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Very much appreciated. Do you of any emulators i can use to run this file? Thanks again, bastjan. Apr 6, 30 3 0. The file is gone I was late to download it Would someone please be kind enough to upload this file again? Yeah, I know that. But it's not only about the size, your 'Floppy dump' pack was about ' Operating Systems and software ', not games! And I really don't care much about games, they are everywhere.

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Tales of the Antares Rangers, no. 2

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    • No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Antares Rangers Trailer 1. What would you do … if you were fourteen years old and lost on a starship with four other friends? Such use does not suggest, either explicitly or implicitly, that NASA endorses any commercial goods or services. Peter Campbell and his classmates traveled throughout the ten colonies, following their families to the Vega Construction Base.

      At Vega, the first ever living starship — the Sampson K. Perry — is being developed. While on a class trip to the starship, the base is attacked by the Wasatti. The five children are the only survivors, and barely escape by jumping blind. Coming soon to Kobo and Amazon. Now through Dec. Peter and the crew of the Sampson K.