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A retired firefighter, Lopez knows the region intimately. I saw their shacks.

I saw their dirt roads. I saw their suffering. Upon investigation, he learned they were residents of colonias, the unincorporated communities that began cropping up in the borderlands in the s, when developers foisted off cheap plots of land with no running water, sewage systems, electricity hookups, fire hydrants or paved roads to low-income families. Such communities have not only proliferated in the 60 years since,. Some even consider Sandbranch, the historically African-American neighborhood 14 miles southeast of downtown Dallas, to be a colonia, as it lacks so many basic services.

You might need to sign in first, but it will just take a second. Stephanie, I am at your website because I read your article in the DMN today and I cried at the third world description of a place in our own country. I was thinking of the many telethons we as Americans and Texans participate in, but have not heard of the dire need in our own state.

I grew up in South Texas close to McAllen, where colonias have emerged in our community in the last decade. He had been a voice for those suffering in silence, a role model for generations of Chicanos including numerous Hispanic elected officials who followed him into public service. It forcefully can be said that Moreno was an ideological Democrat. He always keenly understood the crucial issues that defined his party and was readily available to educate any of us who were not as knowledgeable as he.

Yet, his foes during his early years in office clearly misunderstood him. He would have been willing to work with them if they had been fair in their approach to the middle class working folks, minorities, the disenfranchised poor, children who were suffering for a better quality of life or forgotten veterans and seniors on a limited income.

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He represented the 76th District from until and is nationally recognized as the longest serving Hispanic in a state legislative office. It is my belief that El Paso has never known a political crusader of the dimensions of Paul Moreno.

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