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Each aspirant of the spirit can disenchant matter through every perception he has. The objects and people that he perceives can be freed, instead of being cast down into the material realm. Everything the aspirant sees has come from the light of the sun and stars around him. All that he perceives is simply frozen in time, slowed down so that humans can have ground upon which to grow and develop into spiritual beings.

Someday, in the near spiritual future, there will be no earth to walk upon nor dark matter to hide the light. Humans will no longer need to sleep and will take their nourishment from the true light and gifts of the sun. Humans will eventually live on solar breath and its warmth, light, and life. Each human being is a north star unto himself and will one day rise off the earth to meet the elder brothers and sisters coming to greet him in the air. The elders will come to teach us when we are ripe for ascension.

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Each human will learn to live for each other and create an environment that nourishes the soul like the Holy Grail feeding a questing knight. The Holy Grail is a communion between people that is like the true love that Christ gave humanity. Love feeds all when the personal self steps aside. This is what Lucifer has forgotten and humanity needs to remind him.

At some point in time, Lucifer decided that he was not content ruling the dark world of matter but wished to incarnate in a human body and become king of all worldly knowledge and ruler of the world. He looked around and wondered where he could be born to take advantage of the knowledge that humans had already gathered. He waited patiently for many years and watched human beings developing on the fiery island of Lemuria, where few humans could stand upright and be thinking human beings.

Only the great titans among humans could endure the telluric forces of Lemuria. Manu traveled down the eastern slopes of the Himalayas into the river basins draining the Tien Sen and Altai mountain ranges. There, he built a great city that became a model city plan that was copied by other cultures over the millennia.

Manu also built pyramid libraries to house the ancient teachings. These libraries were built to the north of the City of the Sun that Manu designed and built using the original plans from Atlantis. Manu was surprised by the fish speaking to him in such a fashion. The fish asked Manu if he would please save him from the larger fish in the river that wished to eat him.

Manu pledged to save the fish and he took him home and placed him in a bowl right next to his throne. The fish then told Manu that he must keep him until he grows too big to keep, whereupon he could be released back into the sea. Manu treated the talking fish as his own son, even though he grew huge and had to be moved from the bowl to a pond, then later to a lake that could hold his great size.

Finally, Manu released the great fish into the sea. The fish was very thankful as he swam away. When next I shall return, a great flood shall ensue and you shall see me returning as the Great Horned Fish. You must build a great ark, and take into that ark all seeds of the land, all beasts and fowl and creatures that move. Take with you your family and the Seven Holy Rishis and all their writings and songs and teachings, and the Holy Stones for life and sustenance. Make a great rope with which to tie the ark to my horn and I shall pull you to the highest summit and then to a land of safety where a new river of life shall flow and your kind shall grow strong.

Manu was amazed at hearing such words of the Great Fish and bowed in humble obedience. Manu did all that the Great Fish had told him to do and stood ready as the flood came. He and his people saw the Great Fish returning as big as a mountain and his horn was white and shining.

Manu threw the rope around the horn and they were all pulled for many days through the flood to the highest mountain. As the water receded, the ark floated down the eastern slope of the great mountain until it settled into the flow of a mighty river with mountains rising on either side. The mighty river flowed through a garden paradise full of every tree and plant imaginable. It flowed through gold mountains and lush plains of grasses and vines. Flowers bloomed everywhere and the atmosphere was like a heavenly garden.

Manu followed the flow of the mighty river until it joined with another wide river. There, where the two powerful rivers met, was a great outcropping of rock that was formed of basalt with hollow veins running throughout. The stone-mountain had sockets and small caves carved out by the receding floods sculpting its softer stone into a complex of chambers. You could see from a distance that the stone-mountain resembled a human skull. When Manu saw the skull mountain at the confluence of the two mighty rivers, he knew that this was the place they should build a new City of the Sun in honor of the Sun Temple of Atlantis.

