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One-hundred Percent Organic by Usami-Sensei reviews Sasuke could be a bit of a workaholic and the exhaustion that came with it drove Naruto insane, especially when it interfered with his and Sasuke's sex-life. So you can imagine the Uchiha falling asleep without getting the 'job' done had been the last straw for Naruto. Now he had no choice. And it was a totally 'organic' method. Pergamino by Takaita Hiwatari reviews Un pergamino con el que se puede viajar al pasado llega a las manos de Naruto. Sasuke's value-added services by Itooshii Koneko reviews Sasuke Uchiha is a well-known expert in network security, he is contacted by Jinchuriki Corp to audit their network, but what happens when he meets his former classmate Naruto Uzumaki.

Read to find out. First lemon, be gentle. Fairy Tales by surveycorpsjean reviews Why yes, this is a prince! Eren is found discouraged and homeless, when he is offered a job as a maid by a stranger. He does the one thing he tells himself not to do; fall in love with the prince. Nuestro renuevo de Olivo by Arukise98 reviews A veces en la vida llegan acontecimientos que te unen a tu mejor amigo, eso les ocurrio a Naruto y Sasuke cuando llego Menma a sus vidas Little Monster by kiwifruitt reviews A failed transformation turns Eren into his six-year-old self, with his memories almost completely gone.

The Military Police saw it as a golden opportunity to rid the titan-shifter once and for all. Porque cada vez que Jaeger ve ese anillo se muestra triste, culpable y melancolico. Don't think I heard you right.

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What did you just ask me, Rivaille? How did you not hear me right? The Art of a Well Staged Murder by Night-Being reviews To kill a weak human shouldn't be that hard, especially not for a ridiculously old and experienced vampire. But as Sasuke was soon going to learn, this person wasn't just anyone. He was Naruto Uzumaki! And he was one hell of a lucky idiot. And laptops have tremendous killing qualities. Hotel, dulce hotel by Rikkukichi reviews AU. Para relajarse, para divertirse, para descansar Nephilim by Valkyrja Jaeger reviews Life as a trainee, constantly waiting to become an angel is hard, especially when there is a demon king continuously trying to seduce you.

All seemed to be going well until the day the Wings were going to be given. That's when it all went straight to hell. Eren x Demon! Levi with side shippings. I'm Gay by the squip reviews Eren estaba desesperado. Intento de comedia. Eren is a typical struggling college student. One night he runs into a handsome stranger. But when this stranger starts to casually throw money at him, Eren comes to an agreement: having a pampering sugar daddy may not be the worst thing.

Witch Doctor by Kaida Matsuki reviews "A single spell could change one's life Only idiots would actually believe that load of bull. But let's change that into a smart, desperate Uchiha who wants a certain blond Well, guess again. Our Turn by Shiroi reviews Two years is a long time to sexually frustrate a man, let alone two.

Eren, you done fucked up. Control and the choices we make by creoleereri reviews Eren is an orphan with a shitty job. When he gets his ass kicked he thinks me met an angel but only meets Levi. What will he do knwoing the man has taken a liking to him To Discipline a Kitten by SpiritofLove reviews All Eren wanted to do was to go to a costume party with his friends on Halloween night. When Levi sees him in his costume, however, that plan flew right out the window. Can Eren escape his lover's advances or will he end up being disciplined?

Riren fic; very 1st one! Hope you all enjoy and remember to review! Propuesta indecente by Sasunaru Lover yaoii reviews Eren esta comprometido con Mikaso, un mafioso japones que esta enamorado de el, una noche conoce a Rivaille con el se deja llevar a una noche de pasion y aventura Suddenly having to take care of several children was not in Eren, or Levi's, schedule. La leyenda japonesa de las doncellas Zorro Playing dirty by Disperato reviews [Ereri] Eren has a thing for glasses and Levi is a massive tease; this is the story.

Festival Literario SasuNaru Betareader: Hibari Kyouya. It was inevitable, Levi thought. It was his Fate to be sucked off by Eren in his cute cardigan. Maybe hit up McD's and share twenty-piece McNuggets for 4. He didn't mind.

