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It wants to ensure that FinTechs that are offering banking services are duly licensed, that risks can be adequately assessed, and that they meet the same standards as traditional banks. The Federal Network Agency decided that parts of a zero-rating tariff option by Deutsche Telekom infringe the principle of net neutrality and EU-roaming rules, but does not put the general principle of zero-rating into question. Even though it is obvious that influencer marketing must observe the framework of applicable statutory provisions, the market has long been uncertain about how influencer posts are to be drafted in order to be legally compliant.

Digitalization in commerce is accelerating the process of eliminating commercial enterprises by means of direct transactions. Can distributors, wholesalers and retailers protect themselves against being bypassed? TV actors can be employed on fixed-term contracts — even for 28 years. Effective date: October 1, Announced in February, now finally coming into force: the German Federal Film Fund has created an additional fund — the DFFF II — with the aim of creating an incentive for major national and international projects to come to Germany and thus securing the competitiveness of the German film industry.

The decision on Brexit has been made and negotiations on how the United Kingdom can leave the European Union are underway. Over the last few weeks, the question has repeatedly been raised as to whether future transfers of personal data will still be possible without encountering problems. The German data protection authorities are currently coordinating their activities on the interpretation of the GDPR and publishing them in brief papers. Company cars are usually leased to conserve liquidity. This financing option is not only possible for new cars, but also for classic cars. Vehicles that are more than 30 years old are defined as classic cars and may thus carry an H license plate for historical.

Therefore, whoever has a soft spot for posh classic cars, should definitely compare the figures for leasing a new car versus a classic car. In addition to Diese Art von Not- Testament kann errichtet werden, wenn der Erblasser sich objektiv in naher Todesgefahr befindet oder die drei Zeugen subjektiv die nahe Todesgefahr berechtigterweise annehmen durften.

Am Bitcoin, ether, and other cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular means of payment. These digital means of payment offer an advantage over classic bank transactions in that no central processing needs to take place anymore. The payment transaction is organized through blockchain, meaning that it is handled by the use of ledgers between computers.

The accounts and transactions are documented by the Wie das Bundesarbeitsgericht nun aber entschieden hat, gilt es in Bezug auf das damit verbundene Angebot auf Abschluss eines neuen Arbeitsvertrags bestimmte Kriterien einzuhalten. Ansonsten kann das Angebot zu Nach bisheriger Rechtsprechung, insbesondere der des 5.

Senats des Bundesarbeitsgerichts Urteil vom Der AGG gezahlt werden, sind steuerfrei. The last day of June was particularly eventful with the German parliament railroading two important media and tech law bills: First, the Network Enforcement Act was drafted to fight against online hate speech and fake news. Second, the German Telemedia Act has been amended and is supposed to Initial results of this process are brief papers that were adopted by the Conference of the Independent Data Protection Authorities of the Federal Government and the German States DSK and which have been published since Effective June 30, amendments to the BSI Act to enhance the security standard of network and information systems entered into force.

Since July 1, , providers of publicly available telecommunications services are obliged to retain specific user data. Auf ihrer Mitgliederversammlung vom The obligation to store traffic and location data "data retention" in effect from July violates EU law.

Instability of Equilibria with Imperfect Private Monitoring

Werben auch Sie mit Kundenbewertungen? Erscheinen solche auf Ihrer Webseite oder werden mit dieser verlinkt? Dann laufen Sie Gefahr, wegen unlauterer Werbung abgemahnt zu werden. Personal data are the raw material of the future. The new European data protection law introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR puts businesses in charge of protecting personal data by requiring the relevant companies controllers to ensure data protection by design and by default.

According to the GDPR, the pseudonymization of personal data is a suitable means of meeting this requirement. Bei diesen Unionsindividualmarken handelt es sich im Gegensatz zu sog. As a matter of principle, IP addresses are thus generally subject to data protection provisions. The security and reporting requirements introduced by the German IT Security Act now also apply to companies on the health, finance and insurance, and transportation sectors. Data protection will then be a management task and non-compliance will be expensive. This applies to large corporations and medium-sized businesses as well as to small businesses and associations.