With the tools and supplies they had brought with them on the ark, Manu and his family built a new city with canals of water running throughout and seven beautiful temples. Fountains, gardens, and beautiful buildings that seemed alive sprung up everywhere. This new City of the Sun was a wonder to behold, and few who came to the city ever left. The people of the city were happy and tended it with great devotion and love. The city was foursquare with twelve gates and many wondrous fountains and a system of water canals flowing out of the center of the city.

Seven mighty levels rose from the middle and the summit was capped with a beautiful temple. The air of the city was sweet beyond imagination from the plants and trees that blossomed and bore fruit all year-round. The dwellers of the city seemed to hardly ever work and found the simplest ways to accomplish the greatest amount of work. Energy was derived from the forces inherent in water and the power that arises from the accelerated growth of seeds was used in ways that were wondrous. Plants grew directly out of the water that flowed in canals everywhere. You could always hear water flowing as it accomplished the work of the city.

Each temple accomplished specific tasks and added distinctive elements, minerals, and herbs to the canals, uniting them together into an engine that produced warmth and light, food, and drink continuously. The environment itself produced what the citizens needed to live. Humans lived in harmony with nature and both benefited from the union. When all seven temples were working together as one, Manu took the Holy Stones and placed one on the top of each temple.

Their combined energy created a glowing six-pointed star surrounding the central Temple of the Sun that all could see in the air above them. This glowing star gave warmth, light, and life to everything around it. Each of the Holy Stones held the condensed power of the planet that the temple was dedicated to and resonated with in harmony with that planet. The six Rishis controlled the force and power of each of their respective planetary temples while the seventh Rishis, Manu, controlled the central Temple of the Sun.

Each Holy Stone at the top of the temple resonated with the power of the planet to which it was attuned. Together, like letters in an alphabet, they created a solar language that sounded forth like the divine Word of creation. That was the beauty of the City of the Sun; it was alive and growing in harmony with the planetary spheres and the sun. The central Temple of the Sun had an amazingly brilliant Holy Stone that was the capstone of the temple.

This Holy Stone was said to have fallen to the earth during the War in Heaven. The plan of the city was used first by the Indian cultures that grew up in the river valleys of the Ganges, Saraswati, and Indus. The same city plan was used by one culture after another and the teachings of Manu ruled temple life and civil life in India for eight millennia. Manu influenced the Persian culture through his student Zoroaster. His city was called the home of the Hyperboreans by the Greeks and the home of Shamballa by peoples of the East. Over the centuries, Manu no longer continued to incarnate as the priest-king of the City of the Sun.

The mysteries of the temples were forgotten when the Holy Rishis no longer incarnated into the priestly lineages. The canals dried up and the waters ceased to provide the life that was needed to maintain the city. It was to this city, time, and people that Lucifer decided to incarnate as a human being. He thought that he could resurrect the ancient wisdom and control the culture with his brand of power and control. He knew that he could dust off the books and replace the stones where they belonged and resurrect the practices of the seven temples. Thus, Lucifer incarnated as a human being around 2, B.

C in China, in the City of the Sun. Once Lucifer had become a human being, he had fallen further than any Archai had ever fallen before. Lucifer fell through three ranks of the hierarchies with this audacious action which was done for the sheer gratification of pride and the arrogant desire for dominion over humanity. I will be greater than Manu. I will outshine the brilliance of any human, for all time to come.

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  7. Lucifer fell to the earth like a falling star aimed towards one of the oldest and wisest of human communities, the City of the Sun. If he was to live longer than a mortal human life span, he would have to create an elixir of life to defeat old age and death. Lucifer immediately set out to find the secret of physical immortality. Once Lucifer became the chief priest in the Sun Temple and the head of the libraries, he began a tremendous campaign to find all the secrets of life and store them in the libraries of Manu. He designed great ships that could travel quickly over water and through the air.

    He traveled far and wide and brought back every piece of knowledge that he could find.

