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Gaghan will serve as a producer alongside Allison Shearmur on the Lionsgate feature.

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Good Universe will handle international distribution at the Cannes Film Festival, which gets underway today May Watch a clip from Django Unchained featuring Christoph Waltz below:. Type keyword s to search. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Movies. Ant-Man's Paul Rudd joins Ghostbusters reboot. Annabelle Comes Home's first reviews are in. PVE has always taken the front seat in Blizzard's world As a Hunter - I have to pay out the ass for my weapons in comparison to what other classes pay.

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I mean really? It would be different if Vicious Gear could only be used in those venues but it's not. So for those of us who are not hardcore players we could acquire that gear with the HP to Conquest trade in. No matter how little points you earn per conquest, it still truly defeats the purpose of having the 2 tiered system.

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  6. Botting and AFK honor grinding are already a big enough problem for players who play lots of unrated bgs. Doing this only rewards those players who bot. The current system makes you earn your conquest points in ways that you cant earn while you sleep.

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    That being said, I understand hunters are not the flavor of the month right now, but if they were OP right now and every kid and their aunt wanted a hunter for 2s and 3s, I doubt we'd be having the conversation. But since very few 2s and 3s are looking for hunters, I suggest that you look for a 5s team where you can pull your weight easier. Thats what our hunter from our guild RBG team is doing each week.

    How to get Conquest PVP Reward (Location) - WoW Battle For Azeroth

    And we were more than happy to help him out. Feb 22, 2. You don't think it's unreasonable to think I can find 4 other players at around 3am to 4am in my guild or on my server to farm 5 arena wins?

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    And thirdly, I can't stand to do Arenas - just don't like it at all. And Rated BGs at that time of the morning, are you serious? So - it's either play your way or no way? There are ways around it, but they choose not to institute any fixes; therefore, you have to think they are just fine and dandy with it.

    YES - we need honor to Conquest conversion!!!


    Feb 22, Feb 22, 1. What some people need to realize is that there's a reason you can't get the best stuff in the game without grouping and organizing. If you enjoy going solo or are unable to participate in raids due to real life, then do the solo thing. There's a reason you have that option.

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    I've heard this so many times and it still makes me laugh. I've seen so many posts in trade like this: "Looking for 2's or 3's just for points" Ok.. What the hell is the difference is I spend my time doing BG's and trade my honor in for Conquest points? Feb 22, 3. That means bots can just bot around in BG to get all their epic gear so they can afk and look hardcore in stormwind or org.

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