Now it is on the CJEU to decide the future of sample-based music. Ensuring data protection compliance remains a leadership task, and failure to meet the requirements of the GDPR will be expensive. This applies to companies of all sizes. The EU Parliament has adopted a regulation, which will allow EU citizens to have unrestricted access to their subscribed online services also when they are on holiday abroad.

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A new judgment of Celle Higher Regional Court could lead to higher compensation being awarded to commercial agents and distributors in the future. On April 5, , the federal government adopted the Act to improve legal enforcement in social networks Network Enforcement Act , which was advanced by the Federal Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas.

Even the temporary storage of a work during streaming is protected by copyright law. Facebook may only process the personal data of German WhatsApp users where these users have provided their prior consent in compliance with German data protection law. If employees of an IT service provider disclose information, of which they have become aware during their work for a physician, a lawyer or another person subject to professional secrecy, they can be liable to prosecution in the future. Consent to the receipt of commercial emails by third parties is invalid if the text of the consent declaration does not clearly indicate for which specific products these third parties are permitted to advertise.

On April 5, , the federal government adopted a bill to amend the German Telemedia Act. The bill provides that internet network access providers cannot be held liable as an infringing party by rightholders whose rights have been violated from the illegal use of the access providers' internet connections. Online ratings of doctors, restaurants, hotels etc. In several rulings the BGH has tried to achieve an equilibrium between the differing interests. Customer satisfaction queries are a popular tool for businesses to consolidate customer loyalty and inspire future sales.

According to the latest court decision it has been confirmed that outside of narrow exceptions obtaining prior explicit consent is indispensable to avoid liability KG Berlin, decison dated A summary of the White Book is available here. LAG Hessen, Urteil v. Enthusiasm for what has become technically feasible is suppressing personal responsibility for our actions more and more, and the brain is being increasingly turned off. Everything is supposed to be easier and faster. In the near future, we will be driving with our smart cars from our smart homes to our smart offices, and all of this will happen in a smart city.

The increasing digitalization and networking of products and value-added chains in the context of the fourth industrial revolution is not just bearing significant opportunities for increased efficiency for the highly productive German automobile and engineering industry. It also calls into question familiar mechanisms. The Internet of Things introduces challenges for the data-protection-conforming exchange of data between machines. Yet M2M products can definitely benefit from the legal requirements.

The automobile industry has been working for many years with partially automated manufacturing processes and intelligent control systems in vehicles. The rapidly advancing networking of individual components and systems creates a flood of interconnected data sets. Applicable laws do not provide clear answers. Im Rahmen seines Vortrages zum 5. During the night from March 9 to March 10, , the German Bundestag decided to make changes to warranty law.

Since February 1, , traders in sales or service contracts with consumers have to comply with new information duties on their websites and in their general terms and conditions. These requirements arise from the German Consumer Dispute Resolution Act, which entered into force in April , and complement information duties already existing in the European Union. Last weekend, a drone collided with a car on the German highway A While the car was severely damaged, no one was injured, apparently. According to press reports, the drone pilot stated that the drone had unintentionally started, got out of sight and landed on the highway, probably due to a technical defect or an operator error.

The German government fired the starting shot for the necessary adjustments of national law to the EU General Data Protection Regulation: The German cabinet adopted a respective law on February 1st, as beginning of the formal legislative process.

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According to the January 24, order of the U. United States available online at www. In addition to adapting requirements introduced by the IT Security Act for critical infrastructure operators, the draft law also provides for new security requirements for providers of digital services. These services include online marketplaces, online search engines, and cloud computing services. The private and public sector, as well as all industries in Germany and the EU are affected.