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    He pondered long over alchemical secrets of sounds and symbols and the laws of nature from the smallest to the largest. Great works of knowledge were written and wonderful creations of science were invented and recorded in the libraries. Pictures and diagrams of everything imaginable were coded and organized by subject. Wonders of nature were gathered and new artifacts were added every day. Scholars spoke boldly about their findings and all begged the ear of Lucifer to seek his approval.

    Chinese mythological history referred to Lucifer as the Emperor Yu. Lucifer planned great expeditions to discover new lands that had yet to be catalogued. But even after all this effort, he still could not find the drought of immortality or the water of life. The lust for physical immortality led Lucifer again and again to travel far and wide to seek answers in distant lands. He took with him the best thinkers in their respective fields. He was obsessed with finding the means with which he could dominate the world for all time to come. He would not rest until the secrets of physical immortality were found.

    His followers would do anything or go anywhere to please their master. They traveled to the eastern shores and built great ships to sail further to the east to a land called Lu. Lucifer was pleased to find in Lu amazing landscapes, from 10, plumes of volcanic vents steaming skyward in one valley, to huge whales and amazing new species in abundance everywhere. He studied the organisms that grew around the fumaroles to see if they could teach him how to withstand great heat and burning. He learned from everything he encountered. In the arctic he learned the secrets of the deep ocean streams that turn the earth on its axis.

    He learned the mysteries of the narwhals that can sing their prey to sleep or navigate the ice flows around the North Pole.

    The Holy Lance of Love

    He found pieces to the puzzle of immortality in the meta-sequoia, the mother of conifers that had filled the icy northlands before the last ice age. He climbed the highest mountains and plumbed the deepest caverns looking for crystals, metals, and minerals to combine into new experiments that might extend human life. Nothing could deter his determined will from finding the aqua vita — the fountain of youth.

    Lucifer took dawn redwood seeds and crossed them with meta-sequoia and foxtail pines that had been sprouted in fiery volcanic conditions, until he created trees that could resist fire. He traveled down the coast of Lu where he came across the warm trade-winds that create a magical effect on the forests of the area. On one island, he found rain-forests where he crossbred Chinese seeds with mighty sitka trees.

    Later he crossbred them again with coastal redwoods. The new breed of tree developed extraordinary roots that could reach for miles. In dolomite mountains, he found bristlecone pines which lived to be 3, years old before they died. He again crossbred the Chinese dawn redwood seeds with yet another seed that only incubates in fire and ice and created sequoia trees. Lucifer bred these first sequoia trees in a few high-elevation groves facing the western sea breeze.

    These trees combined all the best qualities he was looking for, from fire resistance to long life, to moisture retention and perennial foliage with highly developed root systems and the perfect seed delivery with release mechanisms triggered only by fire and ice in perfect balance. All the elements were balanced in this amazing tree that seemed to have the right characteristics for longevity. The ancient sequoia trees that Lucifer bred grew to become one of the largest living life-forms on earth.

    They have grown indefinitely, at least in the human history span of time, without showing any signs of decay or impending death. Lucifer was obsessed with things that could live to a great age and display seemingly immortal characteristics. The arctic bowhead whale held numerous secrets of longevity and the rising sap of trees in the spring held others.

    These studies of long-life lead Lucifer to experiment breeding the thule trees of Mexico, the banyan trees of Central America, and the giant high-elevation forests all along the western edge of South America. These experimentally cross-bred trees share the same extraordinary volcanic and magnetic forces that are part of the ring of fire which Lucifer used to try to create immortality in the plant kingdom in hopes of extending his own life. One of these trips was referred to as the expedition of the Emperor Yu through the Land of Lu.

    Some of the oldest records describe this trip in detail with accompanying maps that recorded the elevation of mountains with illustrations of the fauna and flora that were found there. The sequoias that were planted on that expedition show no signs of decaying and none have died a natural death of old age. Ironically, Lucifer may have been successful in obtaining a life form of longevity, but it has taken thousands of years to see the results of his experiments.