Rate T por los sucios pensamientos del heichou. Puppy Whines by jaegerboys reviews This oneshot is about an overly-possessive, jealous Levi and a puppydog Eren. Contains RiRen, spanking, punishment sex, dirty talk, a house party, puppy whines, dog collars, leashes, PWP Fallen by wodolay reviews But today things would change. Things would actually get interesting. He had heard his demons talk, heard the frightened whispers.

A boy, Eren, he was the angels last hope. Apparently that boy had taken down more demons in the past few years than the others had in the past few hundreds. Se ofrece una recompensa de grandes cantidades a quien encuentre a Eren Jaeger, el nieto del emperador. Imbue by Childish Sadism reviews An innocent flower isolated from the world, with no one around to cherish it or love it.

He cannot escape and can't run away, but will trading one prison for another make his life worth living, or will the God of Death make him wish he never left his garden. Para ellos, era haber estado con las personas 'equivocadas' y quedar embarazados. Eren is the son to a poor farmer's wife. But a run-in with a cursed prince leaves him working as a slave in a palace.

Now rated M for some light smut in later chapters. Eren Jaeger, an extremely talented photographer, always dreamed about traveling the world in search of the most beautiful buildings and people. After getting a grant by a traveling agency to tour Europe for a year, he saves the most beautiful country in his opinion for last: France.

He will soon realize that the most precious things in life have flaws. Warnings inside. Once Again by Starian NightZz reviews Titans are now a thing of the past, believed to be a mere myth. Levi Ackerman is now having a second chance at life, with all his past memories intact.

Now in his junior year of high school, he despaired of ever finding his long lost love. At least until a certain green eyed freshman turned up, and he then feared that she might not remember him. Living a Lie by winternightlullaby reviews Eren Yeager was a fresh, new doctor in Trost Hospital with hope of saving every life he could. Levi Ackerman is the top cardiac surgeon who also happens to be the sadistic leader of Trost's underground gang Recon, torturing the enemies that end up in the hospital. Eren didn't know that last part until after he married him. Partners by surveycorpsjean reviews College Au.

Eren is a freshman at a university with his friends. His teacher introduces a new program where freshman are assigned a senior to help tutor them for two months. Eren learns that his new partner isn't exactly easy to get along with. Will something grow between them? Or will this Levi guy hate Eren forever? Riren with side ships. That smell was unmistakable. Levi had brewed a pot of pennyroyal tea. LevixEren fluffy drabble, please read and review!

Drama de un Drama by Morita Misaki reviews Eren un iluso y honesto universitario, determinado y audaz; pero confiado y algo torpe. I can t resist you by Pao Scarlet reviews Levi es un exitoso hombre de negocios que lo tiene todo Even as a child, Levi has a bad mouth. And the rest of the cast are children as well. Lavi Bookman is just a simple Candy Striper looking for something eventful. So what happens when the two meet? Allen, who has never spoken to anyone since his stay, actually responds for once when he sees Lavi.

Now Lavi is assigned to help him out Side pairings as well! Espero que lo disfruten. The Sex Chronicles by RubenCherrie reviews Eren and Levi share a series of promiscuous mishaps and scenarios that incidentally make their relationship cooler than movies even though at times it can be exceedingly awkward and hilarious. Let's talk about sex, baby and what it's really like. In Front of the Window by winternightlullaby reviews Eren and Levi wake up from opposing dreams in the middle of the night. One had a scary nightmare that he doesn't want to come true.

The other had a dream that he wants made into reality. A few moments spent calming Eren leads to making love before the city lights beyond the apartment window. Contains some OOC. Sin embargo, aun le quedan "estragos" de ese sentir hacia Eren. Movida por los celos, decide darle fin a la vida de Jaeger, quien escapando de la muerte se adentra en el encantado Bosque de los siete titanes. Absolutamente su culpa. After a hard day of fighting Titans, Eren and Levi unwind by Watch what happens when Hanji forces them to play rage inducing games as an "experiment.

Includes PC, phone apps, and console games. Never trust Uchiha with new jutsu by FanofBellaandEdward reviews A mission makes Sasuke realise that his children wish never really disappeared. But how can two guys together have a child?

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Well, a look through the Uchiha scrolls and the help of Kyuubi could be the solution. El amor mas fuerte y puro by Stefany chan reviews Eren es un chico que se muda a Forks por causas personales. Pasen a leer. His sister, Mikasa, worked in police department grow to be an overprotective sister that made him tired. He decided to life by himself before a stranger hit him hard when he walked home. After he helped him, that person become his loyal stalker, tried to own him by his way without Eren knowing.