Otherwise, they may incur high fines and other sanctions. This requires protection strategies in line with employment law. It entered into force after publication in the Official Journal of the EU on May 25, and will take effect from May 25, The Internet offers the special advantage that conducting prize competitions is simple and inexpensive.

In June , the British voted to leave the European Union and, with a narrow majority of In use for a long time as a process for plastic, ceramic and metal processing, 3D printing has become increasingly important in the food industry. Success in the sale confectionery products depends on their design and the designs of their packages. Quite often, design influences the purchasing decisions of consumers more than taste or quality. Not every sign is worthy of protection as a trademark. The crucial obstacle to registration is distinctive character.

This is a question that concerns many companies each day. Whether the money is ever actually recovered therefore depends on the duration of the court proceedings. BSG, Urteil v. Die Teilnahme an einer abteilungsinternen Gemeinschaftsveranstaltung unterliegt dem Schutz der gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung. BSG, Urteile v. Solche Behauptungen sind vom Schutzbereich des Grundrechts nicht umfasst. A multitude of legal battles erupted, model cases were litigated, about fair and adequate remuneration, disclosure obligations regarding revenues, adjustments of individual fee and collective agreements.

Forward to and the German On Monday in Brussels, the UK government surprisingly announced its intention to ratify the agreement on a Unified Patent Court despite the Brexit vote. To cut a long story short: in the past producers got credit for repaying the funds they received from the Film It comes as an early Christmas present for YouTube fans: having battled over 7 years about the liability of YouTube for the musical works embodied in the uploaded video clips, German collecting society GEMA and YouTube at last managed to sign a licensing deal on 01 November German YouTubers rejoice about the unblocking of thousands of videos.

Will GEMA members receive a nice gift as well? They may reasonably Gleich in zwei Entscheidungen musste sich der BGH am In a coordinated written audit, 10 German data protection supervisory authorities will review the transfer of personal data to countries outside the EU in the coming weeks. The data protection supervisory authorities made sure to include companies of various sizes and different sectors in the Audit. Die EU-Kommission hat mit ihrem Beschluss vom Whether Germany played by European rules went to Europe for the decision.

Regional Court Essen had sentenced Achenbach for fraud in 18 counts, in four of which in conjunction with embezzlement, as well as for attempted fraud, to a total term of Eine Verwaltungsanordnung vom In some areas, the EU Commission met the demands of privacy advocates, led by the Article 29 Working Party, and made appropriate changes. In its judgment, the CJEU argued that it can be considered a communication to the public when the posting of hyperlinks is carried out for profit.

It can be expected that the person who posted such a link carries out the necessary checks to ensure that the work concerned is not illegally published on the website In a decision of July 28, , the Federal Court of Justice rejected the generally agreed presumption in Germany, according to which a parody always requires an anti-thematic approach. The question has been a hot topic for a long time: are providers of public Wi-Fi networks liable if their anonymous clients use them to infringe copyrights?

The Federal Ministry of Justice submitted the draft of a law to reform misattributed paternity recourse, which is supposed to be enacted in the current legislative term. At present, no one knows whether, when and how the planned Brexit will occur. The existing political and legal uncertainty represents a major challenge for companies. Upon termination of an agency contract, commercial agents are frequently entitled to claims for compensation under Section 89b German Commercial Code.

These claims may be fairly high and often lead to disputes. Occasionally, agency agreements contain provisions according to which agents receive payments already during the term of the contract, which are then to be offset against possible compensation claims. Stock-listed companies are continuously forced to deal with new obligations under capital market law.

Dealing with obligations of this kind often depends on how many employees companies have on staff and how this number of employees can be specifically determined. In this regard, issuers currently have to deal with a significant amount of confusion due to an online publication from the German Federal Ministries for Der Bundesgerichtshof BGH hat am Insolvency contesting has turned into a major risk factor for creditors in recent years. The law, however, remains silent on when the prerequisites for an insignificant accessory are satisfied. Bundessozialgericht, Urteil v. Das Elternzeitverlangen hat gem.