    Lucifer found that High Sierra bristlecone pine trees die because they are based on calcium, whereas sequoia trees live indefinitely due to the high amount of silica in the soil and the trace amounts of ocean salt in the air. Sequoias mysteriously sprout when fire and ice come together when seasonal spring lightning causes fires among the snowmelt.

    Grail Message by Abdrushin

    Perfect soil allows sequoias to spread their roots a mile from the trunk and yet only a few feet beneath the surface. Its cones only mature and open during fires under perfect conditions. Sequoia bark is full of natural asbestos that resists fire, which helps extend their lives indefinitely. They have lived through the Christ solar deity descent to the earth and experienced it through the rays of the sun. These ancient trees drip blood-red sap when fire burns their trunks. The red sap tears can be made into a magic elixir known only to the native Indians of the area.

    Sequoias are a gift from Lucifer that hold the alchemical secret of longevity. If we separate the sulfur, salt, and mercury of the spring sap and recombine it homeopathically, an elixir of longevity can be created. Lucifer did not live long enough to benefit from his own brilliant botanical experiments. Lucifer stayed away from the City of the Sun for many years on great expeditions trying to find the mystery he sought.

    He found and recorded many secrets, but his greatest desire still eluded his search. He recorded all that he learned along the way so that he could take it back to the libraries for safe keeping.

    Lucifer binge recap: Season 4 |

    After many years of searching, he finally sailed back to his land and returned to his city. The people were lost again and had gone back to their selfish pursuits and had taken the Holy Stones and sold them as so much treasure. Their whereabouts was unknown and the kings who had taken them did not know how to use their power wisely. The temples were all but ruins and the libraries were sealed and never visited since the knowledge of the language needed to decipher the texts had been lost.

    In the Light of Truth

    Photographs of the wizened Pike show him wearing the symbol of the Baphomet around his neck yet he denied that Satan existed as an Active Principle in Creation. In Morals and Dogma he explains that this symbol was misunderstood by those who were not adepts and that it was "invented ages before, to conceal what it was [too] dangerous to avow. Pike regarded Baphomet , the hermaphrodite god of the pagans, as an ancient Gnostic symbol for Lucifer , and in his exhaustive researches of Gnosticism could find no adversary of man and God known as "Satan. While Pike formulated his Luciferian Doctrine for use by Freemasonry he was in discourse with other occultists who acknowledged Satan's presence in Creation.

    They did this by discoursing about the mysteries of the Kabbalah, yet these two Satanists were unable to convert Pike to the Kabbalist view of Satan. Pike describes this Kabbalist view of Satan in Morals and Dogma thus:. Pike's position on the matter was that people have, whether by error or choice, confused the nature and role of Lucifer by equating him with Satan even calling Satan the Fallen Angel. Pike taught that Lucifer never fell from Heaven and that he is the "light of the world," equal in power to Almighty God, although less transcendent now.

    Pike wrote all of the Freemasonic Rituals from the 4th to the 33rd degrees as well as all of Morals and Dogma. Kleinknecht again praises Albert Pike and his book:. It would be impossible to overestimate the importance and influence of Grand Commander Albert Pike on the Scottish Rite and for turning Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry away, as far as is possible, from its original source contained in the doctrines of Craftmasonry. To the contemporary Freemason who is wholly unaware of the true nature of their occult organisation, he is a "Goliath of Freemasonry.

    To those contemporary Freemasons who really understand the true nature of their occult organisation, he is a co-conspirator par excellence and peer of two other wicked men, Giuseppe Mazzini and of Adam Weishaupt, and like them, a modern prophet in the Great Conspiracy against God. Although one must concur that "He has lived; the fruits of his labours live after him," one is even more compelled to declare that these fruits are bitter, very bitter indeed.

