which Ross is one. As overblown as this story is dolfan the entire Summer and part of the beginning of the season was about the Aaron Hernandez murder case. I am new here but pretty much every sports article was about Aaron Hernandez so quit with the revisionist history man.

National haters and media could eat an incognito. Listening to and watching Richie talk in the interview to Glazier and be opened about nearly everything. Its hard to understand what has really gone on. Actually, no. He is the worst owner in football, and his GM is the worst GM in football. Ninety minutes to kickoff and there are 8 Bucs fans rockin the house.

There is enough blame to go around on this one. I wish it would go away but that is up to all those actually involved rather than me or any of the talking heads that inject their opinions to generate ratings. Much of the claims do not add up so far.

He snapped on a prank that he himself had pulled the week before. The threatening VM from 8 months ago was very similar to a text from Martin himself to Incognito a couple weeks ago.

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Some reports said Martin never said he had an issue with anything that went on. There is one prerequisite though. In order for a voice to be heard it must first be used. If Martin would have said anything it could have been avoided completely and he would not have had to endure all the stuff his lawyers have said he endured. I think this was the typical stuff that goes on in many locker rooms. It was not a problem until recently. It seems that all this stuff is a way to fog the issue with a national story that looks as if it falls in line with the bullying headlines of recent months.

If it turns out that Martin did go to team authorities with specific complaints about maltreatment and was ignored, then I would view this differently but it does not seem to me like that happened in this case.