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You cannot quit—to lose the Game is to lose your life. And that is just the beginning…. She has written over twenty-five books and lives in California.

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The objective of the game is to have the paper doll pieces representing each player get to a turret at the top of the miniature structure. However, the main obstacle to the players will be nightmares; each must face their worst personal nightmare in order to progress. There are also the added dangers of the Creeper an enormous snake , the Lurker a large wolf and the Shadow Man, an entity akin to the Sandman, who brings nightmares rather than dreams and sleep. With mounting horror Jenny notices that the piece for the Shadow Man is a perfect image of Julian. In spite of her misgivings, as Tom and the others insist on playing, Jenny acquiesces.

After swearing a required oath that they all believe the game to be real, and that they can be harmed and die from it, Jenny and the others begin. However, the messages on the game's playing cards quickly become more and more disturbing until, at nine, the group is knocked unconscious by a powerful, unearthly wind.

They awaken inside the parlour of the miniature house, which has now become real. Julian appears and introduces himself, explaining that the game has now come to life and, as they had made the oath, they must now try reaching the turret by dawn to escape the house. If they do not escape in time, Julian intends to keep them there as his prey. When questioned about the point of the game, Julian only looks toward Jenny, commenting that every game has a prize; Julian has loved Jenny for years and is using the game to win her permanently.

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It is up to Jenny to lead her friends through their nightmares and out of the game by dawn, all the while pursued by Julian, the game being a "sporting" chance for Jenny to escape his attentions. However, it is soon revealed that Julian, now free from his imprisonment at Jenny's hands, has returned and wants Jenny to keep her promise to him before tricking him to save herself; having sworn to be his beloved forever, Julian has come back to make certain Jenny keeps that oath.

Noting her reluctance, Julian offers her a chance with a new game: Lambs and Monsters. Of course this will be after Strange Fate. Are you a member?

The Hunter

You can also read a little about the sequel in a reply by L. Smith in Guestbook I have a question - even though tv has ruined the Vampire Diaries series, would you ever consider having the Forbidden Game turned into a movie trilogy? I must say that I was rooting for Julian throughout, despite his actions! I'm a sucker for a bad boy! I also love all your other work, please keep it coming! I would strongy recommend becoming one if you're not. We discuss some of the tings you wrote about and we also play all these funny games. As for your question: L. Smith has mentioned a couple of places on this site that she would love for some of her books to be turned into movies.

And The Forbidden Game is one the top of the list! J smiths work filicity.

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I could not stand tom! In the sequel she's about to marry tom, so hopefully Julian can change that! Julian was always my favorite character with Dee being my second favorite. I always wanted Julian to win. He was willing to risk death to protect her from the Shadow Men. I hope that in the rematch Julian is strong, powerful and not mooning. I would like to see Julian get a fresh start, with a new girl in a new setting.

The Forbidden Game: The Hunter; The Chase; The Kill

It would sadden me to see Julian turn into a clingy, needy guy who can't let go and be strong enough to find someone he doesn't have to constantly kidnap. I hope Julian gets Jenny this time becuase I love Julian. I also think that Jenny will eventually give into Julien. If she doesn't, she's crazy. If I was her, I'd go for him :. If the book was transformed into a film, I would definitely go and see it. It would certainly be a good film if the right people were making it. I just wanted to ask if you know when the sequel to the forbidden games series is coming out?

J Smith i want to know when u will be coming out with the sequel of The Forbidden Game i am dying to find out of Julian come back and if he finally get the love of Jenny.