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During the s the lake featured the rental of electric boats, with the names of comic book animal characters. Read More on Wikipedia. Welcome to MacArthur Park Neighborhood Council To promote the welfare, protect the interests, and serve as a voice for the MacArthur Park community with the City's decision-making process for a better quality of life.

MacArthur Park Neighborhood Council. My LA Join Our Mailing List. Would highly recommend. Excellent food. That is my only criticism. Should not charge. Hadn't been there for 20 years. Ribs are probably the best bet. Excellent restaurant - the food is marvelous, the setting incredible! The service might have been the best we've experienced! Overall,be highly recommend MacArthur Park for special occasions! The ribs were great as usual. However, for over a year now, potato skins are not on the menu.

We really miss them and want them back. The staff was very welcoming and friendly without being too familiar. However, service was slow and sporadic. Perhaps because we were outside on the lovely patio our choice , although there were others as well. It really was the food that was disappointing. The grilled artichoke we shared was the highlight. It was great. But my dinner?

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It looked like two different pieces of meat and I suspected that one had been precooked as it was pretty much medium well instead of rare. But both were chewy, and there was almost none of the Chimichurri sauce on it.

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The Sea Bass special had the same veg problem, the polenta was just ok, but the fish was very good. A lovely place, but not inclined to return. Not what it was in it's heyday. Sadly, the restaurant is not trying very hard. Seems stuck in mediocrity. Service is okay, though not very attentive. Food is passable, but not exciting. Could be so much better. Remember when this was a go to, hard to get in restaurant.

It's still a beautiful room, and could provide a great dining experience with a more effort from the owners. I always enjoy dining at McArthur Park while in California and consider it a highlight of my trip to the state. The amazing architecture of the historic building, combined with the casual, yet excellent, fare makes the evening a multi-sensory event. We enjoy the BBQ best, and always order the tower of onion straws. The fresh sourdough bread is a treat that I can't help but indulge. Seriously, the portions are huge and it was difficult for us to come close to eating half of our dinners.


Still, my husband was able to eat his dessert, and mine - the Mud Pie is that delicious. I have been going to this restaurant in the 90's and also early 's Finally I was able to dine again last weekend at MacArthure Park restaurant and I must state that it is still one of the best restaurants in the peninsula. Service is excellent plus food is very delicious. Bread and dessert were stale. We went for mother' day dinner. There was no air conditioning in the building so we sat outside in the patio which was nice.

The food was so so. The pork was dry, possibly it was already cut and under a lamp, the prime rib was chewy, the BBQ ribs and dessert was good. Other than that, the side dishes was average. We could have ate BBQ ribs at another restaurant for less than half the price. Nice venue and good food. Mothers day. Has me rethinking using Opentable again. After going to Macarthur Park for decades, two years ago we had a horrible experience, and vowed never to go again.

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We loved the ambiance, so we gave it a last shot, and were pleasantly surprised. Definitely not five star, but a very nice relaxed four stars we would say. Well done. Great food and outstanding service. Went for Mother's Day brunch. Party of 6 with 1 toddler. Seated promptly. Servers provided mimosas or sparkling wine. Plenty of food at all the locations. Quality was good. Everyone was happy. Unfortunately MacArthur Park is way past its prime.

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The night we visited it was understaffed. Our server confided she was having a bad day. It was not crowded but she was inattentive and less than welcoming and enthusiastic. Our food was blah. What a disappointment. We went for the Easter Brunch, and it was fabulous! Other than being very crowded, it was a great experience.

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Easter brunch. I have been going to MacArthur Park restaurant on and off for many years.

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I have always been happy with it in the past. Unfortunately, Easter brunch was an exception. The food was mediocre, the service almost non-existent, and it was extremely noisy. After Hurricane Sandy, Nick Fowler, a writer, stranded alone in a Manhattan apartment without power, begins to contemplate disaster. Months later, at an artist residency in upstate New York, Nick finds his subject in disaster itself and the communities shaped by it, where crisis animates both hope and denial, unacknowledged pasts and potential futures.

As he travels to Los Angeles and London on assignment, Nick discovers that outsiders—their lives and histories disturbed by sex, loss, and bad weather—are often better understood by what they have hidden from the world than what they have revealed. Melding the essayistic and the dramatic with an ironic sheen and narrative depth that impress at every turn, Durbin shows what lies behind the public selves presented by social media, skillfully taking the social and cultural temperature of our time. The psychic devastations unleashed by Hurricane Sandy serve as a starting point for a story that carries the reader along its journey deep into the art world and queer life in the United States and abroad.

Durbin registers the temperature of our nights and days, with perfect pitch conversations and commentaries on pop culture, utopian collectives, the art world, politics, sex, emotions. He tracks the wanderings of Nick, his protagonist, who flees Hurricane Sandy; a stormy love affair; a troubled art community, and runs from Tom of Finland phallic fetishism in LA.

Everywhere, Nick acutely observes the natural world of startling sunsets and lush landscapes, and always smells the coffee. Andrew Durbin gives us all the information we will need to make it in the precarious margins of the art world: parables of love and drugs, evidence of the impending apocalypse, and play-by-plays of the cocktail and conference banter of the powerful. The most fraught meteorology occurs when those fronts called the intellect and the heart collide.