Dedicada a Javi. One more stupid love song I'll be sick by Imanza reviews Eren picks up the phone and lets his good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend know exactly what he thinks of him. Only he's got the wrong number. When Eren is stuck with Levi, his insufferable roommate, they both will learn that there is more to life than what meets the eye. But when he falls in love with Eren, everything changes. He wants to live. For her. But the thing is, Eren has a secret of her own. She's been cursed with skin that kills anyone she touches and she's determined not to kill Levi.

Now you don't have to worry about finding a bride because you've already got one very willing candidate on your lap. You just have to wait until he's legal. Live for me like I live for you. I love you Eren, more than you would ever know. Now tell me the same, tell me you'll love only me. Eren and Alpha! Pale Hands Holding an Apple by lunatrancy reviews Eren moves to a small town and meets an vampire named Levi. Levi and werewhorse Jean. El rey y reina son asesinados dejando a sus dos hijos solos donde el mayor toma el control del reino sin saber el secreto de su hermano, pero todo cambia cuando el secreto sale a la luz.

He bosses his butler Levi around and makes him do stupid things. Even as Eren pulls his hair or splashes water in his face, he stays by his side. Even as he curses at him or gets angry, he stays. Even when he's sad with tears dripping, he stays. And yet as everyone leave, why does he stay? Sixty Seconds to Heaven by freshia reviews Eren Jaeger has many talents, like the ability to whistle, wiggle his ears, and bring the dead back to life. Alternatively, the time Eren went looking for answers and came back with an undead childhood crush.

Modern AU; Pushing Daisies inspired. El Leon y la Oveja by nerdm4id reviews El mayor, no supo ni cuando, ni por que. Pero cuando vio a ese joven de aspecto rebelde, simplemente cayo rendido, aunque claro, no lo iba a admitir, era demasiado orgulloso, iba a averiguar todo de ese muchacho. Pasen a leer 3. It was by chance that he laid his eyes upon him—that being that will turn his mundane life upside-down. Chivalry by ValorTheory reviews Fairy Tale AU: A story of great adventure and love occurs when a titan, a beast of legend, kidnaps one of the royal children of a neighboring kingdom.

Prince Levi must attempt a daring rescue to save the life of the fair That's not right. Denle una oportunidad. Rated T. Aunque Eren no ayuda mucho con sus encantos. Le costara caro cuando este mas grande. Splinter by DevilGhostflower reviews Eren patches him up after the reckless act of passion, lovingly and with care, kisses every bruise and scratch mark. The recognition of what he's done burns hot in his belly. It's something new, foreign, makes his cheeks flush with slight embarrassment, but in its raw beauty it's anything but a crime.

Cosmic by ValorTheory reviews In which Eren discovers something more than just the rest of the universe. Levi has an ancient device that was once called a telescope before the titans. Looking out Levi's window, the surly corporal beside him, it's a wonder Eren didn't know these things before. Sleepover Fun by levichansan reviews "No. No way in hell were they doing it on the floor while all their friends were passed out in the same room. Not to mention that as much as he liked Eren, his breath probably stunk of popcorn and beer.

Day by Day by rose-tinted-bones reviews Eren Jaeger was only a boy, sixteen years of age, when the world went mad. Five years later, he and an ex-soldier named Levi gamble their lives against all hope as they struggle to escape this hell on Earth. My devil on the bed by Aoikuromi reviews Eren, besa profundamente mi pecho Enciende mi locura con tu sensualidad. Valenciana valencia mondosonoro. Ebooks and Manuals

Marco, Diego R. Mastodon Encuentros en la tercera fase Edita Sister Sonic, S. Manos de Topo Lagartija Nick Ward Nixon Eskorzo Veracruz Mando DIao Matthew Herbert White Lies. Landeira Tlf. TAN cerca TAN lejos Se trata de cuatro temas en los que Shunda K se acerca a distintos estilos. Codirector de Lagarto. Cooper, la mejor banda de power pop nacional. En el fondo lo que importa son las canciones. Empezaron a contabilizar las descargas.