Juni in nationales Recht umgesetzt werden.

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  7. A narrow majority of The reform of market abuse law by the EU, which will directly enter into force as a Regulation on July 03, without further transposition by the German legislators will replace current German by European capital market law. The new rules are more complex and sanctions impending when violating those rules will be stricter than to date. With a view to the forthcoming change of the legal situation, this article In a widely discussed decision in October , the CJEU declared the Safe Harbor Agreement to be invalid we reported , thus eliminating a key pillar for lawful data transfer to US companies.

    Within several months of implementation time, companies were therefore required to base their US data transfer on another pillar, in particular Standard Contractual Clauses. The amendment is to enter into force on the day following promulgation. The Federal Council could still dissent. Companies are not only responsible towards their stakeholders, but more and more bearing general social responsibility. Following several client questions in the recent past, we would like to address a problem that suffers from an apparent lack of awareness, but may result in considerable expenses.

    The problem concerns the use of street art in souvenir shops without the indication of sources. This would eliminate a major obstacle to the operation of freely accessible WiFi hotspots: Under current law, legal actions for an injunction may be filed against the owners of an unsecured internet connection as indirect The latter runs a commercial permanent exhibition hall in Berlin Mitte, showing mainly graphical works and multiple sculpture editions of The German Federal Supreme Court today put an end to a collective distribution practice established for decades.

    The defendant, collecting society VG Wort, collects amongst others the copyright levies for private copying. Facebook now offers Verified Pages the option of officially embedding branded content into the page. For this purpose, a branded content tool was developed, which the website operator must use to tag the advertised brand or product. The marketer can now share or advertise the post on its site as well and obtain information and reach and engagement for the post.

    Privacy Shield, the successor agreement to Safe Harbor. While welcoming the new framework for data transfer to the U. Verpflichtung des Arbeitgebers, den Betrieb so zu organisieren, dass betriebsverfassungsrechtliche Arbeitszeitgrenzen eingehalten werden. Die Regelung ist nicht gerechtfertigt. Soweit der Arbeitgeber in einem Arbeitszeitkonto ein Guthaben vorbehaltlos ausweist, stellt er das Guthaben.

    Der BGH hat am Februar Az. At present, there are still many uncertainties as to which extent Facebook or enterprises using Facebook are liable for potential violations of privacy law. Courts disagree on this point. Last Thursday, 18th February , the German parliament discussed the latest draft of the new Cultural Heritage Protection Law at the first of three readings. After formal adoption of the draft directive, the NIS Directive is In a recently published judgment, the Federal Court of Justice clarified the rules on liability for hyperlinks Federal Court of Justice of June 18, One of the subpages of that website contained allegedly anticompetitive content.

    The Federal Court of Justice rejected liability of the website operator Germany had not explicitly transposed the Cookie Directive, which requires user consent, since the provisions of the German Telemedia Act would sufficiently reflect the requirements — a view also held by the European Commission. German data protection authorities fail to share this view, however, so that the Mit Wirkung zum Mit Abbn.


    Deutsch Hugo Seinfeld. Januar ePub. PDF Was wird aus dem gedruckten Wort? PDF Worte des Herrn. Vom Transistor z. Computer, Teil 1 Download.

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    PDF Zeit haben und frei sein Download. Praktische Psychiatrie. Read Damit Gesundheit bezahlbar bleibt! Read Die Katze kennt das Ergebnis. Gedanken zu unserem modernen naturwissenschaftlichen Weltbild 1 PDF. Read Eine Auslegung des Vater-Unsers. Wie man beten soll. Read Elektronik-Bauelemente. Wissensspeicher und Arbeitstafeln PDF. Juli PDF. Read Historyblogosphere PDF. Read Jahrbuch der Kinderliteratur IV. Der fliegende Robert. Read NLP Practitioner Read PDF Cypern. Insel am Kreuzweg der Geschichte Online. Nikolai Online. Die Suche nach dem Goldland.