    The ultimate source of the doctrines of Pike can be discerned from his mockery and sarcasm used in his denunciation of the Apostles and early Church Fathers, whom he claimed, continued the suppression of knowledge and science. Pike gives sympathetic treatment to the actuality of Lucifer by reiterating the view of antiquity but wilfully avoids the fact of the Incarnation of Christ and its massive effect upon the course of the evolution of the Cosmos.

    This is why Christ can simply say that, even with the entire trappings of the Ancient Mysteries founded on the Luciferic Consciousness notwithstanding:. Luciferians and Satanists reject the fact of Christ's function as Mediator and Redeemer of humanity, and despise Him for it. It is for this reason that Freemasonry dedicates itself to John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, the so-called Johannite Tradition , and has no mention of Jesus Christ in its "charges" or rituals. Freemasonry is an organisation comprised of a plurality of religious faiths and does not favour any one religion, except when it is required to deceive the naive and ignorant.

    The Johannite Tradition comprises alternative forms of "Christianity" in which Jesus Christ is man only, not God-man, mortal not Divine and not made from God. The Johannite Tradition is a product of "Gnosticism," in which heretical syncretistic sects mixed Hellenistic pagan religions with Neo-Platonism. Its purpose is to substitute one of the "Johns" for Christ and declare him god-like.

    This is why Freemasonry avoids the mention of Christ if possible, but grudgingly if pushed will acknowledge him as a "master" but attribute no divine aspect to Him. The Johannite element within Freemasonry is a salient example of its enmity to Christ. These so-called "St. John Christians" revere John the Baptist but despise Jesus Christ who they term the "Vomiter of Lies" the spokesmen of Freemasonry dissemble when pushed to clarify its position on Christ.

    They will say something like:. Freemasonry therefore will not accord the unique status to the Christ , who Incarnated into the body of the man Jesus from Nazareth, that aspect of God it most assuredly possesses.

    Chapter 20: When The Stars Threw Down Their Spears

    Apologists of Freemasonry compile long lists of famous people who are past or present Freemasons as proof of its moral excellence. The Homosexual Lobby also uses this ploy. They compile a list and recite all prominent men in history, who were supposedly homosexual, as proof and justification of the debased lifestyle they have chosen to lead.

    In addition, they assert that somehow the mythical "homosexual gene" is not only natural and the cause of their condition, but it is touched with genius. Lists prove nothing other than those on it have chosen for whatever reason to be Freemasons or homosexuals. The long list of famous Freemasons indicates the charge against Freemasonry that it follows the cardinal precept of illumination. That to hide its true nature, its inner teachings, from the neophyte or inferior outer fraternity it creates illusions and arrogates legitimacy by co-opting the great and the good of society.

    In most occult societies predicated on Evil, the hierophant finds that when these inner secrets are revealed to him they are invariably diametrically opposed to the outer surface teachings of the order. In short, his superiors in the order have duped the initiate into believing that it is something that it is most definitely not. Freemasonry is a secret society disguised as philanthropic and benevolent fraternity in which the vast majority of the past and present members have been ignorant of the inner secrets and intentions of their Order.

    Only the elite, the elect are privy to the real intentions of Freemasonry. The majority was, and still is, fed falsehoods and fantastical notions of benevolence, fraternity and liberty that was, and is, intended to delude and ensnare the gullible and the good. Freemasonry's use of the "Johns" is an artifice to lull Christians into accepting its religious allusions as somehow Christian and therefore orthodox.

    The intention is to give an impression that Freemasonry is somehow a repository of arcane mystical Christianity and that the order is the secret church of Jesus Christ. Freemasons who advance in the Craft believing that they draw closer to God through the mediation of Christ, who seek the "light," are in reality being led into the darkness away from Christ. The wickedness underpinning Freemasonry is revealed by this duplicity. Especially when it is known that the candidate is allowed to believe and speak nonsense under the auspices of the order by men, their dominant masters, who know better but must conceal the Truth from the postulant.

