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Over the next few years Lia and Jesse grow apart even though Jesse still loves Lia deeply. He sends letters but she rarely replies.

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Lia dates a little and spends time with friend but not Darla anymore. Darla starts to do drugs and her drinking gets out of control and that just isn't Lia's idea of a good time. She drinks a little but manages to keep it under control. But her world is flipped completely upside down when her father dies unexpectedly. Her mother falls to pieces and looks for comfort in a different religion other than their devout Catholic ways.

Lia wants to drown her pain and bad boy Vic Sommers is just the way to do that. Review: This is meant to be a young adult novel but I think it would be a hard sell to a younger crowd. The book is a little slow so I think it would be better suited for adults. I'm also kind of unsure if this fiction or non-fiction. The author notes in her acknowledgements about how she used her own life to write the chapters, leaving me very confused about the content.

I was also disappointed with the way the book ended, it just adbruptively ends with no real definitive idea of what actually happens. After all the details of Lia's life the ending seemed rushed. All in all I give this book 3 out of 5 stars. May 18, L. Falconer rated it really liked it Shelves: books-by-friends , purchased. Just Another Sunday covers Lia Benedict's all too short and rocky journey from a hopeful, starry-eyed teenager to a disillusioned young adult within a barrage of family strife, lost friendships, and grim involvement with the "bad boys. The conclusion took me by surprise.

This is a good story that could' Just Another Sunday covers Lia Benedict's all too short and rocky journey from a hopeful, starry-eyed teenager to a disillusioned young adult within a barrage of family strife, lost friendships, and grim involvement with the "bad boys. This is a good story that could've been a great one with some closer attention to overall editing and mechanics. There was a preponderance of needless conversation which, if tightened up, could have made the story flow more swiftly. I also found it highly disconcerting to constantly jump from the mind of one character to another, then to another, and back and forth again.

The author has done a notable job keeping the reader well-grounded within a distinct era, and convincingly conveys the growing pains and angst universal to most teens.

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The characters are realistic and the setting is so well detailed that near the end of the book I could nearly navigate my way to the Sweet Shoppe as if it were in my own hometown. This is a book that will draw you in and keep you there. Well done, Ms. Jan 15, Jan rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Anyone.

Just Another Sunday is a fictional novel with a lot of truth. If you are like me an grew up in the 60's era it will take you back. Things like coming of age, songs we sang and finding new friends. Moving to the burb's from the city play's a large roll on how Lia main character felt about leaving old friends and learning to make new one's. The books flow's well and it is a page turn. I truly enjoyed it.

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Jan 04, Joann rated it liked it. Such nostalgia! This brings back my recollections of when my Italian parents moved us from Washington, D.

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Thankfully, the move brought more good for me than for poor Lia. This is another book where miscommunication played a major part in the outcome of people's lives. I enjoyed the trip back memory lane complete with song lyrics and news clips. Mar 15, Lisa rated it really liked it.

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This was a good, light read! May 09, Mary Ann rated it really liked it. Ending rushed and left wanting.

Feb 22, Kathy rated it liked it. Thin plot. But I'm a child of the 60s and grew up in Jersey, where the story takes place. I was familiar with many of the places mentioned. Brought back memories. For that alone, I gave 3 stars. Aug 18, Barbara Ellis rated it did not like it. A mindless book. I just wanted it to end. Feb 20, Stefanie rated it did not like it. So pitifully written. I'm surprised it's not YA with the way it started, but I'm really struggling to get through this cliche piece of writing.

Apr 05, Cindy rated it liked it. I hope this was written for young adults and I just didn't notice. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Videos About This Book. More videos About Elizabeth Good. Elizabeth Good. Elizabeth Good is a retired dental office manager who had worked for for a prominent Monmouth County, New Jersey dentist. The first aspect of the novel that developed was just this woman hitch-hiking alone through New Zealand, and traveling alone in this way makes you incredibly dependent on people for short periods of time and yet also totally disconnected from people in any long-term or meaningful sense.

So I think this dwelling habit grew out of that feeling. What interested you in writing about someone who feels stuck and without a real sense of how her life might progress — or how she even wants it to progress? Even if you have faith in some all-powerful transcendent God, most of those faiths have a mystery clause.

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Humility and acceptance of confusion are necessary to survival. I make characters that are more confused or erratic or anxious than I can even comprehend because it turns some mundane internal monologue into a drama.

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That said. How do you see these things fitting together? It feels like the most entertaining form of honesty.