    Sechs Kapitel einer abenteuerlichen Chronik Online. Herrscherbild und Imperium Online. Zeitung und Hamburger Abendblatt. Therapien bei psychischen Erkrankungen Online. Read So herrliche Kleider. Bilder aus dem Courrier des Dames. Juni , BGBl. Read Strom: Rentieren sich Speicher auch ohne Photovoltaik? Read Ueber physikalische kraftlinien PDF. Read Veit Stoss. Mai PDF. Read Was bleibt. Read Wissenschaft contra Bibel? Read Zwangsvollstreckungs- und Konkursrecht. Ein Studienbuch PDF. Sie kamen von Mitternacht. Skulpturen und Objekte von Malern des Jahrhunderts PDF Kindle.

    April PDF Download. Zum Theorie und Labor. Dialektik als Programm der Naturwissenschaft. Ullstein Kunstgeschichte. Renaissance, Barock und Rokoko 2. Und nach dem Tode?. Februar PDF Online. Mai PDF Download. Geburtstag: 1. Teilband: Deutsches Recht 2. Berlin: Springer Berlin. IV, S. Herausgegeben von Lagodny, Otto.

    Bearbeitet von Kramer, Ernst A. Staats— und Verfassungsrecht Abk. Ein verfassungsrechtliches Problem? Heidelberg Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, Andreas Auer; Katharina Holzinger. Neue Ausg. XII, S. Heidelberg, Neckar: Jehle Verlag, Erscheinungstermin: Hilden: Deutsche Polizeiliteratur, Thilo Marauhn. Berlin: Pro Business, Christoph Grabenwarter; Brigitte Ohms. Herausgegeben von Epping, Volker; Hillgruber, Christian. Recht u. Vorstudien zu einer universalen Verfassungslehre.

    L, S. Mit Schutzumschlag. Matthias Je-staedt. IX, S. Regensburg: Walhalla und Praetoria, Schriften zum Prozessrecht; Zugl. XX, S. Wien: Springer Wien, Gesetze und Verordnungen Abk. Saarland Amtsblatt des Saarlandes 18 ABl. Saarland Amtsblatt des Saarlandes 19 ABl. Gesetze und Verordnungen GMBl. Gemeinsames Ministerialblatt 43,45 GMBl. Gemeinsames Ministerialblatt 46 GVBl. Landesrecht Kommunalrecht Abk. Infoseminar "Erfahrungsaustausch Kommunale Abfallwirtschaft", am Interaktives Ideenmanagement bei der Deutschen Telekom Ideenmanagement , 5.

    Kommunikation in Papierform mit den Gerichten ade! Berlin: wvb Wissenschaftlicher Verlag. Berlin, Hans J. Dunkl; Hans Eirich. Wiesbaden: Gemeinde- u. Schulverlag Bavaria in Kommunal- und Schul-Verlag, Wiesbaden: Kommunal- und Schul-Verlag Wiesbaden, Herausgegeben von Spannowsky, Willy; Hofmeister, Andreas. Berlin: Lexxion Verlagsgesellschaft, Arnim Goldbach; Marc Thomsen. Hofmann Harald; Beckmann Edmund. Witten: Bernhardt, Roswitha, X, S.

    Abfindung bei Kündigung nach § 1a KSchG

    Wiesbaden: Kommunal- und Schul-Ver-lag Wiesbaden, BadenBaden: Nomos, Studien zur Rechtswissenschaft; Zugl. Berlin: Schmidt, Erich, Verwaltungsrecht Abk. Deutsches Verwaltungsblatt 17 DVBl. XXIV, S. Frankfurt am Main: Lang, Peter Frankfurt, LH, S. August in Daegu. Fassung: 1. Stand: Juli Wien: NWV Verlag, Gerda Maria Embacher; Nicole Hanser. Wolfgang Fasching; Walter Schwartz. Wien: Facultas, Eckhard Frikell; Olaf Hofmann. Allgemeines Verwaltungsrecht. Christoph Grabenwarter; Michael Holoubek.