    Freemasonry betrays its roots by such devices. It is a modern exponent of the ancient system of Illuminism ; a gradual process of initiation culminating in an intense experience where the hierophant receives the "light. Lies, half-truths and allusions are used to inveigle the candidate into the order, who is then guided through the various stages of initiation wherein the inner secrets of the cult or society are slowly revealed to him.

    This revealed knowledge is diametrically opposed to the outer surface teachings of the order and, these disclosures are often disturbing, even extremely distasteful, due to their physical, sociological and cosmological import. By this time it is usually too late.


    The soul of the candidate by now has been so corrupted and he himself has invested much into the process that to leave would require immense moral strength and be too painful for him, if not dangerous. It is a great delusion a man holds who enters Freemasonry, calls himself a "Christian Mason" as he ascends the degrees of initiation.

    He further asserts that the Secret Tradition of the Magi was hidden in the Mystery Religions of antiquity, distorted by the Gnostics, and incorporated into the religion of the Knights Templars. To apprehend these ancient occult secrets of the Magi, initiates must grasp the significance of the opaque "Rites of the Highest Masonry. He also contends that the beliefs of the Magi were incorporated into the religions established by both Confucius and Zoroaster.

    He goes on to discuss the Dualism upon which Zoroasterism is based; that is the two competing Principalities , one a "Good," the other an "Evil" and by doing so he reveals his ignorance on the subject. Pike teaches that the "good God" represents "Light," the "evil God," sometimes called "the Demon," represents "Darkness," and that the Empire of Light and the Empire of Darkness are in perpetual struggle for ascendancy. Albert Pike's explanation of the events that took place in the Garden of Eden is also pertinent to the explanation.

    Here, Pike asserts that the proto-human, Adam, was created by the "Prince of Darkness," which is of course to Luciferians the Yahweh of Genesis , and that he was freed from bondage by an "Angel of Light," which is clearly Lucifer. In this rendition of the Fall we see an inversion of the Biblical story of the Garden of Eden where evil is called good and good is called evil. Furthermore, Pike claims that Adam's soul came from "the Divine Light" which of course he means the Luciferian Consciousness released into humanity following Lucifer's expulsion from heaven.

    It is the very same "light" prospective Freemasons are encouraged to seek during their Initiation Ceremony into the Blue Lodge. During the ceremony the candidate is asked what they seek and they obligingly answer "the Light," unfortunately no one ever tells him what "the Light" represents; they are expected to determine this through personal reading and contemplation. The personal tragedies of all Freemasons who believe the Craft to be something other than it is originate from this distortion of the Truth.

    Applying the dualism of Zarathustra, Pike uses the term "Demon" for the inferior god of matter and darkness in his treatment of the Creation myth found in the Book of Genesis. Pike censures "the Demons" Yahweh for curtailing Adam's freedoms even though they wanted "to prevent the light from escaping at once" ; that is, Yahweh did not want Adam's sinful nature released because it would oblige Him to expel Adam from Eden.

    Yahweh "the Demons" also incites Pike's disapproval for prohibiting Adam from eating the fruit "of the knowledge of good and evil. This, writes the Freemasonic mage, is a tyranny that curtails all freedoms and initiatives. Lucifer lifted this tyranny from mankind when he approached the First Couple and incited them to join his rebellion against Yahweh. Adam initially scrupled but eventually succumbed to the wiles of the Serpent and to the blandishments of Eve. Lucifer specializes as a mid to long range combatant, firing its charged particle beam attacks in wide-arc blasts.

    Its particle beams are a unique variation which induce a poison or burning effect due to possessing unusually higher-intensity radiation that propagates as an emission of Lucifer's discharge. As a poison effect, the radiation contaminates biological and non-biological matter that has similar hazards to a nuclear fallout. Humans exposed to such radiation suffer from severe health risks that are irreversible. As a burning effect, Lucifer's radiation can produce deflagrated combustion to contaminated materials and even detonation if certain catalysts are present.

    Lucifer seems to possess a special coating that makes it immune to the heavy radiation effects of its particle beams. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.