Aunque avisa al respecto. En cualquier caso la inactividad no forma parte de su vida. Su presencia siempre es bienvenida, y el sentimiento parece ser mutuo. La cita es del 14 al 16 de mayo en Mendizabala Vitoria-Gasteiz. Las guitarras vuelven a Bilbao. Estrella Levante SOS 4. En el Auditorio Mondosonoro. Los defectos ante todo, como a ellos les gusta. Tenemos pasteles de nata para todos los decanos. Pero de eso se trata, de la belleza de las narices enormes, la gran-. Han vuelto a hacerlo.

Siguen muy grandes. Intuyo ciertas sensaciones de la gente con el grupo, con algunas canciones. Antonio estalla en una carcajada. En el nuevo disco nos encontramos con canciones directas, certeras, afiladas como nunca. Mi set de platos consta de. Ahora tocaba hacerse entender. Peleamos por el repertorio que podamos tocar en directo. Y la verdad es que me interesa. Me interesa saber lo que quieren.

La independencia total es mentira. Mi primera moti-. En cuanto a parches, uso los Remo modelo Pinstripe. Estamos muy agradecidos y seguimos con ilusiones, con proyectos….

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Antonio se queda pensativo y, finalmente, zanja la cosa. Esa es la pura verdad. Ward encarna al cantautor del siglo XXI, signifique lo que signifique eso. Con Matt Ward sucede lo opuesto. Ward ha escrito muchas de ellas. No me peleo con las canciones. Nada nuevo. Por un segundo parece volver a la vida, la voz se le achispa. En un mismo mes coinciden en las pantallas Macaco y Huecco. Una obra maestra. Francisco Nixon Foto Archivo. Y es que resulta que ahora las letras de Francisco Nixon son machistas.

En fin. Tan sencillo y a la vez tan complicado. Gran invento el de los Best Of para estas ocasiones. Creemos que. Esta claro que este disco es distinto, como distinta ha sido su. Ha llovido mucho desde entonces y ahora Veracruz juegan en otra liga. Al igual que el anterior, lo han grabado en el estudio de Jens Neumaier 12twelve, Coconot , que viene a ser el quinto elemento de Veracruz. Respecto a los grupos que les han influido en este nuevo sonido citan a Billy Childish, The Church, The. Y si en el camino perdemos o ganamos fans no es algo que deba preocuparnos.

Es totalmente cierto. En casi todas las tardes que hay entre febrero y octubre. Eso fue un lapsus. Tengo un amigo que dice que una vez le amenazaste con clavarle una navaja en las nalgas. No creo. Joan S. No demasiados. Por suerte nunca. Siempre los guardamos en nuestro equipaje de mano para que eso no ocurra. Nos responde Harry McVeigh, cantante.

Nos encantan, pero no somos muy admiradores de Editors. En ocasiones parece forzado el giro oscuro del sonido y la imagen de la. Londres siempre es la principal fuente de origen de bandas. Las utiliza como una especie de terapia, para quitarse de encima sus pensamientos negativos, pero no tienen mucho. Pues ni lo uno, ni lo otro. Published by Plaza y Janes, Spain About this Item: Plaza y Janes, Spain, Trade Paperback.

No Jacket. Shipping: Regular mail only. Published by I. About this Item: I. Tapa blanda. Condition: Aceptable. Published by Palibrio, United States About this Item: Palibrio, United States, Language: English. Sobre ruedas una historia entrelazada de un trailero de la epoca actual, con los ultimos dias de un sargento Callista a quien se le asigna una mision de caracter personal por parte del mismo gobierno la cual fracasa enterrando junto a sus suenos una bolsa llena de centenarios, para que despues de varias decadas accidentalmente un viejo trailero con inicios del Alzheimer la encuentre y pueda darle una explicacion a su incomodo nieto de lo que el piensa sobre el destino y de las etapas de vida".

Seller Inventory AAV Condition: Brand New. Spanish language. This item is printed on demand.

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Seller Inventory zk Raquel Antunez Cazorla illustrator. Puedes escoger el tipo de final que quieras: feliz, triste o neutral. Lilith no tiene ni la menor idea. Te dejo enlaces para que te pongas en contacto al final. Item added to your basket View basket. Proceed to Basket.

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