    LVI, S. Berlin: Springer Berlin, XXXV, S. LIV, S. Berlin: Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, Christoph Ritz; Birgitt Ulrike Koran. Wien: Linde Verlag Ges. ISBN 6. Geburtstages von Prof. Friedrich Koja. Herausgegeben von Sodan, Helge; Ziekow, Jan. Herausgegeben von Hill, Hermann. Leif Holger Wedekind; Katrin Wedekind. RWS-Skript; Erscheinungstermin: Studien zum Verwaltungsrecht; 58 Erscheinungstermin: Oktober Zugl.

    Glaube Religion Kirche Abk. Staatliches Arbeitsrecht und kirchliches Dienstrecht, 6. Kirchensteuer: Banken schalten auf Autopilot bank und markt , 7. Herausgegeben von Pahud de Mortanges, Rene. Gerichtsverfassung Prozessrecht Abk. Beweisverwertungsverbot gem. Tonbands in die Zeugenaussage; Sog. Mit dem Verlangen, Breith. Anmerkung zu BGH, B. Anmerkung zu BFH, B. Heidelberger Kommentar Erscheinungstermin: Herausgegeben von Fellmann, Walter; Weber, Stephan.

    Richterinnenwoche in Pichl-Preunegg Mai Georg E. Kodek; Peter G. Frankfurt am Main: Deutscher Fachverlag, Wirtschaftsrecht international ISBN 8. Schriften zum Zivilprozessrecht; 31 Erscheinungstermin: September Zugl. Basler Studien zur Rechtswissenschaft; Band 31 Zugl. Andreas Schmidt; Michael Kuleisa. Friedrich Stein; Martin Jonas. Privatrecht Abk. Mehr als Seiten umfasst das Werk, aber langweilig wird es an keiner Stelle.

    Die abstrakten Rechtsfragen werden auf diese Weise in einen anschaulichen Kontext gekleidet. Das Werk gliedert sich in 13 Abschnitte. Nach einer kurzen Einleitung zur Funktion und Bedeutung der gesetzlich normierten Vertragstypen folgt das Kapitel zum Kaufvertrag, das mit mehr als Seiten einen Schwerpunkt des Werkes bildet. Privatrecht Die Detailtiefe, in der Oechsler die Materie durchdringt, ist beeindruckend. Aber das sind Kleinigkeiten, die nicht besonders ins Gewicht fallen.

    September 2013 - Kuselit

    Redaktion: Martinek, Michael. Berlin: Sellier-de Gruyter, XIV, S. Schriften zum Zivilprozessrecht; 32 Zugl. Herausgegeben von Weirich, Hans-Armin. Bearbeitet von Ivo, Malte. Herausgegeben von Roberto, Vito. Bonn: IAIS, Gesamtwerk 1. Schadenersatz in der Praxis. Tobias Helms; Jens Martin Zeppernick.

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    XVI, S. Manfred Wolf; Marina Wellenhofer. XIX, S. Recht in der Praxis Erscheinungstermin: Markus Artz, Beate Gsell u. Stephan Lorenz. Marburg: Tectum, Familie Partnerschaft Trennung Erbe Abk. Die privatrechtliche Rechtsprechung des Bundesgerichts im Jahr Anmerkung zu BVerfG, U.

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    Nischengebiete im Verkehrsrecht vorgestellt AnwBl , Rechtsgutachten zum tschechischen Recht - erstattet am Andere Wege zum Recht. Teil 6: Zivilrecht, 2. XIII, S. Herwig Bauer; Kurt Lichtl. Frankfurter kriminalwissenschaftliche Studien; Zugl. Strafrecht und Nebengebiete Abk.

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    Strafrechtliche Abhandlungen.